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   Chapter 20 Under Stars After Hours

The Silverskin By Rian Torr Characters: 5507

Updated: 2018-03-07 15:18

Seven could not find his keys—but Godwin shortly opened up, as he had been watching everything from the window.

They felt better already—just being inside. It was the longest night ever.

"You've been gone all day—how was it? Did you have a peaceful time now?"

"We had a picnic, " Eva found herself saying. She felt foggy about the events.

Godwin shrugged—carrying on with coat duty. He was glad they were okay.

To their surprise, Olin was already there—coming up to greet them with a big wide grin splitting his face from ear to ear.

Seven took him off to side. "What happened? What did you do to Her?"

"Fill you in later, " Olin said—unusually nonchalant. "No need to worry Marietta about it all now. We can relax."

"But is Aly okay? Did Faye get away? I wiped Eva's memories of it all."

"Aly is fine. We saved each other tonight, brother, " he said—patting Seven on the back—winking at him. "Relax."

"You should have brought her back here too. It's not safe for her at home."

Olin shrugged. "She's the one who dons the impenetrable scales, brother. Anyway—I'm going back there tonight to make sure everything is quiet and good."

They all ate cold leftovers together.

Marietta kept prodding Seven to find out if there was any trouble while they were out on their excursion, for knew enough about Faye to fear the worst, but Seven just kept his head down—promising to call once they were back in Old York.

Eva just kept echoing: "Nice picnic."

"You should visit sometime, Olin, " Seven said at one point—trying to change the subject. "Getting away from the Forest for awhile does you some go

to pull some of her old moves. But Seven turned away, immediately thinking of Faye—not wanting to put them in jeopardy by once more sparking Her ire.

This surpassed Eva's threshold into frustration, however, for she was already feeling like he was sending mixed signals. She frowned and sulked at his rebuff.

The day had seemed to hit a downward tone immediately after the picnic—although she could not recall what she had done to deserve this treatment.

In fact, she could not recall much of anything that had even happened before or after the picnic, her memory shrouded in an impenetrable darkness, leaving her with this nagging feeling of uneasiness.

She tried once more—but Seven refused again―so she slipped out of bed in frustration—stepping carefully out through the darkness into the hall. She needed that physical contact to feel truly loved.

"Eva …? Where are you going?"

She did not answer—and the next thing he heard was the bathroom door shut—and then the fan come on. He sat half-up on his elbows staring at the glow in the hall. His heart sank to have hurt.

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