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   Chapter 42 No Good Neuron Brings It Back

The Silverskin By Rian Torr Characters: 3275

Updated: 2018-03-07 15:18

Half way through his sleep, young Seven awoke to see a vampire bat hanging outside of his bedroom window.

He heard howling—and a lot of people chanting. A shiver rode through him like a branch twisting through eddies.

Quick as a ghost, he covered his face with his sheet, trembling in a primal fright—unsure of what to do now next.

Minutes later, he found his courage to look again—and decided to rip the sheet aside to see. It was a bold, brave move.

The bat was gone—so he slipped from under his covers―and crawled across the room to the window. This was crazy.

Standing on his tiptoes, he peeked out to catch scores of pale-faced folk skating around an ice rink encircled by torches. Drum beats bled out of the dark.

He spotted his brother and family in the mix. It was his first real clue that his dear kin were not at all human. He had always suspected they were monsters.

Not long after that dream, Marietta took him aside one day—where she explaine

, like shit ...""Maybe you hit your head, hold on."

She recalled that a revelation had just been upon her, but no good neuron would bring it back. It was about Faye.

"Please don't stop, " she said, squeezing his knee. "Don't you dare stop for anything … I mean that now Seven."

"Wasn't planning on it. Hold on."

Their hands clasped, fingers linking.

"Everything will be fine, I promise, Eva ... I'm so sorry I put you through all of this. We will make it out alive I swear."

A heavy silence now fell over them.

Finally, Eva said: "No more lies?""Never. Just keep your eyes open."

They carried on at a reckless clip ...

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