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   Chapter 26 Haven

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Chapter 26

Elena came awake by degrees. The first thing she noticed was the numb spot where her right hip should be. In the narrow bunk she had no space to move around and stayed in the same position the entire time she was asleep. Smells started drifting in. Bacon and coffee seemed to be the predominant ones with the scent of the sea forming a backdrop. There was a low murmuring sound and she realized it was a soft conversation. Elena slowly opened her eyes and blinked away the accumulated crust of sleep from her eyes. As she pushed herself into a sitting position Benjamin walked over. He poured a mug of coffee from the thermos and handed it to her.

"How are you doing?" he asked as she wrapped her hands around the cup. Both he and Jennifer looked concerned.

"I feel like I was hit by a bus, " she confessed. Her head was pounding and she wanted a shower. Her stomach rumbled. Benjamin held out a platter filled with bacon. She took a strip and looked at him.

"I hadn't cleaned out the supplies yet and we had a couple of pounds of bacon in the back of the cold storage. I forgot I picked it up when it was on sale. No eggs though."

"At the moment my stomach is overruling my arteries, " Elena told him finishing off the first strip and taking a second. "How long was I out?"

"Almost two days, " Benjamin told her. "We're approaching port now. Probably a good thing as we are almost completely out of supplies. I pretty m

left behind disappeared. In addition, she wouldn't just have to trust that Mateo and his people were safe, she would be able to participate in the supply runs when they were needed.

"Smith is gonna have another coronary, " she told herself. Spin meowed and threaded her body around Elena's ankles. She spent many off-seasons skyside growing up and didn't think of it as a hardship. Victor knew the arrangements for this eventuality and would make certain that everything was covered while she was gone.

"Things could be a lot worse." She told herself. Most of the people who routinely gave her problems were stuck earthside with Smith. She wouldn't have to deal with Andre, Peter, Riko or Therese until the season once again opened the channels.

"Oh yeah, things could be a lot worse, " she repeated. As the Storm Chaser sailed into port, Elena began to hum an old sea shanty whose words she no longer remembered, but whose tune she could never really forget.

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