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   Chapter 8 She’s Really Out There

The Silverskin By Rian Torr Characters: 6799

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Marietta floated back into the room while the tea steeped—for she lived life for the idle chat and could not ever miss out.

Eva fidgeted fingers compulsively in her lap, freshly discomforted by Seven's abrupt abandonment of her on the couch.

Just then, Olin sauntered into the room. Seven's older brother stood grim.

"Well, well, well ... What have we here?" Olin shook his head in hot dismay.

"Relax, Olin, " Godwin growled lowly. "This is Seven's Eva." His eyes pierced.

Olin's eyes seemed to brim in blood—deftly netting Eva's gaze. He glared.

Eva stood up right away to greet him. But she hesitated at his bad energy.

One part of him drew her in, the other sent her reeling. Power beheld her.

He took her hand in his―promptly licking its full back length—and then smiling suggestively. It was digusting.

She pulled away in dischord―but remained entangled by his piercing red eyes that seemed to swirl. She swooned.

When he smiled―clustered fangs beamed in a dazzling brilliance—enough to blind one in a blink. His magic was dark.

"Enough!" Seven barked. He raged.

Olin's mesmerism was stronger than Seven could remember seeing in him before. But he was not one to let up.

"ENOUGH!" Seven roared—his vampire instincts kicking in—instantly at Olin's side—claws drawn. He would kill.

Olin blinked―Eva fainted―and Seven dove down to catch her, easing her onto the couch—protectively shielding her from further subtle mind manipulations.

"Easy now bro, " he growled back at Olin. "This is not some fawn for your entertainment—do you surelyunderstand?"

"Apologies, brother, " Olin said. "Her mind is highly unstable. I did not expect her to be so easily swayed. Please ..."

"Just go soft on her tonight—okay?"

"I was just trying to play with her."

Seven brushed Eva's cheek. "This one is mine." He would not stand for this.

Olin backed off―grinning at himself for being such a mischievous trouble-maker—not at all embarrassed by it all.

He had not meant to ta

I had better pass on tea after all and get some rest―or we will both be moody in the morning." He knew when to bow out.

"Booo!" Marietta cried from the kitchen—just now returning with a gilded tray of cups and saucers. "I was just starting to like having a few human beings around for a change. Now you leave me with the snakes." She winced in pain.

"Well if you did not interrogate the poor child, " Godwin began―but he quickly finished: "Sleep tight kids―and keep those shutters closed ... The wind has been especially wild these past few nights."

"I'm sorry, we don't mean to be rude ..." Eva said. "I am just absolutely exhausted. I promise I'll be much more chatty tomorrow—after I've done rested."

"Not at all, dear, " Godwin said, dismissing her apology with a wave. "But I do expect a formal challenge to chess after breakfast—if you ever do so dare."

"Deal, " Eva agreed—winking near.

Godwin took another shot―flipped a page on his magazine—and melded back into shadows of the bar grinning blackly.

Seven and Eva got up to leave be.

"My bedroom's at the other end of the hall, " Olin called out after them. "In case you get bored with my little brother!"

"Go to Hell!" Seven called back now.

"Never left, " Olin then dryly replied.

At the very least where they never disagreed was when a woman came first.

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