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   Chapter 10 Alliance

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Chapter 10

Elena locked the drawer to the desk, but left the office door unlocked. Mateo promised to direct the deliveries to the correct space while she was gone. With a very unsettled mood, Elena drove over to Lisa's place. She parked and took the elevator up to the correct floor. Elena could feel the tiredness burning behind her eyes and she knew she would need to sleep soon.

Elena rang the bell and Lisa opened the door to let her in. The air smelled of coffee and toasted bagels. It was a comfortable smell that somehow sat oddly with the butterflies in her stomach. Elena followed Lisa to the kitchen where Lisa handed her a plate with a toasted bagel and gestured towards the cream cheese. While Elena spread the cream cheese on her bagel, Lisa poured two cups of coffee, placed one in front Elena and the other in front of herself and began spreading cream cheese on her own bagel.

"So, " Lisa said into the silence. "I suppose you are a member of this Guild of Families."

"Yes, I am." Lisa eased herself into one of the stools lined up around the breakfast bar, giving a little hop at the end to get herself situated. Elena did likewise and took a bite of her bagel.

"Is it illegal?" Lisa asked.

"No, " Elena said, hurriedly swallowing her bite. "At least not …" Elena thought of the military and all of the recent events. "Oh god, " she said dropping her head into her hands. She scrubbed her hands over her face a few times and then dropped them into her lap.

"Can't you at least ask me if it is real so I can lie and say no it's just a really elaborate game?"

"You don't play really elaborate games, " Lisa commented.

"Lisa you don't want to know about this. Really."

"Is it dangerous?" Lisa asked. Her voice was calm and steady.

"Not really, " Elena said, her tone flat.

"Are you in danger?"

"Not really, " Elena replied in the same flat tone.

"You don't sound so sure, " Lisa commented. She took a sip of her coffee. Elena frowned and Lisa shrugged. "Reading people is part of my job."

"Oh god, " Elena repeated.

"Look, I just want to know what is going on. The book was a very interesting read. I looked several things up on-line and

breakfast bar. Lisa reached for the pot of coffee, refilled both their cups and smiled.

"That takes care of the retainer, now spill the details."

Spilling the details took several hours as well as several pots of coffee. They ordered pizza for lunch and over pepperoni Elena shared both the details of her current project and Andre's betrayal.

"That son of a bitch, " Lisa commented. "I never liked him." Lisa gestured with her pizza crust. "Never. I can't believe you have to pretend you don't know."

"Yeah, " Elena said. "But I am about to become too busy for dating, " she added.


"Weren't you trying to encourage me to date?" Elena asked.

"Not men like that I wasn't." They cleared the remains of the pizza away. "This is really hard to believe, " she told Elena.

"I know. He seemed so nice."

"I meant the space ships, intergalactic council with mafia like tendencies, aliens, new planets. That sort of thing"

"Oh, yeah, " Elena said. "Some days I have issues myself."

Lisa snorted. "You have issues with imagining yourself in charge of such a thing. Not that such a thing exists."

"True. I'm supposed to head back to the lab to check on the office being set up and to get a report from Mateo and Kiera. Would you like to come? That way they can meet you and you can actually see some concrete details."

"Of course I want to come. It will help this become a little less surreal, " Lisa said. "Let me get my purse."

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