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   Chapter 22 Safe Under His Fox-Skin

The Silverskin By Rian Torr Characters: 2105

Updated: 2018-03-07 15:18

Eva drifted off to sleep first―her demons having been temporarily exorcised by the sex―leaving Seven to be the one to lay full of worry in bed so wide awake.

Looking up through the skylight at the starry night's firmament, where the dog star Sirius was now slipping by―he started to relax—when suddenly, a shrill wail rang out through the night—piercing his eardrums in waves of sonic arrows.

The skylight shone in a blue glow.

He heard a heartbeat quicken in his head―and he felt hot breath go dancing across one cheek. He knew She was here.

'Lu-cky ... … … L-u-u-u-cky … !!!'

He bolted upright in bed—brow suddenl

ll be found lurking about those woods—singing: 'Lucky … L-u-u-u-cky … L-u-u-u-cky …'

It turned his stomach to admit to himself that he liked the attention—but in his deepest honesty, he really truly did. It was a sharp pill to swallow poison as true.

Yet it was even clearer to him now that—if they survived this visit at all―he could never go back there—ever again—for as long as he lived—unto all eternity.

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