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   Chapter 2 Our Bliss

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"Dean, yes! My soul! Take me! Hm, yes!" Sunny moaned, grasping through my hair with her fingers, as I pressed my tongue further inside of her, kneading her pierced clit with my thumb as I wrapped my other hand around her thigh, keeping her spread for my heavenly feast.

I needed to taste my Sunny every day. Not a drop would ever suffice, I'd need a whole feast of her, my mouth always craved to be moisten by her glistening lips, to indulge in her sweet, addictive heat. I'd needed to have her nectar melt onto my thirsty tongue. I could never go too long without it.

I very much knew at this point that I was dangerously addicted to Sunny and it was the sweetest addiction because I'd never run out of her, she'd always be here, with me, to kiss, to love, to relish.

We both just knew it every time we looked into each other's eyes, that this was it, we knew we would never need anything else, anyone else.

Our eyes, our bodies spoke a language that only we knew, that only we needed to understand.

But, I also knew it was time to tell her. It was our anniversary, a whole year now since we've met.

I didn't want to let her find out from someone or somewhere else, that I was Dean Savage, of the most infamous and ruthless mafia organization in the world.

So, this morning, I had decided to finally reveal to her, all that I am, not just the parts of me that she'd gotten used to over the year. I needed her to know my past too, the ugly parts of me.

But I began to beat around the bush, literally, to avoid the possible consequences of the lie I've told her about what I do. Who I am.

I had told her I worked in advertising and although now it was true that me and my brother Dustin invested together in a range of advertising agencies, but, still, at the time when I had told her that, it had been a lie. Because when we met, I was still Dean Savage, son of Potter Savage, who's head of the notorious crime family, the Savages, and the brother of Ace Savage, a man who was currently topping the FBI's Most Wanted list.

It would have helped if I were a nobody amongst my family, but I wasn't. In fact, I was one of the most popular members of the Savages, and the rumors of my alleged cruelty waved everywhere out there, where Sunny might have even read or heard of them, and I knew that most of them were true.

Sunny thought my name was Dean Smith because I had told her that it was. But, I no longer wanted to be Dean Smith.

I wanted now to be Dean Savage with her, to her.

My family had managed to do a lot and had gotten away with a lot in the last five decades and we have become known for it, but for Sunny, I didn't want to lie and get away with it, I wanted her to know the truth, all of it.

After a year of being with her, of living in paradise, something I was not deserving of, I started becoming ashamed about lying to her. My Sunny deserved to know who she fell in love with and I was about to tell her.

I was confident that our passion, our love would survive my mistake, but deep inside, I was still somewhat worried, in fact, terrified of the way she was going to look at me afterward, I wondered if she was still going to see me as a part of her very soul. Someone who had lied to her about his identity, his life.

But I knew for certain that no matter how she reacted to my reveal, I was ready to take it, but I wasn't going to let her leave me. No matter how disgusted she may feel towards me after, I was even ready to dedicate the rest of my life to making her fall in love with me again.

I had my perfect scenario; I was going to tell her, she was going to be shocked, but not too much because maybe she h

as had her suspicions all along, and she was going to be mad at me for maybe two seconds for lying to her and then we were going to fuck for the rest of the day, week, months, until it was our next anniversary again.

But that was not what happened at all.

"Come for me, baby. Come for me again. Yes, Like this, Sunny, so fucking gorgeous when you come, creaming my fucking face." I lick my lips as I pull up from between her legs, her taste so rich on my tongue, her cream making me want to keep my face where it belongs, between those thighs and up against that swollen peach.

But I needed her conscious for the conversation we were about to have, so I put my hand behind her back and lifted her off the bed, pulling her mouth to mine, sweetening her. "Baby, we have to talk" I whispered between our kiss.

She moaned softly, her hand on my face as she devoured my mouth, still not yet calmed down from her orgasm. "Talk to me, my soul. We share everything and anything. We are one now."

My chest flipped fearfully at her words because I knew how much my Sunny valued honesty. She never lied, because she had said it would taint her soul and disrupt her peaceful spirit.

Her words.

And I loved her words. I was so amazed with her when we met; she had been this strangely beautiful woman, who wore flowers on her head and could name at least a hundred different kinds of flowers in under a minute, and was the most peaceful person I had ever known, always a smile on her face.

And I loved that most of the time spent with me, she wore flowers in her hair. Only flowers.

With her, I was free of all of those, pesky things you would normally find with any other person; a deceitful pass, shameless lies, misgivings, and betrayals

She was so beautiful and lived in a bubble of self-confidence, spirituality, and honesty.

That's why it pained me and terrified me when I had to stop our kiss and looked down at her and said, "I lied to you, baby."

She didn't react immediately to this, so I pulled on her chin to make her look at me. "Baby?"

"You can't lie when all we ever do is make love, " she said with a smile and climbed her naked body over me and kissed me, making me lose my train of thoughts. "There is nothing more honest and pure than our lovemaking."

She was right. Our pleasure was honest and constant. We had lived a year without any worries or trouble. That year with her was the first and longest time I've ever lived a peaceful life, a normal life, a happy life

I hid my guns from her, hid my past from her, left my family behind for her.

"Oh, Sunny, they could cut me and I would bleed you, baby. You fucking own me, " I whispered and forgot for a moment all about my planned confession because I was inside her suddenly, my cock pining for her as I kissed her, loved her the best way I knew how.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and bounced over me, on my hard cock, taking me deep inside of her as I held on to her and kissed her and groaned her name in pleasure over and over.

"Sunny, oh, yes..." I hissed as she rode me, feeling every inch of me drowning in her, our foreheads meeting, our eyes meeting as we moaned together. "Fuck, I'm going to come, Sunny, you know you always have me fucking there." Sweet agony ripples through me. I caught her nipple between my lips, covered her nipple-ring with my mouth as I sucked on her warm flesh like the rabid savage I was.

"Oh, dean! I'm there! There! Come with me!" She screamed, her arms wrapped tightly around my neck as she rocked against our orgasm.

I was lost in her, seeing fucking stars that weren't there, my head lost in the sea of our bliss.

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