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   Chapter 55 NO.55

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"Ma, can you get some poptarts?" Lee called Kelly as she sat in the car.

"No Cailee, I asked you before I walked in the damn store did you want anything besides what you already asked for. If you want something, you better get the fuck out the car."

"You told me if I came with you, I wouldn't have to get out the car! You know I'm sick, I didn't get dress."

"Then you don't want shit, stop calling me."

"Ugly ass."

"I'm still on the phone, I'll whoop your grown ass Cailee."

Lee rolled her eyes making sure she hung up before she could talk her shit again, she didn't even care how she look she wasn't trying to impress anybody anyway. She walked in Walmart going straight to the snacks aisle grabbing multiple things.

"Fuck they put all these up here for? Like somebody supposed to be the green giant." She asked annoyed trying to grab the special K cereal bars.

"I got it for you." She heard as somebody reached up from behind her grabbing it.

"Thank-" She stopped talking furrowing her eyebrows, this boy was so damn fine. "Thank you."

"You welcome." He nodded smirking.

Lee nodded sending a small smile his way, she was so mad she was looking like this. She was gon be forever mad at her mother, she could of got her snacks, stupid ass. She sighed walking down to the poptarts grabbing a box of brown sugar cinnamon, confetti cupcake, red velvet, peanut butter, chocolate fudge and chocolate chip.

"Yeeeeeerd?" She heard making her look back.

"You talking to me?" She pointed at herself.

"Yeah, I ain't know ya name so what's ya name?"


"You Asian?"

"What?" She chuckled. "No."

"So why your name Lee?"

"It's Cailee."

"Oh aight, my name Sef."

"You white?"


"Then why your name Sef?"

"You got it." He chuckled.

He looked at her baggy white tee, her black sweats that was big as hell, the scarf on her head and the tissue in her nose smiling. She was beautiful to him in every way possible even while looking like this. She obviously ain't care what people thought about her and he liked that since bitches thought they was too cute for everyday now and days.

"So Cailee, you got a lil dirty nigga?"

"Going through a breakup now."

"This why you looking like somebody aunt?" He chuckled.

"Oh no, can't no nigga have me looking this bad. I look bad by myself." She rolled her eyes making him chuckle.

"Long as you know you look bad."

"Yes ma?" Lee answered her phone rolling her eyes.

"I'm standing in line so if you getting what you getting you better let's go."

"Alright." She rolled her eyes again hanging up.

"You gotta go?" Sef asked.

"Yeah, my ma been annoying me all day."

"I could get your number?"

"You want my number? While I look like this?"

"Yeah." He chuckled.

"But for what? I ain't fucking or sucking, we can't chill and my ex boyfriend won't let me leave so?"

"I'll never be scared of nobody who bleed like I do." He smirked. "You could say no, you know that right? Just say I don't want ya number Sef."

"You slick with words, I like it." She smiled making him laugh. "Where ya phone?"

"Hold on." He said unlocking his shit and going to the new contact his self.

"Boy, I was not gon go through your phone." She chuckled entering her name and number.

"I wasn't even on that type of time." He chuckled.

"Nigga we been looking for you, come the fuck on. Roddy bouta have us all sitting in jail." A tall ass darkskin boy said.

"So what the fuck you come get me for? Y'all niggas was going to jail." He said making her bust out laughing.

"Nigga come on." Another tall boy said, maybe they were triplets, they all looked alike.

"Always stupid ass Roddy, I'll hit you, aight?" Sef shook his head.

"Okay." Lee said walking off trying to find her mother.

After she found her she carried her bags but as she walked out, she spotted Sef and three more niggas arguing with Walmart security guards. One of them was laughing and yelling in one of the guards face as Sef pulled him back trying to defuse everything.

"It's always some damn shit going on in Walmart." Kelly scrunched her face up.


"So who is he?" Lee sister, Nobi, questioned.

"Just this boy I met in Walmart."

"Let me see him because it's always fine ass niggas in Walmart."

"Here his Instagram." Lee handed her phone to Nobi as she went through it.

"Who this? He fine as hell." Nobi pointed to a picture of three boys. "They all fine but this one is something different."

"Those his brothers Zurich and Zeph." Lee said. "His whole family look good, even his 14 year old little brother Royal."

"Oh bitch, put me the fuck on."

"Put you on to what?" Izzy asked walking up with his friends Fred and Ruga making Lee roll her eyes.

"Nothing, where you was at?" Nobi asked sitting on Izzy lap.

"Cooling." He wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Where you been?"

ow you see his eyeball red. She stuck her nail in there." Roddy laughed.

"That's not funny." Sef shook his head. "Fuck y'all arguing for now?"

"We not arguing, she yelling like the dumb ass she is. I wanna go the fuck to sleep and she pissing me the fuck off."

"I don't give a fuck Zephyr."

"What I got from the yelling was Mitch cursed some boy out because Redd was flirting with em then Redd cursed him out for going through her phone." Roddy said. "Then Redd hit em with the boop bop glit glat."

Lee started rolling making everybody look at her, she wished Nobi was here they would of found Roddy the funniest. She stopped laughing feeling everybody look at her, the girl was mugging her meanwhile the boy was furrowing their eyebrows.

"Sef bringing girls in the house? Oh shit." Roddy smirked. "Global warning coming."

"Did he just say-"

"Leave it." Sef shook his head cutting Lee off. "Please don't question him."

"Walmart girl." Zeph chuckled. "Wassup I'm Zeph."

"Lee." She smiled.

"So you leaving cause I'm going to sleep and you not sleeping next to me." Zeph looked at Redd.

"I already called my ride, you may as well be single too." She shrugged.

"You keep coming back." He chuckled. "Leave me the fuck alone and have these niggas then."

"I have them already."

"Better for me." He stood up.

"Man, I'm going in my room." Sef shook his head as Lee stood there wondering if she was suppose to follow.

"So you just going to stand there?" Roddy chuckled. "You gotta go in the room too."

"Oh." Lee laughed walking towards him. "Your room is wow."

"Zeph did it." He chuckled. "You wanna go back in the car and ride around or you good here? I don't want you uncomfortable."

"I'm okay." Lee said pulling out her ringing phone to see her father was calling. "Is this the bathroom?"

"Nah, this my closet." He chuckled. "That's the bathroom."

"Thank you." Lee said rushing in there. "Hello?"

"Where you and Nobi disappear to?"

"Nobi didn't bring her sleeping pills and she was having nightmares so we walked to her house and decided to just sleep here since we were tired."

"Y'all should've woke one of us up or left a message or something, don't have nobody looking for y'all."

"You right, we're sorry dad."

"Well I'm going back to sleep so you go to sleep, love y'all."

"We love you too." Lee smiled hanging up to call Nobi.

"He did something to you? His dick little? His house dirty?" Nobi threw question after question.

"Nobi, what?" Lee scrunched her face up. "If ma or dad call you, we went to your house because you were having nightmares and you needed ya sleeping pills."

"Oh you spending a night?"

"I obviously can't go back now."

"Right, right but uh, I gotta go." She chuckled hanging up making Lee roll her eyes walking back in.

"You could just cool out, Roddy need me for a minute." Sef told her standing up. "Remote right there for the t.v, if ya phone dying there go a charger and uh yeah, I'll be back."

Lee nodded sitting on his bed watching the t.v, she randomly smiled because she would've never been lying to her parents for a boy but she knew she liked him. This was new but she liked it, she just didn't wanna get let down again.


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