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   Chapter 44 To The Watershed At Witchling Isle

The Silverskin By Rian Torr Characters: 8071

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Seven tried driving up the bank, but the ground was soft—so they only dug in deeper. He attempted to punch the metal, but the hole was deep, so they just stuck.

He got out—circled the truck―pulled Eva free―who was passed out again—hoisted her over his shoulder―and marched off by long strides into the wood.

He knew these trees like some of his best friends—and where to cut short for the river. He would get them to where they needed to go one way or the other.

He figured the Payne was their best bet for escape, since Faye's senses could not penetrate it. She could turn river to silver on far off worlds, but not this one.

They would float downstream with the flotsam―all the way out to Evyl Falls—where they would jump. They would leap to their freedom to become finally uplifted.

They would stand at the ledge that jutted out over the jagged taluses below―and plunge into the frothy pool, cleansing themselves of French's Forest.

Then they would follow the river down as far as Raven's Way and Highway 9 to where freedom began. With any luck it would be an uneventful end to it all.

They did not make it a hundred yards, however, before hearing branches breaking abreast of them. It was clear that they were still in the sights of Faye.

Seven stopped in his tracks, under a heavy cloud of dread. Looking back—he spotted a harmless-looking fawn in the brush―and sighed in a steep, sharp relief.

Recollecting his presence of mind then―he smirked at himself for getting so worked up so easily. He needed to just relax so that they could cooly carry on.

But looking once more—he noticed now that the fawn was covered in blood―standing awkwardly on broken legs. It was the fawn he had struck.

"What the Hell? By God, Jesus ..."

They started on a little ways, then looked back to see that it had followed them, closing in another dozen yards now.

He pressed on further yet, summoning all of the stamina left—and glancing back―he saw fawn closer still.

'Lucky ... Lucky … Lucky … … …'

It then suddenly healed its wounds from when it was struck—and morphed into a Satyr that was half-Faye—half-fawn—a demonic Hellfawn if there ever was one. She embodied everything evilly vile.

She cackled maniacally, with black antlers sprouting from her temples, as electric lightning crashed all around Her.

Then two bolts struck Her antlers simultaneously, channeling down

f fleeing French's Forest all by herself.

Seven struggled until his life was nearly petered out—when finally his other side kicked in―and out of desperation, unsure of the outcome, he bit into Draca's tail—sucking the blood of the snake—draining the power from serpent into him.

The strain was a potent mix—and Seven's body became imbued with an unearthly strength. His fangs grew long and claws sharp. He felt a constant corkscrew of power spiralling up his spine, making him feel above all animalian pain.

He closed his eyes―and with only a fistful of breath left—broke Draca's hold, forcing the snake to release. Seven's muscle surged in a sinewy frame, veins pulsing as thick as ropes, tendons taut with tension as he flexed for his freedom.

Draca twisted around in the murky depths to strike again—but just as he started darting in, Eva dove down from above—grabbing Seven under the arms and pulling him up. She did not see the snake in murky depths—and he disappeared moment she came to rescue.

So they resurfaced together and embraced—and the Payne carried them on the rest of the way, like Mother Nature's main artery to freedom—twisting through the Forest to the outer limits, where the river roared toward the fabled Evyl Falls.

Eva closed her eyes, shivering uncontrollably—with Seven hugging her close—both of them so silent—so afraid.

"Don't worry, we're nearly there, " he eventually said—humming in her ear to keep her calm. "I love you so much ..."

They were almost upon Witchling Isle, almost at the end of their journey—and the feeling of relief was so palpable.

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