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   Chapter 6 Councilor

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Chapter 6

James was not what she expected. In all honesty, she couldn't say exactly what she expected, but James certainly wasn't it. Elena was fairly certain there was no one in the world, this or any other in fact, who would look at the man sitting across from her and think he was in charge of anything important. He walked into the room with the air of someone passing by who thought you might let him use your bathroom. Victor had in fact been prepared to usher him out when he admitted he was there for a meeting with Elena.

Elena spent the bulk of the evening the night before going through the files James sent over and been impressed by the thoroughness and level of detail in each one. Not only were the skills, training and education of each person from the House of Terra mentioned, with details of each previous job held, but family data was also meticulously laid out. It was like a combination puzzle and kaleidoscope.

She could see the detailed picture as it currently stood, but could also see how if she took one person or family, out of the equation, sending them to a new life in Haven, how the other components could shift to account for their absence. It was brilliant and extremely well thought out. In addition, the files contained much more information than the Guild's background check spit out. She had done a side by side comparison.

The person in front of her didn't look brilliant however. He looked bored and already half asleep, possibly a little dull mentally. It was a good cover, and she found herself impressed. Victor set two cups of coffee on the desk and retreated back to the main office space, closing her office door behind him.

"Look, " Elena began as James lazily reached for his cup. "I appreciate the creative camouflage, but I read the files you sent and know it's just that, camouflage. And I really don't have time to play games, so could we just discuss the details?"

James peered out from his mop of unruly hair and gave her a slow smile. Intelligence flared in his eyes, pushing the look of dullness away. "We can do that, " he said. He shifted in his seat and ran a hand through his hair. Elena blinked in surprise. Even though his movements were subtle, the slight adjustments he made completely changed his appearance. His hair seemed to fall into more planned lines looking artfully shaggy rather than unkempt. With his shifted body position, his clothing looked more like something comfortable worn on a day off rather than an odd collection chosen randomly from a church donation's bin. The half asleep, couldn't care less aura that surrounded him dissipated and Elena could see the intelligence and drive in his eyes and in every line of his body. She thought that watching him change was a bit like watching the submarine, the USS Maine surface.

and no granite countertops.

By the time James left, he had a stack of information to take with him and she knew that there were more than likely going to be some very interesting conversations in the near future. While all of those wishing to relocate saw the freedom in not having to hide their abilities and were interested in starting a new life in an open community, Elena thought some of the realities tied to that new life would come as a shock.

Life in the stars was not as high-tech as some of them might have imagined. Some of the ships might have laser cannons, but Haven also had communal bathhouses and latrines. The generators that were currently the community's power sources may use technology far beyond that which was available earthside, but they powered machinery and commercial grade restaurant equipment, not home blenders and hairdryers.

In the future, some of that might change, but at the moment those looking to resettle needed to revise their expectations. "Because subdivision building is not a priority." She thought. Elena wondered how large a percentage of people would take the information James gave them and decide that relocation might not be an option they wished to pursue. "Even if they love camping, it would be a drastic change." She wondered if some of them would simply ignore James, thrilled with the romance of moving to an alien planet.

"Probably better plan on having several of the relocations not be permanent ones, " she thought. After all, a life without modern conveniences wasn't for everyone even if they were willing to give it a chance at the beginning. She decided to add a clause to any contracts signed that allowed for passage home if things didn't work out as expected. "Just to be on the safe side, " she mused as she scrawled another note onto her ever-growing list. "That way at least no one feels trapped."

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