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Zamora crossed her legs under the table as she waited for her parents to come, she sipped her strawberry lemonade while leaning back. Her phone started ringing as she saw Honey was calling, she answered since her parents weren't there yet.

"Fuck you go at 6 in the morning?" He asked as soon as she answered.

"I'm waiting for G Nobi and Mitch then I'm going to work."

"You going back home?"

"I told you I was going to sit down and talk to them, do you listen to me at all?"

"I be too busy eating ya pussy all the time."

"It's 6 in the morning, nasty." She chuckled.

"Guess what I'm eating later?"

"Lambi?" She asked smiling.

"Nah, diri ak djon djon."

"Save me some please." She pouted.

"You coming in?"

"I have a tattoo to do on my brothers so yes, I'm coming."

"I'll save you some then."

"Thank ya babe." She smiled. "G Nobi walking in though so I'll talk to you later."

Nobi and Zeph walked in looking around for Zamora and once they finally spotted her they walked towards her. Zamora sat up straight taking off her sunshades as she stood up to greet her parents, they hugged then sat back down.

"Good morning." She stated drinking her juice.

"So why didn't you just come home so we could talk?" Zeph asked after ordering him and Nobi a orange juice.

"Because these are things I want to discuss with you guys without any distractions."

"You're so dramatic." Nobi rolled her eyes chuckling.

"Where you think she get it from?" Zeph glanced at her. "I heard you got two jobs now."

"Three." Zamora corrected.

"Three?" Nobi raised a eyebrow. "How are you managing all that plus school?"

"I'm still passing school but that's the thing I wanted to discuss, I want to drop out." She spoke getting both of their attention as they looked at her.

"Excuse me?" Nobi asked.

"I want to drop out and get my GED so I can work on my apprentice then get my tattooing license."

"But why are you rushing everything?"

"I just have this image in my head of where I want to be and I'm not there."

"So that include you dropping out and getting a GED?" Zeph asked. "You know most colleges won't take a GED, the-"

"Why are you speaking of college? I've been stated I didn't wanna go." Zamora furrowed her eyebrows. "I'm not going to college, maybe business school so I can know exactly how to run my tattoo shop but I'm not wasting my time in college."

"So you been out the house for a few days and just had a whole different look on life? You want our permission to drop out of school and chase after ya boyfriend so you could be a bum?"

"You asked a while ago why I don't talk to you about things and this is why." Zamora stated rolling her eyes. "I wasn't asking for your permission, I'm the legal age to drop out. I was asking for your support, opinions and advice but I guess-"

"You really think shit out there easy? You think because you have a plan it's going to automatically work out? Just because you of age don't mean you know anything cause in reality you don't know shit." Zeph looked at her sternly. "What the fuck do you really know?"

"I know what I'm capable of and I know I believe in myself and if you don't then you're going to be shocked when I actually succeed."

"He not saying he don't want you to succeed Mor, he just-"

"That sounds exactly like what he's saying." Mora shook her head feeling defeated. "Out of 11 of your kids, I'm the only one who has never missed a day of school, who has never depended on y'all, who don't take money from y'all and the one thing I ask is for advice and support and I can't even get that."

"I just wanna know what your boyfriend thinks of this?" Zeph chuckled. "Your grown ass boyfriend who sign your checks, the one who got his shit together. He got you thinking you could do all this because he ain't the one losing if you do, right?"

"Actually Denizen feels as though I'm moving too fast and I'm going to stress myself out but he also showed me all the money he lost from starting his business. He talked to me to make sure I understood what all of this meant and what I could lose."

"You got me fu-"

"Zeph." Nobi cut him off.

"I have work so thanks for this discussion, it made me realize some things." She smiled standing up digging in her bag to place a five dollar bill on the table along with handing them a manilla folder.

"What's this?" Nobi asked.

"I was hoping this meeting would go one way but it went just how I knew it would." She continued smiling. "See you guys later."

"What is that?" Zeph asked Nobi as she opened it.

"She wants to be emancipated." Nobi mumbled.

"She can't be emancipated, right?"

"She has multiple jobs so she has the income, they can get her an apartment since she not 18 to sign an lease, she has the right reasons to get emancipated. If I was a judge I would grant it." Nobi spoke looking through the papers.

"The right reasons? Because I don't agree with her, that's a right reason?"

"I don't agree either but I'm at least seeing it from her view Zeph."

"She don't have no damn view."

"Okay Zephyr, whatever you say." Nobi shook her head.

"I gotta get the work, let's go so I could drop you off."

"Don't take your attitude out on me bitch."

Zamiel Brown | Meil

"Wassup?" I spoke walking in the tattoo shop with Har.

"She ain't here." Honey spoke looking up from the laptop. "She said she was coming in with y'all."

"I told her we couldn't go get her cause we had to pick up Zaccai terrible ass." I lied for her.

"She should be on her way." Har added making me low key chuckle, we always lying for Zamora ho ass.

"Oh aight." Honey nodded as we sat down.

"When ya doctor appointment again?" I asked Har.

"I don't have a appointment."

"Brah, tomorrow is the 14th. Carla appointment is the 14th, what time is it?" I asked slowly.

"I forgot all about that shit, damn." He shook his head. "Shit at 10 though."

"Imma come."

"Thanks for reminding me, she be mad at everything now."

"Like ma when she was pregnant with Zane." I chuckled.

"Nah, she worst." He shook his head. "I was carrying her bag and I bumped it on the wall and she started going the fuck off son."

"This why when I slip up bitches eat pills for dinner." I shrugged making him bust out laughing.

