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   Chapter 24 Haven

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Chapter 24

Elena was exhausted when she and Thompson left the celebration. The others already left. Elena, Thompson, Mateo and Kiera were left to formally thank the last of the stragglers as they exited. Elena then told Mateo and Kiera to head back while she dealt with the last details Danvers required. She tried to get Thompson to leave as well, but he insisted on staying. Now all that needed to be done had been and the two of them meandered through the quieted hallways.

It was never truly quiet on the DF as people were always going somewhere, but at this time of night the central market area was closed and only the smaller markets near the ports were still open, providing travelers with hot food and random souvenirs. The world around them was hushed and it felt like they were all alone on the DF. Elena wondered if this was what it would be like if the Matrovean continued their push for more territory. Would the DF eventually become abandoned, a hollow shell discarded by the human race.

'It would either be destroyed or become a Matrovean outpost, ' she decided as they walked.

"A pretty good night, " Thompson said as they walked.

"All in all, I have to agree, " She replied. "Did you get any flack about your House?"

"It was interesting. The powerful ones all seemed to believe it was a made up house, " He told her. "Or like most of the others they assumed it was simply a House so small and insignificant that they never heard of it. A few actually connected it with Mother Nelson. Not many though."

"Until Benjamin mentioned it, I never heard the story, " Elena told him. "I think it is mostly told as a fairy tale in the circles of the Houseless."

"Of which none of these are." Thompson said.

"The powerful ones?" Elena asked with a smile.

"The ones others deferred to, " He clarified. "Peter, Riko, Siobhan and a couple of the others."

"Those are Councilors." She reminded him.

"I found it strange that all of the Councilors defer to Evan." Thompson said.

"The Librarians have power, " Elena said simply.

"I could tell that." He replied. "Evan doesn't like Peter or that old woman, Riko."

"I know he doesn't like Riko. But I didn't know about Peter." Elena thought about the conversation between them earlier in the evening and found herself agreeing with Thompson's assessment. "Why do you think so?"

"Evan thinks he's a bully, or at least that's the basis of it."

"Huh, " Elena said. "I hadn't really seen them together before tonight."

"I don't think Evan approved of Peter's date either." Thompson said.

"Really?" Elena said. "I thought she was gorgeous. She didn't say much to me, but then again I didn't spend much time around Peter tonight. At least it proves he is only interested in business with me, " she told him smugly. "Which I believe I told you several times."

Thompson looked at her as though she were slightly daft. "Peter didn't seem too thrilled with her though."

"Why not?" Elena asked with a frown. As far as she could tell the woman was flawless. "They see

as she stood flat footed on the soft carpet. To get it out of the way, Elena hung the gown up in her closet, kicking the shoes into the bottom of the closet and out of her sight. Personally she figured that if she had to dance in a fancy gown that swept the floor she should at least have the option of wearing comfortable shoes beneath.

"Maybe I could glue the front part of a dress shoe onto the front of a sneaker so that the toes look right when they stick out but I still have comfortable shoes on underneath." From the way her feet ached, she thought it might be a million dollar idea.

Elena tugged on a t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants and then began removing her jewelry. The earrings and the necklace were glowing from the heat of her body. For a moment, she held the necklace in her hands, wondering about her dream. She shivered and pushed the thoughts away as she tucked the necklace into one of the drawers in her dressing table. She sighed, reveling in the momentary solitude, and then went to join the others.

Benjamin handed her a flute of champagne and a plate containing a slice of chocolate cake. She glanced around the room and noticed that while everyone had cake, all of the young ones had milk to wash it down with.

"Yours?" Elena asked Consuelo, settling herself on the arm of one of the chairs.

"Of course, " came the reply. Elena took a bite of the cake and made random noises of satisfaction. The icing was dark chocolate and the cake was moist and practically melted in her mouth.

"Yum, " she said, washing the cake down with a sip of champagne. All around her every one chatted about the party. For most of them it was their first time attending any kind of event like this and Elena smiled at the excitement as they talked about the flowers and dancing and dresses. Eventually everyone wound down and drifted off to their separate beds. When Elena finally made it to hers, she slipped between the sheets, exhausted but happy. She drifted off to sleep, and if she dreamed, she didn't remember.

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