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   Chapter 4 Bring Your New Girlfriend

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"Where are you going?" I ask quickly, startled by her sudden movement off the bed, quickly grabbing her by her wrist.

Sunny stops, chuckling softly as she looks back over her shoulder at me on the bed. "I'm thirsty, Dean. And as good and delicious sucking your cock has been, I need water, " she jokes with a bright smile.

I sigh, slapping her naked ass and pulling her body to me, taking a bite of an ass-cheek, hearing her giggle as I nibble and suck on her flesh. "Hm, I love your ass. I'm going to spank it and then fuck it again and again. Will never get enough. We ran out of your natural oil, so we'll need more lube." I slide my hand down her thigh then up to find her clit, hearing her moan when I squeeze it between my thumb and forefinger.

I kiss her flesh, feeling beyond relieved that she's here with me, not leaving me.

Spending all those painful days last week without her, after telling her who I was and she asked me for space has turned me a bit clingy.

Even more than usual and that's saying something; after my return from Nevada, I have been extra careful not to let her get away from me. I've kept her in bed for a week straight, and even though, living like we're hermits isn't anything new for us, this time feels different. This time, I'm afraid she'll disappear every time she so much as pulls an inch away from me, afraid that she hasn't truly forgiven me for lying to her about who I am from the start.

Ever since my return here, to this home we share, I've been waking up in sweat after repeatedly dreaming of my Sunny being gone. But then, awakened, I've looked in my arms, finding her sleeping there soundly. Insanely relieved and unable to help it, I've woken her up with endless of kisses and whispers of her name, just to make sure that she's really here. I've buried myself in her pleasure, deep inside of her, not wanting to spend a second away from her, not wanting that nightmare to ever come true.

"I need some water too. I'll come with you, " I say, finally letting go and getting up.

I wrap my arms around her naked body as we walk in tandem out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, laughing together.

Sunny's house is a mirror of her personality; open, free-spirited, inviting and colorful; completely bright during the day, because there are no doors or closed windows to block the light, only white curtains that flow according to the wind. The plants and flowers get all the sun they need, Sunny and I have everything that we need.

I watch as she flips around the handle and the water comes spraying out while I stay glued to her back as she drinks from the sprayer.

She puts the sprayer to my mouth and I drink with gusto, not having had any water for what feels like ages.

As I now kiss her neck, she looks back and smiles at me and asks, "omelet?"

"Sounds good, " I reply, reluctantly letting go of her.

Licking my lips and fisting my cock, I watch her body move as she walks to the oven and turns it on and places a pan over it. Then she walks up to the cabinets and swings open the very last one.

Distracted by the gorgeous vision of her bare ass and glowing skin in front of me as her breasts bounce around as she moves, I barely have the time to react and stop her from discovering it.

I hear her gasp as her eyes land on the object I've been keeping and hiding from her.

"Dean, please tell me this isn't what I think it is, " she says carefully, her breath heavy as she places her hand over her naked chest in shock.

I walk behind her, slowly wrapping my arms around her waist in an effort to calm her. "I'm sorry, Sunny. I tried to keep this out of your sight. There's nothing up here, so I thought you'd never check there. I know you're not a fan of it but I wanted to keep you safe and..."

"Safe? Dean, I am already safe!" She twists around, out of my embrace to look at me, eyes wide and hurt.

My chest flips, terrified at that look on her face.

The last time she looked this hurt and betrayed was two weeks ago when I told her who I really am, after she found out that I've been hiding my true self from her. And now, she has that same look on her face and it's taking all of me right now not to scream at my utter stupidity.

I don't fear much. But ever since meeting Sunny, my number one and only fear has become to lose her for good.

"Dean. If there is a trigger inside a place, it'll demand to be pulled. This thing is all about negative energy and when you welcome negative energy, it attracts even more..."

I press my finger to her lips, not wanting her any more worked up over this. "I know how you feel and I'm going to get rid of it, " I promise her, pressing my fingertips firmly into her hips now, desperate to maintain momentum, desperate to maintain her.

"Why did you bring it here in the first place, Dean? I don't give into an ugly emotion such as hate, but when it comes to these things, it's the only time that I allow myself to. How..."

I interrupt her, placing a thumb over her cheek as I explain, "Sunny, I grew up in chaos, around violence and bloodshed. All the time, all around me are people killing each other, no matter the reason. I grew up in a family that is actually famous around the world for being violent sociopaths who enjoy torturing their enemies until they beg to die. I guess this semi-automatic pistol was my way of... I don't know, my way of feeling like I have control, like I can protect you no matter what happens. Because my past is never truly behind me and now I have something to lose, unlike before, and I am terrified, Sunny. Absolutely terrified. I've never been so scared in my entire life. I grew up around danger and cruelty. That's never phased me cause I've come to expect it but when it comes to you, my life seems so traumatizing from the outside. You've made me look at it from a different angle. All of it. And from your side, my life seems ugly. I seem ugly."

"Dean, I don't-"

"But I can handle it, Sunny. I've been equipped to. In fact, I excel in that type of environment. It's who I am and where I'm from. It's all I know. But for some reason, I want to shield you from i

t. I've never hated the person I am before, the life I've lived. But I hate myself now, I hate my life now because it poses a threat to you." I laugh nervously and shake my head to clear it.