"You go raw in bitches now?"

"You know I don't." I looked at him like he was stupid. "I prolly went sushi like three times but Pearl on the same typa time. Ain't no babies bih."

"You still playing with that girl?"

"She playing this game with me too, she just went out with Jeff."

"Jeff from the bricks?"

"Yeah." I chuckled. "She called me in the middle of the date and made me come get her cause she was bored as hell."

"Y'all relationship so stupid."

"At least I'm getting pussy bitch." I teased.

"Man, I don't even know what pussy feel like no more." He looked at me blankly making me laugh.

"Had me soft, wasn't functioning." I rapped still laughing.

"You not funny brah."

"You wanna fuck one of my bitches?"

"I'm not cheating."

"Pretend you me and as me, we ain't in a relationship so who we cheating on?"

"Sorry." Mora walked in almost tripping over her own feet.

"Ten dol

so fucking mad.

"Zeph stop!" G Nobi yelled then turned around to glare at me.

"And where the fuck is Zamora?" He asked.

"She- oh she right there." I pointed as she walked in the kitchen.

She walked in with a belt in her hand and she whacked the fuck out of Relly and Rara in the face at the same time. My mouth opened wide as she was fucking them up with that belt while they tried to jump her again.

"Re-fucking-lax!" Ma yelled as her, Har and Zeph tried to break it up.

"Ahhhhh!" Roddy yelled. "She whooped they fucking ass literally! Ahhh!"

"Son chill." Sef laughed.

"Then she hitting them with the metal part! I'm fucking crying, I'm bout to move the fuck in if shit like this!"

"Ayo!" I bust out laughing.

"Stop Zamora damn!" Ma yelled taking the belt out her hand.

"Y'all bitches tried to jump me right?Look who bleeding now!" She teased sticking her tongue out. "Y'all real mad right bout now, ahh!"

"And you talking bout you wanna be on ya own, this the childish shit you gon pull at work?"

"They ain't making me money so fuck them bitches."

"Zamora." G Nobi said making her shut up, we all know once she give that look and tone all that whit goes.

"Imma just take my child and go." Sef chuckled.

"Imma stay, I'll catch a Lyft or sumn." Roddy said looking through the cabinet grabbing the popcorn.

"Roddy." Sef looked at him blankly.

"It's crazy how they more scared of Nobi then Zeph." He shook his head then looked at me. "This popcorn gon have enough butter?"

"Roddy son." Sef laughed.

"Aight whatever." He said walking towards the door.

"Brah gimme my popcorn!" I yelled.

"Boy, suck my dick." He yelled back making me laugh.

"Sit down and if any one of y'all get up imma beat y'all the fuck up." Ma said.

"You ain't gonna let them get ice or something? Blood taste nasty." I said laughing.

"Zamiel not right now." She glared at me. "Now why the fuck are y'all fighting?"

"She told everybody Quaddy and I business along with some other personal stuff about Rara and I."

"Then she kept saying she was gonna hit us when we got in so I hit her then, what we waiting for?" Rara asked.

"You can't beat me! Relly can not beat me!" Mora yelled laughing.

"Mora, why you telling everybody their business?" Mitch asked.

"Other way around." Zahur said.

"Ma they been saying Mora dirty, she stink, she getting trains ran on her and allat. So I made her beat the fuck up, they lucky we got the same parents or I would've spit on em."

"Did Rara tell you she had another video of her giving head behind bleachers to another boy? Did Relly tell you she don't know her baby father?"

"I'm guessing they didn't." I chuckled as ma and dad was just looking.

"You still didn't have to play fire with fire, you claim you grown right? You gon do this at work? You gon put ya self in a predicament to get fired?" Dad asked.

"It's like no matter what I'm always wrong in your eyes." Mora said quietly. "I try so hard with you and I'm always the problem, I give up."

"Mora, don't-"

"It's okay ma, I give up. I'll come home and do everything he says, I just give up."

"Fight me." I said seriously taking off my jacket as Zamora walked. "You got my best friend crying, fight me."

"Can I go in my room?" Relly rolled her eyes.

"Go drop y'all shit in my room, ya phone, laptops, allat." Ma said.

"But you didn't say that to Zamora or Har and them." Rara smacked her teeth.

"You wanna be bleeding fatally? I don't give a fuck what I didn't say! Zerelda and Zahra go put your shit in my room!"

"Got me scared and shit." Har mumbled.

We all knew once G Nobi start pinching her index finger and thumb together while walking towards you, you better not say shit else.

"I play a lot of fucking games with y'all and I let y'all do a lot of shit but I will fuck all of y'all up worst than anybody your age!"

"Hell I walk into?" Zalmir asked.

"I love you Queen." Har said as we both smiled hugging her.

"We all love you Queen." Zeus walked over to hug her with us.

"Smile cause you know you want to." I showed all my teeth making her chuckle.

"Alright, move." She laughed.

"Bipolar at it's best." Zalmir shook his head making us laugh.

"Yo, why Zamora beat them up like that?" Zeus chuckled.

"Nah, y'all just missed it. She just whooped they ass." I laughed.

"Again?" Zalmir asked.

"No nigga, literally with a belt!" I yelled laughing.

"Helll no!" Zeus yelled laughing.

"I almost miss the good shit man." Zalmir shook his head.

I laughed going upstairs to see Zamora laying in my bed, I took off my shoes sitting on my bed as a grabbed her so she could cry on me until she fell asleep.


This really not edited cause I didn't feel like it so excuse any mistakes.

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