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   Chapter 21 Pall Over The World

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Eva splashed water on her face—and when she then looked down into her hands, she saw molten silver pouring out of faucet. It ran off her palms all shiny.

She gasped—twisting the tap off.

Looking in the mirror, she was afraid of what she might see. She froze. She could not believe her own eyes—for her very reflection was missing from sight.

She waved her hands back and forth, but she could not see herself. She covered her eyes with her hands—suddenly afraid to dare to look again.

A soft rap at the door forced her to peek—and in the mirror, she now saw French's Forest from high above. The vast expanse of that mystical wooded crown stretched on for miles in all directions.

She found herself gliding through the air over the treetops—with her arms outstretched, soaring on the slinky strands of a cool current of air. Somehow, she felt at home up here, as if it were so natural.

Somewhere, in the back of her mind, she remembered this in a dream.

But then, the terror of flying so high finally unnerved her—as she began to feel uncomfortable in her own skin. She looked down and saw that she was naked, and her skin oozed over in a molten silver.

She cried out, when then suddenly there came a rap on the bathroom door, breaking her from her trance, snapping her back into reality. She fell against the sink, holding herself up, catching breath.

"Eva!? Are you okay?" Olin voiced a quiet concern from just outside the door.

"Going to be long?" he so inquired.

"Sorry—it's a girl thing, " she fibbed.

Olin did not respond, but she could still hear him shuffling about at the door—and then the handle began rattling around, as if he were trying to break in.

"What are you doing?" she hissed.

She looked in the mirror to see the view of soaring down over the treetops, then swooping up high toward Miramar.

He gave no response, but continued rattling the handle—as his breathing grew troubled. He grunted and growled angrily.

In the mirror she swept up to the highest precipice of the mountain—then spiraled down around the far side—until settling into an air-stream over the Payne.

Meanwhile, back in the guest bedroom, Seven had fallen back to sleep—so he did not hear Olin in the hallway.

Instead, he dreamt about what he and Eva might have done that weekend instead of coming to French's Forest.

He fancied they had hopped a plane to a tropical island paradise—far from haunted woods—far from any monster.

In his slumber, he stirred, murmuring in delight, as they sipped drinks on a quiet beach under the stars.

Life was never what he had imagined as a child, however, he also knew every oasis held its own problems.

But at least for those precious minutes that he drifted away on that isle of heaven, he and Eva could begin again.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Eva continued to stare into the mirror, transfixed by river as it passed under her, where she could see her silver reflection.

She once again became completely emersed in the vision, swooping down to get a closer look at herself—but the water came up faster than she had anticipated.

She could not pull out of the dive, instead skipping across the surface, before plunging under—and as she sank down, she snapped back out of that astral plan

sides, slightly rousing him. Seven then swiftly awoke as his arousal mounted—and since his guard was down due to being fresh from sleep—he rolled on top of her, engorged with lust—kissing her now hard.

Snaking his tongue down the nape of her neck―stoking her into rapture―Eva arched her back, passionately gasping.

He felt the powers of the Forest surging in him―and the urge to bite her neck rose to his lips―but he resisted.

Their crushing energies unsettled the wood itself. For miles around Bane House their magnetic attraction disturbed every leaf and branch, animal and man.

Kinetic rings of emotion rippled out from their climactic union, spreading across French's Forest―turning every pointed ear back toward their origin point.

Every dark creature of night was now aware of their presence—and Seven knew Faye's fury and rage would surely soon now cast terrible pall over the world.

Meanwhile, Aly and Olin still struggled to free themselves from their bonds in the woods. They held hands.

They had learned Faye could not hold sway over them so long as their love was strong, so they focused on the other.

They looked into each other's eyes and actually remembered their early romances, rekindling their truest passions.

This was enough to rattle Faye's concentration long as it took to get out of their ropes and break loose of the torches.

They ran across the field in the direction of Bane House to help Seven and Eva escape the clutches of terrible Faye.

Back at Bane House then, Olin's doppleganger counterpart, being played by the Silverskin, vanished into thin air.

Olin would not let this wood witch get away with what She was doing. He urged Aly onward so that they ran faster.

Every second counted, but when the time came, he would make the right moves to atone his name and win the day.

Aly, also, right by his side, had realigned with him, sensing his renewed moral compass and new passion for her.

Somehow, through their tribulation, they had come closer together, and remembered what it was to be grateful.

As they ran they both ruminated separately and together on how it often took a trainwreck to make new tracks.

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