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   Chapter 3 End of Us

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Hours later, holding onto her as she had dozed off against my chest, I spoke softly to her as she opened her eyes. My voice careful but determined and confessional. "My name is not Dean Smith, like I told you. My name is Dean Savage. I'm the son of Potter Savage." My arm tightened reflexively around her body, knowing that if she tried to run, I wouldn't let her.

She didn't respond and for a second, I thought it was because she hasn't heard of the surname, of us. "The infamous crime family? Based in Nevada? Rumored to have had something to do with the recent bombing that happened this year in New York? Which by the way is untrue, " I felt the need to clarify but that still didn't change the fact that we were responsible for other bombings, and that made me feel uneasy to lie to her more.

I truly wanted a fresh start, I needed her to truly know who I was.

She remained quiet and still, not even batting an eyelash. My heart dipped low in my chest because I knew how expressive my Sunny was. She was almost never quiet and said everything that came to her head.

Fear knotted around my gut, I pressed her into me, and continued softly, "baby, please say something."

"Dean Savage, " she finally whispered back after an eternal beat, as if testing how the name felt on her lips.

"Yes, " I replied, my voice was nearly inaudible now as I continued, "baby, after we met, I didn't want to ruin your first impression of..."

"They made a movie about your dad, " she added softly, interrupting me.

I swallowed, realizing that she did in fact know about us, about me, now in a whole different way. I pretended that the air was not heavier around us as I attempted to make a joke, "they got nothing right in that film, well, except for his obsession with my mother. He truly is that obsessed with her, is the most ruthless when it comes to her. Funny story; he actually killed her boss when they first met where she was working as a waitress because he thought the guy was coming on to her and..." My voice faded as I quickly realized that my idea of joking has taken a very humorless turn.

I was suddenly ashamed, because I had never wanted to speak about killing in front of Sunny.

Killing might have been simple for me, but not for Sunny and I hated her learning that I was this casual about it.

She cleared her throat and I felt her pulling away from me but I kept her there, my arms inescapable as she tried to move. She knew this, she could feel my tight embrace, so she stopped trying to move out of it.

"So, you're not really working in advertising..." It wasn't a question.

"Actually, I am, but until I met you, it was just a side thing I just did because I could, " I confessed, my face red with shame.

A quiet sound came out from Sunny that made something unpleasant grip tightly inside my chest and that's when I felt the warm liquid leaking to my arm.

I almost choked, realizing that my Sunny was crying.

I had never seen or heard her cry before, in fact, I had never seen a day when Sunny wasn't smiling and laughing, so then and there, I wanted to punish myself for this, cut off my own balls and feed them to the dogs. But first, I needed to kiss her tears away.

So I did.

I moved her closer onto me and took her face between my hands. I licked her wet cheeks and kissed her lips. "I'm so sorry, baby, " I whispered and lifted her body off me so I could lay her underneath me. I spread her legs, took my dick in hand and entered her, not wanting to ever let her go.

She closed her eyes but it was not in pleasure, it was to hide from me, hide from my betrayal, I realized fearfully.

"Sunny, please, look at me." I squeezed her cheeks with my thumb and forefinger, forcing her to open those beautiful, amber eyes as I started to thrust deep into her, where she had no choice but to feel my desperation, my love for her.

"Feel me, Sunny, " I whispered desperately. "Fuck, baby, feel how much I love you." I thrust with conviction, with passion, joining us together. "I'm so fucking sorry, my love. you've only ever cried in pleasure, when we're so tangled like this around each other, embedded so feverously around each other. So, please don't ever cry for any other reason than that."

I let out a big sigh when in response, she wrapped her arms and legs around me as I fuck her. I looked down to her, grateful for her acceptance, grateful that she was letting me inside of her completely, even if I didn't deserve it. Grateful for her mercy.

I closed the gap completely between us, joining flesh to flesh. A soft gasp left her mouth once I buried my entire shaft deep within her, the feeling intense and snug as I moved my hips in a sensuous rhythm.

I swallowed her soft moans as I kissed her plush lips, my tongue stroking hers, our heated skin stuck to each other, her soft breasts against my built chest as I fuck.

Breaking our kiss, she tilted her head back, moaning loudly, her singing sounds of our ecstasy echoing in the room, enveloping me, in this safety, in this safety of us.

The next morning, I woke up. But it was strange because Sunny wasn't eating breakfast on me. She wasn't humming a song to herself as she casually lapped syrup off my cock.

