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"Mora come talk to me." Nobi stated walking in her room.

"Okay." Zamora quietly said following her until they got to the kitchen.

"I want you to know I believe in you, I always will. Even if I don't agree with you or feel as if you rushing everything, I'll always believe you're going to succeed."

"Thank you Queen."

"What you cooking?" Zeph walked in the kitchen.

"Making some hot wings."

"You good?" Zeph asked Mora.


"I was just telling her how I believe in her and I support her through everything even if I think she making a mistake."

"Oh aight." He nodded walking out the kitchen.

Nobi looked at Zeph as he walked away with aggravation, he was really starting to piss her the fuck off.

"You can stop trying ma, he made it clear enough. I'm just hurting my own feelings by prolonging his approval."

"First of all, stop crying. Yeah that shit hurt not having a parent there for you but that shit gon hurt even more when you let those words cause you to fail."

"It's hard not letting them get to me."

"You absolutely right, my sperm donor used to beat my ass, tell me I wasn't gonna be shit unless I'm sucking some dick or fighting and I used to prove him right so much. My juvenile record longer than both of ya arms but I overcame that shit so you could do the same."

"It's annoying though, I feel like nobody supports me but Denizen, Zamiel and Zahur. They do everything for me or talk to me like no one else does."

"Like I said you'll always have my support. You wanna drop out and get ya GED? Fine, I'll pay for it. You wanna start ya tattoo shop up? I'll be an investor. You can get shit done but feeling bad for yaself ain't gonna do shit."

"You're right." Mora nodded taking the napkin Nobi was handing out.

"I just need you to sit down with ya sisters now and-"

"I'll sit down with them and listen to what they have to say but I'm not talking to them."


"I don't have friends, I have siblings and cousins. The reason I don't have friends is because I can't trust them because they'll spread my business and that's exactly what they did." Mora looked at her. "I was also wrong for giving into them, I'm not tryna play a victim or anything but I just don't want to talk them."

"As you shouldn't." Meil stated walking in the kitchen.

"Zamiel." Nobi rolled her eyes.

"If Sin did this would you be down to talk? If Lee told all ya business would you be down for forgiveness?"

"Alright." Nobi looked blankly not even about to lie. "Y'all still gon talk this shit out."

"Imma be there." Zamiel crossed his arms.

"Me too." Zeus said. "I missed them getting whooped yesterday."

"I recorded some of it." Zamiel laughed handing him his phone.

"Y'all so childish." Nobi chuckled.

"Where's father?" Zamiel asked.

"Don't start with him, not today."

"What's today?" Zahur asked walking in.

"It don't have to be a reason, father is always mad." Zamiel laughed.

"I have to see Denizen later, is that okay?" Zamora asked.

"After we all talk then sure." Nobi shrugged.

"You know what I find funny? Every time I fight I get in trouble for it but because she going through shit she not? This is outrageous."

"You're grimy." Zamora laughed.

"I want justice or there won't be peace, straight like that." Zamiel looked at his mother.

"Zamora not in trouble nor is Relly or Rara, well at least not yet."

"Plus Honey can't come here." Zamora rolled her eyes.

"Mitch still don't like Honey?" Zahur laughed.

"For no reason."

"Zeus go get ya siblings, except Zaccai, Zane and Zephaniah. Tell them to meet me in the gym, let me know who got some smart shit to say."

"Bet." He said taking his cereal with him since he didn't trust Meil around his food.

"Meet me in the gym while I get your father."

Zamiel, Zahur, Zalmir and Zamora walked down the stairs to the gym sitting down. Zamora pulled out her phone to text Honey then looked at her annoying brothers who was all in her face.

"Fuck y'all bitches looking at?" She asked.

"Only bitch here is Mir." Zahur said making them laugh.

"My bitch ass will make ya bitch fall in love." Mir clapped back.

"Oh aight!" Zamora yelled laughing.

"Come back?" Meil questioned.

"He got it." Zahur chuckled as he watched Relly, Rara, Zoo and Zylie walk in the gym sitting down. Rara and Relly made sure to keep their distance.

"Shut the fuck up." They heard m

getting a DNA test since Quaddy wanted one, I understood his reasonings so I didn't object to anything. It wouldn't be fair for me to deny him of anything.

"Can I talk to you?" I asked him as we walked out the room.

"About what?" He asked making me look at him blankly.

"About all of this."

"Yeah." He shrugged.

"I'll just go back home, see you back home." Ma said kissing my cheek then hugging Quaddy.

"See you G Nobi." He said as she smiled walking away. "Come on."

"Can we go get something to eat? You don't have to pay for my stuff."

"I wasn't anyway." He said pressing the button on the key fob to unlock the doors. "What you want?"


He didn't say anything but he nodded instead then pressed a few buttons as music started playing. He rapped along lowly as I texted Rara and Poppa.

"Are you going to be mad at me forever?" I asked. "You did ya dirt like I did mine."

"Mine didn't include a baby." He shrugged.

"Okay but-"

"Ain't no buts to this, this is a whole human being into the equation. Shit way bigger than you, me and even that nigga."

"I understand."

"Were you going to even tell me it was a possibly this not my baby?"

I didn't say anything because I wasn't, if Zamora would have never told him about Poppa then he would have never known. He chuckled then shook his head.

"I knew I shouldn't of fucked with you." He spoke making me look at him. "I chose you over all these bitches, over a nigga who ain't been nothing but loyal to me since he met me but I let a lil lust make me dumb."

"I was dumb too." I said trying not to cry.

"Obviously." He pulled up to Chick-Fil-A repeating my order.

"So it's done for us?"

"This shit is clipped." He spoke looking into my eyes. "You show me ya true colors once and you done for."

"What about our baby?" I asked with my lip trembling.

"As of right now, that's ya baby. In two weeks when I get the results then I'll claim it but as of right now we ain't got shit to talk about."

"We both cheated, I don't understand-"

"Zerelda you fucking and sucking niggas raw and shit then acting like you innocent. You know HIV don't even show on test until 3 to 6 months? Fuck the cheating, we all fuck up but you know I don't play about my health."

"You fucked-"

"I have never fucked anybody without a condom, I only fucked you without one was because you bought the wrong size. Any other time I strap up and you know that."

"Okay." I said knowing it was true, he was always big on condoms.

"Imma drop you off home." He said making me nod as he handed me my food.

I didn't say anything and neither did he, I was just trying not to cry. I was tired of crying. I was tired of a lot of things.


I took a hiatus and I don't know if I'm back but this just a quick update. Remember people go through shit and Wattpad is never my top priority.

Didn't really care to edit, excuse any mistakes.

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