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   Chapter 54 NO.54

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"Mrs.Brown, your 12 o' clock is here." Nobi assistant, Mary, said making her nod as she continued her paperwork.

"Send her in the conference room, I'll be there once I submit this."


"Mary? Can you call down to the chef downstairs and send a steak and baked potato to my husband work site?"

"Right away Mrs.Brown."

Nobi took her time doing her paper work, the person in the conference room wasn't important. As she finished her work, she sat back looking over her office she needed some new furniture and pictures of her kids.

"Aye queen, I finished this." Zameil walked in her office handing her the many files he just did.

"I got one more for you then you could leave." She handed him the other one.

"Why Eve in the conference room?" He asked taking the file.

"Your father and Roddy thought it would be best to squash this imaginary beef she has with me." She shrugged.

"I could sit in?"

"Can you promise me you're not going to say anything?"

"But what if she disrespect you?"

"We're grown, it's our business. You can't disrespect her if she disrespect me."

"I'm not going to say anything."

"I'll have you kicked out if you do." She stood up. "Do the file while you in there."

"You wanted to be a social worker just to do this much damn paperwork? My finger got pen indents and shit." He said making her laugh.

"When you're helping people, it don't matter how much work it takes."

"We could go to Browns after this? I ain't see them in a minute."

"Today's adoption day, I have to."

"I be picking the best days to skip school." He smiled making Nobi chuckle.

"You call it skipping, the school call it community service, I call it a employee who I don't have to pay." She smiled making him laugh as he opened the door. "Thank you baby."

"You welcome." He mumbled going to hug Eve. "Wassup, E?"

"Hey Zameil, right?" She guessed smiling.

"Yeah." He smirked sitting down.

"Good afternoon." Nobi stated sitting down.

"Good afternoon." Eve repeated turning her attention towards Nobi then glanced at Zamiel. "So you called this meeting?"

"Our husbands thought it would be best to end the tension that you have."

"Eh, tension? Doubt you could call it that."

"I could call it a few things but we don't have enough time." Nobi smiled folding her hands on the table. "I hear you have an anniversary coming up, congratulations."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome but in light of your anniversary, you requested to have an intimate dinner so Zephyr feels we have to clear the air so there won't be any petty attempts throughout the night."

"The only one who's petty in here is you, you aren't a thought when I wake up in the morning and you damn sure aren't that important to make a night about me about you."

"I understand." Nobi nodded pressing a button on the table.

"Yes, Mrs.Brown?" Mary voice came through.

"I want a grilled chicken salad, Italian dressing and vinegar on the side with a green tea."

"Okay, I'll bring it up. Anything else?"

"What you want?" Nobi asked Zamiel.

"A bacon cheeseburger with some curly fries and a sprite."

"Do you want anything?" Nobi asked Eve to be polite.

"A water."

"Do you have all of that, Mary?" She asked as Mary repeated everything. "Thank you Mary."

"You're welcome Mrs.Brown."

"That's new, you have a kitchen in the building?" Eve said impressed.

"The perks of having a husband who's in construction, I have a kitchen, play room for when I have kids in the building, a smoking area for the adults or employees, more offices build and better bathrooms. The building was just renovated a few months ago."

Eve nodded looking around, she felt Nobi was just bragging and wanted her to feel envy. "Impressive, how do you manage to pay for all of that while paying all the employees hourly? Don't you have over hundreds of employees?"

"I have 150 employees even, well 151 including when my son wants to skip school." She playfully rolled her eyes making him chuckle as he continued filing out the paper. "Each employee has different roles, depending on their roles that's their pay. The chefs make 25 dollars an hour meaning around 52, 000 yearly and that's more than most people who went to college to do nothing with an degree."

"So doesn't that just takes more money out your pocket? One chef is getting paid 25 dollars an hour meanwhile the social works are getting paid 26. You're spending millions including the renovations on the building."

"First of all, my social workers are getting paid 30.25." Nobi corrected making Eve squint her eyebrows. "They're the ones who make me money, they come to work dedicated, proving to me everyday why I choose them. They deserve the pay or the additional pay I throw in some days. I'm no where near broke and neither is my husband, my finance adviser makes sure of that."

"Mrs.Brown." Mary knocked opening the door as the chef pushed the tray handing them their food and drinks.

"Sonti, did you take your break already?"

"I was going to wait until 1 to take it." Sonti answered putting Meil plate in front of him.

"Okay." She nodded. "Thank both of you."

"You're welcome." They smiled in unison walking out.

"Can I get a bite of your burger?" Nobi asked before Zamiel could bite it.

"Where your mouth been?" He asked.

"Your father dick." She said making him laugh.

"I'll rip a piece off cause you ain't putting your mouth on shit I have." He said making her laugh as Eve furrowed her eyebrows.

"Thank you." Nobi said eating the piece. "I should of got this."

"Don't ask for another piece son." Meil glared at her.

"Anyways, I don't want to waste any of your time. I know you're a busy woman."

"And what does that mean?" Eve asked.

"It means you have a job and now that I know what it feels like to be a boss like you, I understand the meaning of busy." Nobi smiled rolling her eyes. "The calls or paperwork doesn't stop."

