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   Chapter 51 APPENDIX On The Twin Sister Elves Of French's Forest Lady Faye & Solana Lytebird

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[The following is excerpted from The Legend of the Silverskin: Lost History of French's Forest, Dylan Raine, 1777, Applewood Press, New London.]

Lady Faye—or the Silverskin of urban legend, as Her ghost would later come to be known—was of the formerly bustling wood region near Miramar called Sundowner's Timberland. She used to rule the northern territory of what is now French's Forest on the modern map.

Her long black hair, horns, silver skin—and green eyes—instilled fear in man and animal alike from all over.

Locals claimed She commanded the region with ten terrible claws of terror—a blue firesword that She called Ierre—and a bloodshield that She hailed as Hete.

According to testimony, Her skin could kill a vampire under extended contact. She would seduce them into Her embrace—and watch life bleed from them.

Many reported seeing Her with a giant snake—an anaconda called Draca—which would fly alongside Her between the trees—through the air as easy as water.

In other reports, Lady Faye had a twin sister, Solana who was also Her nemesis. Lady Sol Litebyrd was a benevolent guardian of the southern regions of French's Forest—who allowed all to live freely in peace under her watch.

Quite unlike Faye―Solana was bound to honesty, truth, peace and justice for all. Faye always envied Her sister's spotless spirit, but could not admit it.

The two of them often fought over Forest territory—for the wood was a major font of power and energy. It was a central nexus of ley lines in the east—and Sol felt all denizens of the wood deserved to live in peace, forever unafraid of Faye.

Now, as the legend went—their comparatively tempered rivalry intensified into a feud one year—over a human, of all things—named Evan French. Evan was a solitary human settler, a stranger new to those parts, who always kept to himself.

He could often be spotted ranging the woods with a cautious curiosity—always simmering under a calm confidence, as if he knew the place in his bones. He seemed younger than he appeared, as if a boy in a man's body.

He seemed almost detached from that plane―and it was his most peculiarly otherworldly aura that attracted Solana to him one day, when she came upon him, as he was penning in his journal. She watched him with an intense curiosity.

From a distance, through his energy alone, she knew instantly that he was unlike any other mortal man that she had ever known. She found herself rattled.

So she began to make little overtures at him―but Faye soon found out―and in Her jealousy, She began to pursue Evan herself. It was a triangle.

The sister elves soon after learned that Evan was from the farflung future—having been stranded there a millenium before his time, through a temporal wormhole of his own divining—via a mural that he had painted on his bedroom wall.

Luckily, being a savant sorcerer, he could tap into woodland energies in any Age—but in that distant past, his powers were even stronger, for it was a time when Forest forces were at their apex. It was an Age when the Earth was alive.

He was able

however, shake Solana's dying face from his eyes—and when Faye moved to embrace him, he swiftly drew Túscas and skewered Her.

She fell to her knees—having been taken completely by surprise—and he stepped back to watch Her die—crest-fallen, yet satisfied. Solana was avenged.

Faye clutched at Túscas helplessly, as Her soul bled free. With one foot lifted up, Evan grimly shoved Her off of the cliff. He knew he would never truly love again.

Faye's essence then went where all silver elves go crossing over—to the night, to the wind—to whistle along hollowly—damned to an etneral abyss of all agony.

Henceforward, locals from North and South started to call their hamlet French's Forest—in honor of the man from the future who came back to rid them of Faye.

But little did they know that hundreds of years later, Faye's spirit would return to haunt those woods. She would be reborn by a form of possession.

Plus, Her new terror would far surpass Her old—for Solana could no longer interfere as she had before. Sol had gotten used to such peace in Heaven.

So Faye's bloodthirsty spirit was free to stalk on—forever seeking the body of a girl to possess, so She could walk the woods again in flesh and find a new Evan.

Meanwhile, the real Evan went on to die a solitary old man in that distant age—never truly knowing companionship. Yet, he found a peace within himself at last.

He lived out his life in a distant, foreign land, with little to love and less to linger on. But he kept his wits about him with his books and his pen and thoughts.

Then at last, on the day he died, so peacefully in his sleep, his ghost rose up and carried on—often appearing to folk as the jaguar that he had once so long ago painted on his bedroom wall as a boy.

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