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   Chapter 12 Alliance

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Chapter 12

As Benjamin began snoring, Elena realized she was still wearing only the t-shirt she had pulled on to sleep in. It now had streaks of mud and blood on it.

"Not exactly company appropriate, " she muttered to herself. Elena wanted a shower but with Benjamin out on the couch and Consuelo due back soon she didn't feel comfortable taking one. Instead, she retreated back to her bedroom, picking up the trail of scattered clothing she had left the evening before and quickly changed into a fresh pair of jeans and a shirt. Elena ran a brush through her hair and wondered what else to do while she waited for Consuelo.

"Something quiet, " she decided. Elena retreated to her spare room and turned on her computer, figuring a quick e-mail check would not disturb the sleeping man. By the time she read through and answered all of her messages and forwarded Kiera's list on to Peter for vetting she heard a light tapping on the front door, signaling Consuelo's return. Elena let her in and helped her bring the groceries to the kitchen.

Elena goggled at the amount of food, having grown accustomed to shopping for only the few days she was going to be in town at a time, but before she could comment Consuelo banished her from the kitchen so she could begin work. Before Elena could decide what to do with herself a knocking sounded on her door. Elena went to answer it before the noise could awaken Benjamin. To her dismay she opened the door on Smith and Jonathan. She sighed, stepped into the hall and pulled her door shut behind her.

"A little early for a visit isn't it?" Elena said, her voice terse.

"We wanted to catch you before you went out, " Smith replied. He raised an eyebrow in suspicion. "Something inside you don't want to share?"

"I have company, " Elena told them. "Still sleeping company."

"I see, " Smith replied when she did not explain further. "We will make this quick then. We request your presence, along with Mr. Baranov at a meeting Monday."


"You will please convey this message to him and we shall expect to see you promptly at ten in the morning, " Smith continued.

"I'm afraid that is impossible, " Elena told them. "I have a meeting scheduled."

"Cancel it, " Smith said.

"No, " Elena replied. Smith stared at her for a moment. She could see the vein in his neck throb with the effort it was taking him to remain calm.

"Is there a time that would be better?" Jonathan asked.

"I would feel more comfortable with two in the afternoon, however I cannot speak to Peter's schedule. I am after all, not his assistant and do not have access to his calendar." Elena smiled politely at the two men.

"Would you mind checking with him?" Jonathan said before Smith could snap a comment at her. Elena shrugged. Luckily she had tucked her cell phone in her back pocket when she dressed. She tugged the phone out and called Peter.

"Elena, " Peter said as he answered the phone. "I know you are anxious, but I just got your list a moment ago."

"I realize that, "Elena said. "Smith is here and demanding a Monday meeting. I told them I have morning meetings already scheduled and will not be available until around two o'clock, but did not know your schedule."

"I see, " he said. All amusement had fled from his voice. There was a pause and Elena guessed that he was checking his schedule. "Two will work for me, " he told her. "Shall I pick you up about quarter till?"

"That would be lovely, " Elena replied.

"Will you be at Nibbles?"

"No, I won't. I have a meeting prior, " She answered not really wanting to inform Smith of her new office. She figured he probably already knew, but she didn't want him to hear it from her.

"The laboratory then?" Peter guessed.

"Yes, " Elena replied, grateful he had figured out her dilemma. "Or across the hall would be more appropriate."

"Of course, " Peter said. "I again apologize

suelo said. Both Benjamin and Elena turned towards her. She shrugged. "He sells information. He is an observer, but never a player."

"That fits with what I was told, " Benjamin said.

"Would someone else be able to get to him without injury?" She asked.

"I don't know, " Benjamin said. "It would be too dangerous for you to try though. I was stopped because they knew I was associated with you and suspected what I would ask him. You, they would know what the questions were." He continued eating and Elena was forced to agree that she would be a bit too obvious. "I might have something in mind, " Benjamin continued. "It will take a few days to put together."

"You will need to rest for at least a few days before trying anything, " Elena commented. Benjamin started to protest.

"She is right, " Consuelo said over his protests. The large man looked less inclined to argue with her than with Elena. He settled down to finish the rest of his meal while Consuelo finished her kitchen activities. Elena saw several covered dishes with instructions taped to them go into her fridge and she guessed she would be eating well for the next few days.

Looking back towards the table Elena spotted the key Peter had stashed in the toggle. She held it up. "I don't suppose either of you would know what this goes to?" Both looked at the key.

"It looks like the ones for safety deposit boxes at the bank." Consuelo replied.

"Which bank?" Elena asked.

"There is only one bank in town the Guild uses, " Consuelo said with a grin. Elena rolled her eyes at her own question.

"Of course. I guess I'm just slow this morning." Since Guild members often had odd sources of income they had to be very careful with their banking and often only used banks where Guild members were on staff. Even when Elena left the Guild she used the same bank out of habit.

"Not so slow, " Consuelo said. "You got Bennie cleaned up and called me."

"Thanks for that, " Benjamin said with a half-smile. Elena could see that the left over drugs were still working on him.

"Not a problem, " Elena replied. "Although I'd hate for it to be a habit." Benjamin finished his plate gave a satisfied sigh. A few minutes later Consuelo was escorting him out of the door.

"I'll keep him quiet for a few days, " she promised Elena as they left. Elena closed the door behind them and looked at the clock. She had missed the bank's Saturday hours.

"Guess I'll have to wait until Monday, " she told herself. Bowing to the inevitable, Elena rolled up her sleeves and began washing the dishes Consuelo left behind.

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