"We're two different people who's on two different levels and think two different ways." Eve waved her finger between them making Nobi chuckle.

"If we're on two different levels then I'm on the level you feign to reach." Nobi smirked. "This is what I mean when I say invisible beef, you have no reason at all to dislike me but yet? You do. You used to tell me you only want to see me win but when I actually am, you hate my guts. You only want me to win when you're portrayed as the winner."

"You call yourself winning by stupidly trying to compete with me? I'm smarter than you because I'm not wasting millions every year but simply gaining it."

"Competition with you?" Nobi furrowed her eyebrows. "The only person I'm in competition with is myself, I'm trying to be better than the person I was the day before."

"I hand picked your background because you were a broken dumb kid who I knew would end up in jail, pregnant or dead. I picked you to build you and I did. You should be kissing the ground I walk on because you wouldn't have a bucket to pis

You mad because you're dumb."

"Relly, you're soooo lucky I don't believe in repeating shit people told me once I'm mad. You real lucky you dumb ass bitch."

"Relax." Zeph said.

"I'm going to smack her one of these days and I'm telling y'all that now, I don't care about her being pregnant. I won't harm my niece or nephew." She looked at her parents.

"This not your niece or nephew."

"You right cause-"

"Mora." Har cut her off shaking his head knowing what she was going to say.

"Because I'm adopted?" Relly asked. "Alright, you-"

"Look at you wanting sympathy again, nobody wasn't gon say shit about your adoption. I was gon say something but Zamiel or Har just gon cut me off so forget it."

"Alright, what Zamiel and Zahar do?"

"Zahur just annoying, always wanna preach to me about something." She rolled her eyes.

"Son is annoying with that." Zamiel chuckled. "Nigga be thinking he Tyler Perry like shut up if I wanted advice, I'll go to y'all."

"Exactly. And I'm mad at Zamiel because he spent my whole paycheck, he asked for a hundred then spent the whole check. I don't take money from y'all anymore, I make my own money meanwhile they all get allowance so I won't have no spending money until my next paycheck."

"I'm gon pay you back in a few days, shut up." Meil said.

"I'm the only child y'all have that don't depend on y'all and I can't even spend money on stuff I want to because I have to spend money on replacing my stuff they broke or my clothes they wear. Everybody always got something to say to me or doing something and it's getting annoying now and I'm gon snap real soon."

"Girl bye, you having sex with your boss. You ain't really working hard, since he having sex with you he could up your pay." Zahra said coming in the kitchen.

"And since your big Bertha ass love putting shit in your mouth so you should of been excellent at sucking dick. How you not use spit when ya fat ass drool over-"

"Zamora." Zahur cut her off.

"Oh shit!" Zamiel laughed kicking the air as he threw his head back yeling. "Ayo! No the fuck you didn't!"

"Zameil." Zeph called out as Zahra walked out the kitchen.

"She said and your big Bertha ass!" Zamiel yelled making Har accidentally laugh. "She called son Bertha, ayo!"

"That's not funny y'all." Nobi said wanting to laugh so bad.

"Y'all know that shit funny! Then she just walked out like defend yourself!" He yelled making Zeus spit up his cereal as Zamiel continued yelling and laughing. "Ahhhhhh!"

"Son chill." Zalmir laughed.

"If you can't take the heat, get the fuck out the kitchen!" Zameil yelled making Nobi laugh as she tried to hold it in so bad.

"You really a big ass gasser yo." Zahur laughed.

"Zamora, you didn't-"

"Dad don't do that because she didn't have to say nothing to me, she don't even know what the conversation was before she came in the kitchen adding anything in it."

"But you know how she is about her weight and even the video, that's still a sensitive subject."

"She literally just told me to fuck for money but I'm wrong?" Zamora asked standing up. "This exactly why I don't like nobody in this house, I'm always the wrong one or the one getting in trouble. I really can't wait until I leave this house."

"You could leave now." Zeph shrugged.

"You're absolutely right, don't call my phone either." She mocked his shrug.

"You always got some smart shit to say, I won't be able to call shit if I turn ya shit off."

"Then you could just have it." She handed her phone to him, she had enough money to buy another one.

"Zamora, you-"

"Just let her go upstairs." Nobi interrupted as Zamora went upstairs. "You can't take up for one kid when they're both wrong, Zahra didn't have to start with her."

"How you tryna defend somebody when she not even defending herself?" Zamiel continued laughing.

"She just explained how everybody always picking on her and doing her wrong and you just added onto it pops." Har said.

"My baby prolly upstairs packing her bag crying about how she bout to run away because of you." Nobi chuckled shaking her head.

"She just gon go to Nova house then come home." Meil said. "Let her get her few days to herself."

"We need a few days away from her anyway." Relly rolled her eyes.

"Ain't have that energy while she was saying she was gon smack you." Zeus said making Zamiel laugh as Relly walked out the kitchen.

"Y'all just be letting these kids come for y'all without defending y'allselves!" Zamiel laughed as they all looked at him "Y'all are hilarious yo."


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