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   Chapter 56 NO.56

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Zahra Brown | Rara

I grabbed my bag from my locker then looked around because the hallways felt real empty, I returned my attention back to my books getting what I needed. From the corner of my eye I seen Santana walk past me making me roll my eyes as I hurried.

"Aye Rara?" He said.

"Bye." I told him.

"Can you open my locker for me? Shit not opening."

"You too old to not know how to open your locker."

"I do know how to open it, shit be picking and choosing when it want to open."

"You just ain't the brightest." I grabbed my bag.

"It's 2-"

"I know it." I mumbled unlocking it.

"We ever gon talk again?" He asked.

"For what?" I asked. "You got what you want, your family got what they wanted so it's nothing for us there."

"What you mean I got what I wanted? I wanted you, had you, still want you but now you don't want shit to do with me."

"You posted a-"

"Riah posted the video, I didn't-"

"You wasn't even gon tell the truth until my father threatened you."

"I was going to tell you the truth, I just didn't wanna say it in front of them."

"Well, now you don't have to do anything you don't want to." I shrugged about to walk off but he grabbed my arm. "Stop touching me."

"Just listen I'm-"

"You good?" I heard making me look ahead to see Gregory.

"Yeah, I'm good." I snatched my arm from him.

"I was talking to her, she was good." Santana said.

"Well you ain't talking to her no more, come on Rara." He motioned for me to go towards him.

"Thank you." I mumbled as he walked with me.

"You don't gotta thank me, you just looked uncomfortable."

"Where Zylie?" I asked.

"She went to ya mother job with her."

"Okay, see you."

"How you getting home?" He asked.

"I'm not talking to my brothers and they most likely home so it's either the bus or a lyft."

"Nah, I'll take you. Come on." He held the door open for me.

"Thank you." I smiled walking towards his car with him.

"You welcome." He said once we got in the car. "So that's the nigga you used to go with who put the video out?"

"He didn't upload the video, his cousin who hates me for a reason did but yeah."

"You still like em?"

"Feelings just don't go away that easily, I'm trying but their not gone."

"I can't tell you what to do." He shrugged. "I mean if he ain't do it and you know it, why you mad at him?"

"You right." I nodded. "I just don't trust him anymore."

"Trust can always be repaired if you want it to."

I didn't say anything back as I started thinking, I was deep into my feelings. I saw we were turning onto my block making me unbuckle my seatbelt, he pulled up to the gate as I dug in my bag to hand him the card to swipe so the gate could open. He handed me back my card then pulled up.

"What you doing tomorrow?" He asked before I got out the car.

"Tomorrow's Friday? Nothing."

"Zy and I going bowling with my brothers, come."

"I'll think about it."

"We be lit, you should." He chuckled.

"I'll see." I nodded getting out. "Thank you again."

"You welcome." He smiled before pulling off.

I walked in the house pressing the button so the gate can open for him then went into the kitchen seeing my father reading from his computer as Zamiel, Zahur, Zeus and Zalmir was talking about something. They all looked at me then finished what they were doing as I ignored them too.

"How you get home?" Dad asked typing.

"Zylie friend Greg."

"Oh aight, ya mother left some clothes in your room."

"I'm going to go to sleep." I told him as I grabbed a juice going upstairs.

"I'll wake you up for dinner."

"You cooking?" Zahur asked.

"As in you putting food to fire?" Zamiel added making me laugh.

"Y'all never leaving that man alone." Zeus chuckled.


"Why is Zamora coming?" I asked Zylie as we were in the Lyft.

"Zamora was the person I asked, I wanted her to come with me. Greg asked you."

"If you say so."

"Just don't say anything to Zamora and she won't say anything to you."

"Whatever." I mumbled getting out the car.

We walked in the bowling alley where I spotted Greogry and three other boys, Zylie was still looking around so I tapped her so she can spot him. We walked towards them getting their attention as they looked at us.

"Damn, y'all all twins?" One of them asked.

"They more than twins, it's too many of them." Another one said.

"Y'all so fucking dumb." The last one sighed.

"No they gotta be triplets right? Including the dead girl."

