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   Chapter 17 Alliance

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Chapter 17

They finished their meal in a silence that seemed so filled it pressed heavily on the eardrums. Peter dropped her off at her apartment without coming up and Elena took it as a sign that the moment of sharing had passed. She had more questions than answers in her head and could feel them piling up behind her eyes to form a headache.

"At least the chance that Smith and Jonathan are waiting for me is slim to none as I spent the afternoon answering their questions, " She muttered to herself as she climbed the stairs. Elena shook her head as she walked up the stairs to her apartment. Thoughts were swirling around her brain, chasing each other like two dogs tethered to the same tree. When she reached her landing she took out her keys but stood looking at Kiera's door instead of her own.

'Probably better to get it over with, ' she thought, knowing she had to find out why everyone, including Kiera was so squeaky clean on record. Elena sighed to herself and walked over to Kiera's door. She knocked, and listened to footsteps coming to the door. A moment later it opened. Kiera was framed in the doorway, looking slightly flushed.

"Elena, " she said. "Hi, what's up?"

"Do you have a minute to talk?"

"Sure, " Kiera replied, "Come on in I guess." Kiera stepped to the side and Elena stepped into her apartment. Kiera headed towards the couch and sat down. Elena noticed there were two wine glasses on the coffee table, both half full.

"Am I interrupting anything?" Elena asked. "I can just as easily wait until tomorrow."

"Oh no, " Kiera said with a smile. "Go ahead." Elena noticed her glance down the hallway but from where she stood, Elena couldn't tell if any of the doors were closed or if there was a place to lurk just out of sight. She ran a hand through her hair and sat on the edge of one of the chairs.

"I'll make this quick, " Elena said, wondering if her cousin Mateo was in one of Kiera's back rooms. She decided if he was, she did not want to know about it. "I spoke with Peter about the vetting of lab staff and he had a concern."

"A concern?" Kiera said, all of her attention focused on Elena like a laser beam. If anyone was hiding, they were forgotten.

"Yeah, apparently they came out so squeaky clean that there is the suspicion that the records were wiped clean or that those people have something to hide." Elena watched Kiera take a sharp breath as if she had been punched in the stomach. Elena tried not to narrow her eyes in suspicion. Kiera almost looked as though she were expecting the news. "I have to find out what is going on behind the scenes before I sign off on any hires or

d Lisa would make sure the security locks were installed with keys only where they needed to be.

"If we were still dating I would make an effort to see him tomorrow for lunch or something before I left, " she thought to herself. At the moment she had no plans to do so and wondered if he would read anything into her actions. "He might not notice, " she mused, once again tapping her pen on the table. Elena knew she had to stay friendly with him for politics sake, but faking a date with him was beyond her skill level.

"And this is why smart people don't mix business and pleasure, " she told herself. She knew better, but somehow knowing better hadn't helped. Elena waved her hand in the air as if shooing thoughts of Andre away. She took a deep breath.

"I'll need to pack my info for my meetings, " she told herself. The files were securely locked in her new office and would have to be transferred to her carry-on bag before she left. After Nate's wedding she had meetings with a perfumery interested in the samples of scents she sent them and a meeting with an artist who was interested in using the blue stones they found in his jewelry designs. Both were of course tied to the Guild. She wasn't quite sure what the meetings Alexandro set up for her would entail so she was bringing all the basic information she had with her to review in case of potential opportunities.

"At least it will give me something to do on the plane." Elena made a few more notes and decided to wash her dishes and get a start on her laundry.

"Besides, " she told Spin as she passed. "I need to figure out where I put my three ounce containers so I can have an emergency supply in case my luggage is lost." With that happy thought Elena began to rinse her dinner dishes.

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