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   Chapter 1 Withdrawal

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I can barely keep myself awake, sitting on the round table, fidgetting like I've got ants crawling up my ass, trying to breathe in my three-piece suit.

The walls seem to be closing in on me and my vision is foggy. So that's why the first second the meeting is concluded, I'm the first to stand up and start shaking hands in respectful but quick farewells.

Dustin must have noticed my unusually pale complexion, bloodshot eyes and overall irritable demeanor because after the whole board dissembles and we all start to leave, he calls out to me as I am speeding my way to the elevator.

"You alright, Dean? You look like shit, brother, " he says honestly, but with a chuckle to soften the blow. My little brother is worried, which shows in his green eyes but I can't blame him.

I run my fingers through my damp black hair, wanting nothing more than to catch my jet and leave Nevada as soon as possible.

I need it now.

I need it badly.

I can't do it anymore. Can't stay away for another second.

At the start of the week, first, I started noticing the three days that I went without it; they were not easy but bearable enough to get through and I was able to act as if my whole body wasn't starting to disagree with me.

Then I started noticing the painfully-slow hours during the next two days as I went from meetings to other work-related get-togethers then to my empty hotel room, I could start to feel in my bones every painful minute and miserable second of my day without it, my body was truly starting to rebel against my time away.

Then this morning, on my last day of the week, I didn't have to wake up, because I never even went to sleep last night.

And now, I'm just waiting to tumble. I'm a dying man, looking and soon to be a walking corpse.

"Dustin, hey, man." I clear my throat, turning to face my little brother, honestly surprised that I am still able to stand on my own since I can actually feel my body shutting down as if I'll soon die on this business trip if I don't hurry to that plane and leave for New York immediately.

For a full year now, this is the longest I've gone away without it and it is as if my heart knows this, it beats furiously in protest, pumping my blood hot in frustrating.

My brother can never understand my unique ordeal, especially since I'm ultimately a stranger to him now, haven't interacted with him for nearly a year. So that's why I choose to lie to him as I answer, "Yeah, I'm good, Dustin. I'll see you later, alright." I tap on his shoulder lightly and turn on my heels. My steps hurried as I walk away, feeling as if I'm on the verge of collapsing.

On the flight, I go through this agonizing loop; falling asleep and waking up approximately thirty times. I dream about it, about having it, about taking it, about tasting it, only to wake up with a start and get attacked by a massive headache after realizing that I am still not in New York yet.

What will happen once I get there? Will I learn that I need to stay away for longer? Will my past be enough to destroy the best thing I ever had? Will I lose my mind if I'm pushed away again like the last time? But this time rejected for good?

That, I know the answer too; yes. Most definitely, I will lose my mind. Perhaps my life. Most definitely my life, as I can't live without it.

My outer and inner muscles ache as I quiver with the need, my craving eating at me from the inside, my body irritable and severely tense. I can't even manage to breathe properly. It hurts to breathe and it hurts worst whenever I masochistically decide to humor the possibility of never having it again, of losing it for good because of my stupid life and mistakes, because of who I am.

I lost my appetite two days ago, so my stomach growls unpleasantly at every turn. The cold meat platter the flight attendant placed in from of me just made things worst.

The hours pass by as if my own life is passing by.

When I'm not sleeping, the hallucinations start again; they're a mix between memories and fantasies, and they are both my heaven and hell and they make my cock hard as a rock, leaving me with no relief as it throbs constantly due to my vivid imagination.

For the whole week now, even after making progress with my company and adding a few hundred millions to my and my partners' pockets, the first good news I've heard is when my pilot announces that we've landed in Naples, New York.

The second best news is my driver telling me that I'm home.

Feeling disoriented and half-dead, I struggle to see in the dark night, as I fumble with the keys she gave me a year ago, inviting me to live with her in her crazy, weird life. My body is lifeless, my vision is hazy and my mouth is dry, my breath is heavy as I unlock the front door.

As soon as I enter the dim-lighted house, I can immediately feel myself breathing better and easier, like my body knows I'm home and welcomes the air in me, the life back in me; it has very little to do with the fact that I am now surrounded by an indoor garden, being greeted by literally dozens of fresh plants and sweet-scented, colorful flowers in the small, one-bedroom apartment.

Taking off my jacket, I go straight to the bedroom. My heart and body eager and desperate, and hot but in the best way. "Sunny, " I call quietly, my voice is weak but loud enough to wake up the parrot in the room and the bird starts echoing me, calling for my Sunny too.

