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   Chapter 24 Lights Dancing In Darkling Eyes

The Silverskin By Rian Torr Characters: 2186

Updated: 2018-03-07 15:18

He paced around the alcove for a awhile―adrift in a modest contemplation of the nature of spacetime.

Sparking up a smoke, lights danced in his darkling eyes―and between ember-blossom clouds of thought, he shuffled about the old bear-skin in figure eights.

He had danced upon this bear too many a night to remember them all—for Marietta had told him it warded off evil—and so he had taken to it with earnest.

He sighed―burdened by a festering guilt—over whether he should have erased Eva's memory at all—or whether he was just a coward for using his power over her.

But he feared her reaction to finding out about Faye—even more than he feared h

h her the best―and go on with the rest of it alone. It would truly tear him down.

But the truth aired mattered more now than ever before, more than all of it.

After keeping Her inside for so long―he cared little for the consequences—so long as he no longer carried the care.

It occurred to him then that maybe Faye was right. Maybe he had brought Eva home on purpose―in order that she would discover Faye—forcing his hand.

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