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   Chapter 50 Epilogue Just Pretend It Was All A Dream

The Silverskin By Rian Torr Characters: 6890

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When they pulled into the city—they decided to stay the night—and head back to Old York in the morning—so they rented a room and tried to relax. It was so quiet.

Seven was still nervous about Eva falling asleep first—since Faye had haunted him in New London before—but he sensed a Silverskin too spent to project Herself all the way into town tonight.

Long after they were settled in bed, however, Eva found that she could not shut down for even a spell. Seven had almost drifted off, when she sat upright in bed, letting her restlessness be known.

"I can't sleep—and I had an idea—"

"What ...?" he said rubbing his eyes.

"Do you remember your promise?"

"No …? Why … …? What promise?"

"You said we would go skating ..."

"Oh ... That promise … Eva … ...""Well …? Are you still scared … …?"

"Of Faye …? No … No not at all.""Do you think the rink is still open?""Eva—are you serious? Really …?""Yes—I am deadly serious Seven."

"You mean, right now? Tonight …?"

"Yes, silly … Tonight. Please … ..."

"Well … The rink is usually open until eleven o'clock, if memory serves … but I don't really know why you want to—"

"Really? Do you want to go ...?!?!"

"But aren't you worn out, babe ...?"

"I just want to finish the night off right, like it started, babe … My grandma always said, always exit where you enter."

"I don't know. It might be a bad idea. We might want to just play it safe for tonight and see about skating later."

"Come on, jerk ... You remember how to skate, right? You can sense Faye is gone, right? We're safe now right?"

"Yes, of course, we are safe, Eva. And yes, I remember how to skate, I just don't think that it is entirely wise to just—"

"What are you scared of then? You big coward … Come one, do this for me. I can't sleep. This will help me doze off."

It felt like this was the normal Eva returning to him now—and he found it hard to turn her down. He loved her so.

"As long as we never go back to those woods, " he said. "I'll go with you anywhere in

hooting star suddenly speared the night sky. They came together—clasping hands—gawking up at the sublimity of the heavenly star-lit canopy.

They magnetically drew together in a passionate kiss, caressing lips, touching hearts, entwining spirits before the witness of the world to see—even Faye.

Steadying each other―they said nothing, crushing on the moment―both sensing deep down that none of it would ever last as long as it seemed to promise.

"Do you swear on your life that we never go back? We never again return to French's Forest or anywhere near there?"

"Never again ... It's just You and I now. You and I in the universe … And not a star will come between us, so help me."

Another shooting sun stabbed across the glittering dome of night—lighting up the heavens all at once, in a stellar wink.

They spun together as one—gradually slowing to a light twirl—as the world around them so did speed up again.

For a brief respite from eternity, they had each other—and as their eyes locked on one another—they swooned.

They came to be standing still now themselves, in a speechless embrace, as the other skaters circled around them.

Oblivious to all else going on around them, they kissed as if for the first time. Their trembling lips danced deep into the night―as if it were their last chance on earth to be in love—before the big sleep.

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