I continue after a short pause, squeezing my eyes and opening them again after a deep breath. "I have come to know you and the type of woman you are and the kind of pleasurable, beautiful peace you inspire around you, within you, and somehow, I knew that if I stayed with you, stayed embedded in you, I'd never need that gun or any other weapon for that matter. Because you are incredible, Sunny. But you are the sun in my dark world, the fire in my loins and I'd do anything, kill anyone to protect you. I've hidden it from you because I knew you hate it. But it was for me, I needed to feel that I could protect you if my past life suddenly came barging into the door. Into this peaceful life that you and I have together, this little bubble of ours, this little heaven. I just needed-"

"Shh, " Sunny whispers, leaning against my hard, naked chest, looking right into my eyes. "My soul, why didn't you just tell me all this time?" Her pretty eyes water as she places a palm on my chest. "I need to know this part of you. No matter how ugly you think it is. I need to know it. Don't be scared to show it to me."

I take her hand in mine and kiss it, breathing into it, into her. "I'm scared to, Sunny. I mean, I've told you who I really am but I've never told you what I've done. The type of violence and death I've left in my path. I'm a scum. An evil man in your book. A cruel man who's done terrible things without remorse. I don't deserve you, Sunny. You're so pure and kind and beautiful. I don't belong in your world. And yet, here I am, infiltrating it, tainting your world with my ugliness because that's just how much of a selfish scum I am."

"My soul, I could never love you any less." She wraps her arms around my neck, sliding her fingers through my hair. "This is who you are, Dean. This is who I am in love with and nothing will change that. Not even if you reveal your darkest self to me. I will love you the same if not more. So please, don't hide from me anymore. I need to know you. Our soul won't fully merge if you don't open yourself to me, if you don't reveal everything you are, everything you have. I will always be yours, no matter what. Always yours. I will always be a breath away, a kiss away, you will always be able to touch me, feel me. We are one, my soul. Always, " she whispers, only a breath away, a kiss away, as I watch a beautiful tear stream down her rosy cheek.

"Oh, Sunny." I take her head in my hands, trapping her lips in a deep kiss. I feel her moan against my lips as I bite down on her lower lip. "I will tell you everything. Show you the monster I am, " I mumble against her lips, picking her up by the buttock, wrapping her legs around me and sitting her on the counter.

"Yes, show me. Tell me everything, Dean. Everything! I want to know you, " she whispers, her lips to mine as she claws her nails down my back.

A velvety moan escapes her as I effortlessly shove my cock into her wet pussy; taking all of me, my sins, my past, my love and passion for her, giving myself to her completely.

A grunt escapes me as my Sunny squeezes me deliciously, her hot walls expanding for my invasion then closing again to milk me to my end.

While one of my palms plasters against her back, keeping her front pushed into me, I press my other palm against the back of her head, keeping her mouth snug to mine, devouring her lips, her moans as I thrust in and out of her, every plunge deep and hot and consuming.

"Everything, " I groan the word as I drive deep into her then back again, a fiery need keeping me going with each precious stroke of her soaked cunt against my engorged cock.

"Sunny, fuck, baby, I can feel you about to come for me!"

I always can. I know her body more than I know my own, know what each one of her moans and screams convey, know her buttons and how to push them. I know her deepest pleasure and she knows mine.

"My soul, I'm coming!" She exclaims in a scream, throwing her head back and taking me with her in our pleasure. I spill into her, all of me, my sins, my past, my love and passion. Giving her my all.

"Hm. You have the best pussy in the world. When I'm in you, I feel nothing, hear nothing else but you." I lean forward to lazily kiss behind her ear as I chuckle in my haze, my fingers going down her shoulder blade.

She giggles. "It seems we also lose our sense of smell for other things too. That's why this pan is about to burn this house down and also your phone has been ringing off the hook, " she jokes and kisses my lips as she laughs.

I laugh softly. "I'll be right back."

I pull out of her, watching as she quickly runs to the oven to turn off the fire.

I walk back to our bedroom to find my cell phone. Answering it at once.


"Hello to you too, stepbrother. How are you?"

"Regina? How'd you get this number?" I ask, unpleasantly surprised.

"I'm great, Regina. How are you?" She mocks and goes on, "yes. This is your long lost sister, from your long lost family."

"How'd did you get this number, Regina?' I ask again, rolling my eyes.

"Easy. I found out that although you seemed to have abandoned our family, you're still somehow doing business with our sweet little brother. Dustin had to be the one to let us know that you've been in town but didn't visit."

I groan as I wrap a robe around my naked body. "What do you want?"

"Well, our parents are renewing their vows again this weekend. I thought you'd want to come."

I snorted. "No, thanks."

"We haven't seen you in over a year, I thought you'd want to come see our parents, which your ungrateful ass has abandoned."

"Regina, I'm not coming. Lose my number."

"Fine. I made Dustin put a tracker on you. Guess we'll just have to come pick you up ourselves at that little cottage thing you downgraded to. Pathetic."

Alarmed, I walk quickly to the kitchen to assure that my Sunny is safe as I hear Regina add, "by the way, bring your new girlfriend."

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