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   Chapter 9 When Death Blows In

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Once they were out of earshot, Eva squeezed Seven's hand hard—sharply inhaling. She sensed something wrong.

"Okay, now tell me about this Faye ..." She knew She was in on it.

"Please don't worry about it. She really is nobody. I'll tell you everything in the morning—okay …?" Seven pleaded.

"But who is She? I mean―is She your ex? I've heard you say Her name before ... in your sleep." She had indeed. "Let's drop it?" he said, starting to tense up. He knew this way led trouble.

"Okay―sh-eee-eee-ssh, " she grumbled. "I don't really care if you loved someone else once, Seven—I know how much you love me now." She bowed off.

"More than anything else in the world babe. I love you beyond the stars. Nobody will ever match your light to me."

When they reached the first landing, she swung him about to face her. "Please … Please … Please ... Piggy-back me?" she pleaded, pouting. She won him over.

He let her jump up on his back.

They climbed up the last of the steps together, adrift in the bliss all fawns in love enjoy. Theirs was one to envy surely. They rolled onto the guest bed, legs under a heavy-knit duvet―chests bare between cool covers, as their limbs entangled and lips crushed. They fawned.

"They are all so crazy ..." she whispered in his ear. "Yet somehow, they treat you like they think that you are the odd one out, " she mused. She murmured.

"Hm. You noticed …" he calculated.

"Difference with me is, " she purred. "I know you are, " she said, pinching him.

"Hey!" he said—gently slapping her hand away. He knew she only kidded.

He was never as happy before―as he was right now. It was remarkable.

"You are so beautiful, " he said. "I could kiss you f

"Probably. I don't know about his dating life. I don't ask him―to tell you the truth ... The truth is I'd rather not know."

"Aw ... Well then he sounds really screwed up—but he is your brother—so it must be hard. I can't imagine how hard."

"He is the only brother I've got."

She giggled. "Well keep your inner Olin under wraps tonight―or I won't sleep a wink, " she purred, now changing gears.

"Not tonight, babe." He grinned.

"What? Why?" She pouted sadly.

"Not here ..." He felt too naked.

"You're just scared of getting caught, aren't you? You don't want your family hearing us. That is it isn't it?"

"That is not it." He plainly lied.

He could not bring himself to explain to her that they were in fact in direct danger just being there in French's Forest at all―and that by making love―with their pheromones wafting aloft―they would be making their presence well known to Faye.

So he turned a cold shoulder on Eva—and she thought that she had said something wrong. But by the next morning he was acting normal once more—so she carried on assuming he had just been tired. Little did she know the truth.

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