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   Chapter 25 Skyside

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Chapter 25

As predicted the next morning, shortly after breakfast was cleared away, Evalene Dupry arrived, dress neatly shrouded in thick black cloth and hidden from those they passed. Her apprentice followed with a basket of supplies, including a sewing box and a dress stand. Elena was surprised when Evalene offered the basket to Thompson for scrutiny. Somehow Elena doubted her dressmaker was sporting weapons of mass destruction in her sewing box, but realized things were out of her control as he diligently checked it for weapons. She took the dress into her bed chamber and slipped it on.

As Evalene so recently provided Elena with several dresses, there were few adjustments needed. Still, she stood stiff and motionless as Evalene fiddled with the details. When she was done she stepped back and surveyed her handiwork.

"She looks like a princess, " Evalene's apprentice said with a bit of a sigh.

"No Loni, " Evalene corrected gently. "A princess is merely decorative, something for a prince to ride off into the sunset with. The power rests with the queen, and Elena looks like a queen." She looked proudly on and Elena felt unworthy of such regard, terrified that she would let everyone down.

"Candice will come to do your hair and make-up, " Evalene told her as she helped Elena remove the gown so that it could be set aside for the induction ceremony. "It's actually grown out enough that it can be put up."

"Of course, " Elena said, relieved that she would not need to fix her hair and face before sliding into the dress, risking destroying both by the elaborate gown. "Thank you."

Evalene arranged the dress on the stand. Elena couldn't help smiling at it. It was of dark nearly midnight blue. Silver netting was sewn over it like fishing net and where the lines of silver crossed, blue stones, mined from Haven were sewn in. It made the dress exceedingly heavy and as Elena walked Evalene and her apprentice to the door, she wondered how she would manage to walk to the platform she could even now see being erected in the center of town, let alone climb the stairs.

"Well no one will need to worry about me walking at anything other than a dignified pace, " Elena said to herself.

"And I'm pretty sure all of those stones could help deflect bullets." Thompson said, eying the dress through the door.

"Maybe Evalene could market a line of sniper proof evening wear, " Elena said. She looked around realizing that she was alone with Thompson and Benjamin. No one else arrived looking for her assistance. "Do I have any meetings?" she asked.

Benjamin shook his head. "Not until after the ceremony. Then of cou

did a little pacing. She re-read all of the letters she was sent and tried very hard not to be a complete nuisance. She started making lists of new goods that could potentially be shipped to her earth based stores and made a note to pack a sample of each on the Storm Chaser when they left.

Thompson, still working with his papers smiled and shook his head at her. "You don't take down time well do you?" he asked.

"Not especially, " she admitted. She drummed her fingers on the table. "So what are you working on?" she asked leaning over to look at his papers.

"I'll show you when I am done, not before, " he told her turning the top pages over so she couldn't see anything. She frowned at him.

"I think this is what television is for, " she told him.

He smiled. "Yup, when you need to take a break from running the world, television is a good option." Elena frowned at his mocking tone. "Relax, " he told her. "Tomorrow morning we will have the big ceremony and you can get back to running the world."

Benjamin walked in, a list in his hand. "Consuelo is trying to outdo all previous events with this feast, " he told her. "Oh and I have a list of various items she can provide for your meet and greet party the day after the induction. She wants you to choose what you want."

"Finally something to do, " she said taking the list from him and settling herself at the table with a sigh.

"Workaholic, " Thompson said shaking his head.

"I promise, after this I will work on developing some hobby so that the next time I'll have something on hand to keep me occupied."

"Maybe when you are done with the list of foods, you can make a list of potential hobbies, " Thompson suggested. Elena frowned; sadly she thought it might be a good idea.

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