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   Chapter 47 Once Commanded In Dreams

The Silverskin By Rian Torr Characters: 5343

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The mossy isle rock swept up along their left, as the cliff face fell away on their right—leaving only open space―and the river far below. They were out on edge.

It was said one could come out there to find true clarity—under the wizened old limbs of the ancient Blacktree. There was insight in those crooked arms.

He had even been up in those branches many a time―as it was purported that the most potent energies of French's Forest concentrated up there.

But countless careless climbers had also lost their lives that way—for when suddenly caught in a flash of inclement weather—the tree became a perilous perch, where anyone might lose their hold.

They heard a hissing just then―and looking up, they saw Draca coiling in the tree's limbs―arching out over Evyl Falls—sinisterly eyeing them up and down now.

Draca's sockets were soulless—with no trace of mercy or compassion―as he smelled them with his flicking tongue—seeking their blood. He lusted for death.

Eva fainted on cue now at the sight.

It was too much for her conscious mind—to see something so fearsome up close—that she had once herself commanded in dreams. It crossed wires.

But Seven caught her before she fell off the ledge. He draped her over his shoulder―closing his eyes―and he prayed for help as they jumped out over edge.

He had made the leap a hundred times before, but never with such fragile cargo. Adrenaline racing—he took two steps back—then jumped large and wide.

He tried to err on the far side, where there were fewer rocks to break their fall—but risks remained. Even the slightest m

rtly came to her side. He swam her to the far shore.

She kept slipping in and out of consciousness in his arms—and he felt something brush his leg, just before reaching the shallows―where he climbed upon the mossy bank—pulling her free.

She choked and gasped as he helped her roll onto her side―while falls raged all around them—the Forest fauna cried—and lightning stitched across the horizon. It was a ghastly scene to see.

So Eva's volatile state of mind moved in and out of clarity—while Draca snaked back and forth beneath the swirling currents by the bank, unable to break surface, being this far off the Forest.

Similarly, Faye's green eyes formed in the storm-clouds above—for She was unable to materialize more fully, in Her true form, at this distance from the woods. Seven and Eva were so close now.

'No one escapes French's Forest, Seven ... How far will you run? How long will you go, before you admit to yourself, that you belong to Me ...?' the Silverskin screamed—but Eva was up on her knees now—and Faye vanished from the skies.

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