I hear the first noise of her sleepy purr as I approach the bed and rips the cover off of her, flinging it aside. I groan in powerful delight at the sight of her revealed softness, feeling the blood pumping again through my whole body as I discover her naked curves and glowing skin, waiting there for me. My stiff cock begging to be inside her, aching to the point of agony.

"My soul, " she says, groggily, stirring and moaning softly as she awakens. Then she lifts up her arms to embrace me.

I fall into her, needing her touch like the oxygen it is for me. "Oh, Sunny, never again. Everywhere I go from now on, you're coming with me. I'm not going through that ever again, " I mumble, passionately, my voice husky with need as I bury my face in her neck, inhaling her addicting scent. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that you had to make me go."

She wraps her hand around me, kissing my hair. "Never again, " she says softly as I breathe in and out onto her neck, her skin pressed flushed against my own as the usual electricity between us starts to spark, charging me up, getting my body ready for her, getting hers ready for me.

"Never again will I let myself be deprived like this. I've missed you so much, my Sunny. Never again."

"Here." She opens her legs for me, spreading her sweet, wet cunt to my view, and in a moment, of which I find too long, I quickly unbuckle my belt and let my throbbing, hard cock spring up free.

I inhale and exhale deeply in relief as I look up and stroke myself up once, thanking the Gods above for helping me survive this ordeal and letting me come home to what I need to breathe.

"Never again, " I repeat, my raspy voice rough and hard around the words as I think back to the awful week I've just had to endure without her, but my heart is so thankful as I look down at my love, my life, my everything, and I settle in between her legs, positioning myself to her heavenly entrance.

With one move, I shove myself into her warm, tight sweetness, burying myself to the very brink, where I fucking belong. Getting my first fix in what has been an agonizing week that I'm swearing here and now to only experience again when I'm in Hell.

"Never go away like this for so long, my soul. Take me, I'm yours. With you, in you, forever, " she moans underneath me, wrapping her legs around me, sheathing me, enveloping me in my drug, in what I

need, in what my body has been deprived of for days now.

"Oh, God, Sunny!" I grab her hair, making her arch her back and press her breasts against my hot, beating chest as I thrust up hard into her tight channel, the searing pleasure invading my whole being, causing me to nearly weep with the engulfing jolts of pure ecstasy in my blood at her smell, her taste.

"Oh, Sunny. Fucking never again." My body, knowing what it needs and acting on autopilot, taking what it needs, vibrating. My bones, my blood spark as I take her face between my hands and seal her sweet mouth to mine. "Baby, I need you so much, " I lament as I kiss her, moaning in her pleasure and mine combined as we make love.

Now I'm home, inside of her. She's in my blood, streaming through every inch of me, fixing me, making me feel good.

Now I'm home.

I've got her.

My Sunny has developed this quirky and sexy habit of eating her breakfast on my cock every morning and that's exactly what I find her doing after I open my eyes to the bright morning in our bedroom.

As always, the morning sun reflects brightly through the long, white, flowing curtains as the soft wind from the open glass door and windows blows freely away at the plants and flowers that surround us, and Kuku the parrot flaps about inside his cage as he tries to keep up despite the wind.

Summer in New York is incomparable with Sunny. It's everything I will ever need, all bottled in a soft and petite body, with a sensational mouth who can't stop sucking my cock.

This has been my life for a year now. This has been my paradise. All after meeting one girl. A weird, eccentric girl who calls me her soul. And whom I call, my everything.

In the span of just one year, I went from being the designated head of my family's criminal organization to just a guy who only has one purpose now: loving Sunny. Loving her till death do us fucking part.

"Morning, baby. Enjoying breakfast?" I rasp to her, a smile on my face as I moan, looking down at her. I cross my arms behind my head, leaning against the headboard as I watch her kneeling on the bed in between my legs, drizzling syrup down my hard length and spraying whip cream over the tip before going down and sticking out her pretty, pierced tongue to lick it up slowly and leisurely.

My girl likes to eat food off my cock, she always ends up sucking it after she's licked all the food off, at her own pace. This is blatantly for her own enjoyment and she sometimes spends hours playing my cock. It makes her so wet and happy when she has my cock in her mouth, so she goes out of her way, all the time to suck me.

It makes me absolutely euphoric; I'm done for every time she puts her mouth on me and she knows it, she has no mercy. She just takes and gives, takes and gives, leaving me shattered and panting after her, obsessing over her.