"The dead girl has a name which is Zadie, watch your mouth." Zamora spoke making all of us look at her.

"He don't mean disrespect by it, he calls her the dead girl and me the alive dead girl." Zylie rolled her eyes.

"Oh shit, it's four of em now. What the fuck is that? Fourtripts?" The second one asked making me for furrow my eyebrows.

"I think I might like you the best." Zamora said looking at the third one. "What's ya name?"

"Heed." He chuckled.

"And this Tang and Mu." Greg said.

"They call me Man though, as in yours." He smirked as she raised a eyebrow.

"How you gon use the same line on me?" Zylie asked as they laughed.

"Aight so boys versus girls?" Greg asked.

"It's not enough people, three girls and four boys." I answered.

"My cousin on her- oh there she go." Zamora smiled as Maisn walked in.

"Hey sisstaaaas

inite yeah."

"Imma make a time machine." She smiled pulling up her glasses making me chuckle.

"How about I just save you a dance?" I smiled making her smile wider.

"Yes. A slow one." She said as I laughed.

"Alright, a slow one." I nodded walking off.

"Hey Zahur." Tonya smirked as her friends smiled.

"Wassup Ton?" I hugged all of em. "Oh shit you got pink hair."

"Yeah?" She questioned.

"Meil asked who I was talking to with pink hair and I ain't know who he was talking to." I partially lied.

"How could you forget bout me?" She smirked making me chuckle.

"Never." I chuckled. "I'll catch up with y'all later though."

"Text me."

I nodded walking up the stairs to go to Carla class, when I walked in the algebra teacher was in there. They was all smiles making me scrunch my face up, fuck he touching her for?

"Wassup Mr.Moore." I said looking at her as she backed up.

"Oh wassup, Zahur, right?" He knew my fucking name.

"Yeah." I nodded sitting down.

"Aren't you a senior? What you doing in here?"

"Just came to talk to to Ms.G."

"Usually seniors would be at lunch right now."

"Alright and I'm here, this not ya class and I ain't come to talk to you so the fuck you keep questioning me for?"

"Zahur this is an adult-"

"It's alright Carla." Mr.Moore smiled grabbing her shoulder. "Obviously something is bothering him today so I'm just going to let him talk to you about it."

"Ain't shit bothering me but you, stop speaking on me like you know me."

"As I said, have a good day Carla. Feel better Zahur."

"You have a good day too." Carla spoke walking him out doing a fake ass smile as she closed the door. "Really Zahur?"

"Fuck he in here touching you for? Then you all in his face laughing like he some Chris Tucker muhfucker, what was the joke? Let me know."

"You're overreacting, we were just talking about-"

"I don't give a fuck bout what y'all was talking bout, stop talking to me." I waved her off pulling out my phone.

"You're acting like a child and being rude for no reason, I was talking to a staff member about activities for the pep rally. It's not that serious."

"I said I don't care." I shrugged.

"Why are you being so rude?" She frowned sounding like she was bout to cry making me smack my teeth.

"Don't start crying." I looked up at her seeing she already was as I sighed. "I apologize, I'm being extra."

"You are, I did nothing wrong." She said still crying making me stand up to hug her.

"I know baby, I'm sorry." I hugged her wiping under her eyes then touching her stomach. "Stop crying before you have my baby mad at me."

"Okay." She chuckled sniffling.

"You starting to show."

"I know." She sighed. "I'm going to have to buy a whole bunch of black."

"It was Tonya I was talking to earlier, I didn't know she had pink hair I don't pay attention to anybody else but you so I ain't know."

"I apologize too, I was doing too much."

"We just a do too much ass couple." I joked making her laugh.

"A too much for em ass couple."

"Okurrr!" I tried doing it making her bust out laughing.


"Aight, aight." I laughed.


It been a while since I last talked to y'all sooo lemme tell y'all everything that been happening with me.

I had a scary ass pregnancy scare like crying and all but it was just this depo shot playing with me?? I cut my hair off, finally got a new company and phone, I moved and I live on dorm now & I just passed all my test!!!! Imma be a nurse real sooon???? wassup with y'all?

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