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Chapter 16

Elena woke at about her usual time, looked at the clock and rolled back over for a few more hours figuring that the world would get along just fine without her for a little while. Around eleven, she shuffled to the kitchen and took out her leftovers from her dinner with Riko from the fridge. She put it onto a plate, heated it up in the microwave and ate it for her breakfast slash lunch.

Elena thought about going to her stores to check on things and decided that if there was an emergency, Victor would let her know. Instead, she put her laundry on and put in the first season of Gilligan's Island on the DVD player. She let their South Seas' antics push away all thoughts of politics, family drama and secret communities from her brain, giving it a much needed spring cleaning.

When her clothes were clean and dry, Elena packed them back into her duffle bag. She then packed a second bag with extras to leave at the DF. Several sets of heels, extra makeup and hair accessories along with the bulk of her jewelry box were packed. Somehow the thought of having other jewelry to wear should Mateo and Kiera announce their engagement, made her feel better about the necklace sitting in the case still locked up on the Storm Chaser.

Having relaxed and settled herself, Elena turned on her e-reader, ready to return to the Guild. The first items she pulled up dealt with Mother Nelson. The facts Thompson gave her were scrawled on a piece of paper so that she could check for verification. She tried to think of a way that Thompson could have known that she was looking up Alexandria Nelson and doctored his information accordingly, but came up blank. If the military knew of the connection that far back then they would surely have acted on the information earlier.

The only other place the name had been was on her list of dream changes. The morning after the dream, she folded the list and tucked it into her pocket. Once back on the ship, she had put it in her dream journal, which remained locked in her night stand. For Thompson to have seen it, he would have had to either sneak into her room after she was asleep or go through her pockets after she changed clothes as he had mentioned Mother Nelson before she had added the scrap to her journal. While she was willing to admit he was sneaky, she couldn't quite picture him in either scenario.

The first document Elena read, detailed the life of Alexandra Nelson and Elena was quickly absorbed. She noticed the document was coded for Council eyes only and she could see why. Alexandria Nelson was something of a rebel and the tale was one where she bested the Council. Her skills as a pilot were astounding and fully matched and even surpassed anything that Elena read in her adventure tales. In addition, the entire Nelson House seemed to have little regard for the Council. They paid their tithes, but were quite vocal about their complaints against the Council especially in regards to social and family matters.

"Most seem centered on the treatment of orphans, " Elena muttered as she read. The Nelson family led the charge to establish a reputable foster house within the Guild. Their efforts had actually created the Foster House Devon currently managed. Once the girl's home was established they continued the fight.

They were quite vocal about the fact that no home for boys was provided and that the girl's home was handicapped in its ability to protect its fledgling pilots. According to the document, it was suspected that Alexandra's father was killed by one faction who wanted the political squabbling to stop, although no concrete evidence was found to prove it was not an accident.

Much to the surprise of the Council, once Alexandra was named Head of her House, she turned her House into a home for boys without families of their own. The Council informed her that should she take this step then she would not be allowed to ally with any other House. Her House could provide respectability to the boys as well as a decent home, providing them a chance at making a good marriage and staying in the Guild should they wish, but each boy would then be bound to his wife's House.

'It kept her from expanding her House exponentially I suppose, ' Elena thought. 'Which makes a certain political sense.' She chuckled as she read Alexand

the second ring.

"I don't suppose the lab is capable of running a DNA test?" she asked once he knew who it was.

"We aren't set up for that sort of thing, " he told her. "But I know someone who is. I can ask if their lab would be willing to run a test and what they would charge for it if you would like."

"Great, " Elena told him. "I would want two tests done, one to see if he is who we think he is and one person checked to see if he is a potential match as a father. We have the child's DNA test on file and we have the first person's as well, we would just need those two, for now at least. It might expand later."

"I'm sure we can find someone, " Steven said. "You could have them drop by to leave samples if they want."

"I can ask the first one, but haven't spoken to the second one yet. I want to wait until I meet the child." As Elena finished her conversation and hung up, her phone rang again. She answered it without thinking.


"Elena this is Will Thompson, " he told her.

"Speak of the devil, " she replied.

"Excuse me?"

"I was just talking about you. I found a way to figure out if your story of your family tree is accurate."

"Did you?" he asked, sounding amused.

"Yup, you will have to drop off a DNA sample at the lab. Victor is my assistant and you can tell him that you need to see Steven for the test."

"I can do that, " he said still sounding amused. "Actually I can stop by tomorrow."

"Before we leave?" she asked with a frown. "I don't know if they will be in that early."

"Actually that is what I wanted to tell you. I will not be shipping out with you this time."

"Oh, have you found a new ship?"

"I have. It is just off the line with all new modifications. And you will be pleased to know that one of the modifications is a name. The ship is named the Rover." Elena felt like she had just been punched in the stomach.

"The Rover?" she asked, her voice half breathless. Thompson didn't seem to notice.

"Yup, " he confirmed. "And I will be shipping out on her tomorrow afternoon."

"That's nice."

"Still haven't managed to convince them that we need a cat on board, but we should manage."

"Great, then I will see you when you next sail with us."

"Excellent." Thompson replied. "Safe sailing." He hung up and Elena lowered her phone from her ear and placed it on the charger.

"So, " she said aloud, realizing she was shaking. "We have the necklace, Kiera's dress, the Nelson House symbol and now the ship." A slightly hysterical burst of laughter bubbled from her lips. "All we are missing is the storm and the cargo. Isn't that just fabulous?" Spin looked up at her as though she had gone mad.

"I'm pretty sure it isn't me that has gone insane, " Elena told her. She placed her bags by the door so that she would be ready to go in the morning. "Well about 85% sure, " she amended.

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