My Sunny is cruel with her lust, dangerous with her desire. I'm so fucking in love with her, my heart hurts with it, struggles to bear all of it.

"Breakfast is ten times better when it's served on your magnificent cock, " she rasps with a smile on her gorgeous face, licking her pierced, pink, bottom lip as she slides her hand down my cock, stroking the sticky liquid up and down my throbbing length. Then I watch as she slips her other hand down her body to find her clit.

"You're so beautiful, Sunny." I groan as she crouches back down and thrusts my hard cock into her mouth for a deep taste, closing her amber eyes as she pleasures herself while she sucks me.

Fuck, she drives me fucking crazy with her bold drive and fierce passion, with her need to have me, anywhere, any way she can. A need for me that's just as ferocious as mine is for her, and we feed on each other, breathe and drink from our mutual desire and lust.

"Oh, sweetheart, yes, that fucking mouth. I want to get fucking buried with it!" I moan as I watch her feed on my large cock, her pink mouth covering it as she pushes it back, so far down her throat and then out again, drooling syrup, saliva and my thick, hot come, down her chin as I convulse.

Her blonde hair is all over her face, all over my thighs, damp in the gooey substance. "Oh, Sunny, baby! Fuck!" I suck in a harsh breath as she pushes me back down her throat again, making me come once again like the beautiful, merciless sex-Goddess I know she is.

My Sunny can deep-throat my fucking cock like she's never heard of a gag reflex, so deep, so hard that I can always see the outline of my cock on her neck as it sinks down her tight throat.

"Fuck, yeah, Sunny. Fuck, yes!" Kuku, the parrot exclaims, making me chuckle as my cock twitches inside Sunny's hot mouth.

The bird has only learned these type of phrases because Sunny and I never stop fucking in the bedroom, so that's all he ever hears, all the time; either me or Sunny always on the brink of orgasms.

Sunny chuckles too, opening her eyes and pulling herself up with a smile.

"You're so fucking beautiful, " I mutter, my raspy voice full of the passion, lust, and love I have for her.

"So fucking beautiful, " I repeat, wrapped and lost in her beauty. I tug and twist the nipple-ring on her gorgeous tit, as she licks her mouth, swiping away my come with that sweet, pierced tongue.

"You make me beautiful. We're beautiful together. Two souls as one. Complimenting each other. Connecting as one. Always, " she says in that warm voice of hers that seems to sing to me, as she climbs on over my thighs then slips herself down onto my waiting cock that now drips in both come and syrup.

Stick a fork in me. She's wet and tight and addicting every damn time, and this feeling of want, of hunger for her, never seems to fade.

"Fuck, Sunny, you know I'm gonna have to dig deep in there with my tongue to get all that syrup that's going to be inside that already-sweet pussy, " I grunt as I grab her hips, holding on to her as she rides me, rocking back and forth on my sticky dick.

I bite my lip hard, holding in my scream as I feel both of her clit-rings grazing all over, up and down my engorged cock as she bounces on me, her hands feeling up and squeezing her tits as she moans my name.

"Yes, my soul. So deep!" She moans, throwing back her head as she jumps her body up and down, thrashing crazily over me, grabbing her breasts, her crazy, long, thin braids flying all over us.

"Sunny, fuck yeah, baby! Fuck me! Yes!" I grab her chin, bringing her mouth to mine, planting a kiss upon her sticky and sweet lips, biting and tugging her lip-ring with my teeth. "You're so fucking hot, so sexy. This tight pussy will end me! You know it will!"

"End me! End me!" She yells as I feel her tightening further around me into a powerful orgasm. "End us!" She screams, before coming apart and falling onto me, burying me under her pleasure, bathing me in her sweet, hot cream.

My mouth waters to taste that cream and I know that my head will be buried between her legs until I'm satisfied. And I'm never satisfied when it comes to my Sunny. I can never get enough.

My head throbs painfully as I recall the painful week without her. I curse whatever that hellish reason was that prompted me to ever leave her side, and even as my cock drowns in her, sipping on her sweetness, even as I feel her breath against my neck, her breasts pressed against my chest as she comes down from her orgasm, I still feel she's not close enough. So, I kiss her forehead and whisper, "You're mine. I'll never be without you." I smooth the back of her neck with my fingers and stroke her long hair, pulling her into me as I inwardly swear to myself that I will never leave her again for anything, never let her out of my sight.

I want her safe with me, always with me. I'll never go again through that of last week, through that awful withdrawal.

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