I quickly got up, ignoring Kuku

yapping away as I walked out of the room, naked, searching for my Sunny.

Something else was strange when I found her in the kitchen; she was wearing clothes.

Sunny rarely or never wore clothes when we were alone. She spent her days with me, completely in the nude because we liked it that way, I could always have easier access to her sweet pussy that way, could have my hands, my tongue, my cock anywhere in or on her at any given time.

She was always open for me, always ready and I couldn't help to take the fact that she was wearing clothes now as a negative sign. One to tell that she was no longer open.

I started to panic but I kept it out of my voice as I called, "baby?" Her back was to me as she prepared an omelet above the stove.

She was beautiful as always; her blonde, braided hair hung long down her back and she was in a yellow, Bohemian-style dress that even though was long enough to reach just above her ankle, did nothing to actually hide her body inside it, because of the bright morning sun and the see-through color of the thin fabric.

I could feel that it wasn't normal between us.

She looked somber and wasn't wishing me a good morning with her sweet kisses all over my cock.

"Sunny, baby? You alright?"

"I'm alright, " she responded abruptly.

She wasn't looking at me. My Sunny was hiding her eyes from me. Those beautiful eyes that I depended on.

"Sunny, why aren't you looking at me?"

I was naked, Sunny could never resist touching me or rubbing herself all over me, especially when I was in the nude, but now, she couldn't even look up at me.

My chest was sore and my heart hammered. But my alarming heart felt like it cut open and my breath caught painfully when I looked harder to see my Sunny's eyes; they were glistening and she kept opening and shutting them as if she were in pain.

"Oh, no, Sunny, baby!" In a flash, I was beside her, but she did something I had never imagined she would ever do to me; she stepped back and lifted a palm up to stop me from touching her.

"I'm sorry, Dean, I can't, not right now, not today, please, " she pleaded, sobbing the words now.

I chuckled nervously, my heart hitting my chest at full force as I said, "baby, are we fighting? Is this our first fight?"

"No, it isn't, " she answered coldly, rubbing her thumb at the corner of her eyes.

I made her cry and I deserved ten bullets to the dick for that.

She was right, it wasn't our first fight. Our first and only time had been a few months back, on her birthday. We argued in bed about what I was going to do to her first; fuck her hard and deep or eat her pussy like the birthday girl she was.

We argued for a good thirty seconds about that and I ended up winning and ate her pussy all night long, making her come like a proper birthday girl, but right now, this tension between us wasn't lighthearted at all, she wasn't complaining that I hadn't fucked her enough time that day, she was hurt, betrayed after discovering that I had lied to her about who I was.

"I don't want to fight, Dean. I just want space. Can you leave?" She muttered with a sniff.

Careful about my next words, despite the way my heart jumped up at my throat at her sudden request, I said, "okay, I'll go to the garden and wait it out. I'll be right back. And then we can talk. I will explain everything."

"Dean, I mean, for a few days. Go wherever you want. And give me, at least a week to wrap my head around this."

A week? A whole fucking week?

I shiver at the painful thought, ready now to beg her on my knees. "Sunny, we haven't spent a whole a day away from each other ever since we met and you just expect me to go away for a week? Surely, you don't mean..."

"Dean, please, I need you to go, " she sobs and I was immediately in front of her, wrapping her in my arms despite her tenseness.

"You're hurting me, Dean, just leave." She winced and I realized that I had my fingers grasping harshly behind her nape.

I retreat quickly, letting go of her immediately, disgusted with myself. I was hurting her. Sunny, my Sunny was being hurt and I was the cause.

I felt sick and ashamed and my masochistic nature kicked in and I inwardly agreed that I should grant her wish, I should leave.

I sighed, knowing that this is not the end but I needed to give her what she asked for.

I stepped back, looking down at the floor. Clearing my throat and masking my pain, I said, "tell you what, baby, my brother has been calling me to meet with some new associates for our business since I've been mostly a silent partner and there are many things I can preoccupy myself with for a week while I'm there. And when I come back, you can punish me however you feel like. I deserve it. But, I'm coming back to you and fixing this, okay?"

She nodded slowly, relieving my chest from the tension.

I slowly walked up to her and planted a soft kiss to the crown of her head. "I don't know how I'll survive a whole week without you when I can barely handle a second away, but I'll do it. I'll give you the space you need."

I may have been leaving Sunny betrayed and distraught and crying, but I was going to come back and make her forgive me, because over my dead body was this going to be the end of us.

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