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   Chapter 53 NO.53

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Zylie Brown | Zy

"So I want to have a family dinner." Mom stated.

"Okay?" Dad questioned.

"No as in with my kids, they boyfriends and girlfriends."

"Let's not forget baby father and baby mother." Zamora added laughing.

"Carla can't come to that ma." Har said. "She still a teacher, Zylie and Mir boyfriend still go there."

"I don't have a boyfriend." I spoke up.

"Alright well y'all know what I'm saying."

"I don't care because she coming." Ma looked at him. "I need to talk to her after dinner about a few things."

"So just-"

"You getting a lil too much base in ya voice." Dad cut him off.

"Alright and?" Meil asked looking up from his cereal. "If you and ya big headed ass wife- chill chill."

"Y'all tryna jump my bestie? Bet. Cai hold my crutches, hold my crutches." Zamora repeated making us laugh.

"Sad how I defend ya ugly ass and you gon let them walk past you scary ass bitch." Meil looked at him blankly.

"I was finna sneak em." Har chuckled.

"So we're having a family dinner tomorrow, if there's someone in your life bring them. Thank you." Mom smiled.

"Dad don't like Honey if he start with him, I'm going to be upset and I'm not eating with y'all." Zamora stated.

"Your father is going to be on his best behavior, right?" Ma glared at him.

"Maan, he-"


"Yeah." He mumbled.

"Please accept me for what I am, please accept me for what I do. I'm doing everything that I cannn." Zamiel started singing.

"Can I stay home?" Zahra asked coming downstairs.


"I just don't feel like going." She shrugged.

"Pull up ya grades." Ma stated.

"For what?"

"If you failing anything then you can't afford to stay home, a D is failing too."

"I'm going to finish getting ready." She rolled her eyes.

"Who else failing?" Dad asked.

"I got all A's." Meil smiled.

"I got A, B's and 1 C that shorty finna change today." Zamora added.

"Let me see all y'all grades." Ma said.

"Why y'all messing with y'all kids this early?" Meil laughed handing them his phone.

"He really got all A's." Dad furrowed his eyebrows.

"Y'all tryna call me dumb?" He chuckled.

"He don't do his work, he make these bitches do it." Zeus frowned.

"Shut up before I make you read something."

"That's not funny Zamiel." Mom said as she put her head down, I knew she was laughing.

"Nah ma he fucking hilarious." Mora yelled while laughing making me accidentally laugh.

"Let me see y'all grades, y'all tryna avoid shit." Dad glared as we all pulled out our phone.

"Zaccai, I'm bout to fuck you up." Dad said. "Why the fuck you got so many complaints? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Why does it say phone out of service?" Mom asked. "And you better not lie to me."

"I told her we were going broke so we we turned off the phone and mommy sick so she go away." He admitted making Zameil bust out laughing.

"Whoop his ass!" Zamiel yelled.

"I'm taking you to school, let's go." Ma snapped. "Zeph and Zane, let's go."

"Y'all done pissed OG off." Meil laughed. "She bout mad as hell, she gon- brah, what the fuck son? I just bought this."

"Who mad now?" Dad chuckled picking up the now empty cup that he spilled on Meil white Fendi shirt.

"I swear to God, one day." Zamiel walked up the stairs as I shook my head grabbing my bag to leave.


"I'm going to sit with you today." Zamora said making me look up from my phone.


"Oh I can't sit next to my sister? Wow."

"I'm not saying that but you always sit with Zameil."

"We're divided right now so it ain't much fun." She rolled her eyes. "Where's your lil friend?"

"He's sick so he's not coming today."

"Why you ain't go make him feel better?"

"Because I'm going to get sick." I frowned.

"Direct contact?" She smirked.

"No." I chuckled. "It's not like I can make him feel better anyway."

"Boys are the biggest babies when their sick, just go over there with some medicine or something. Just to put a smile on his face."

"Har drove me and I don't even know where he live."

"Girl, you know who your sister is?" She chuckled. "Come on."

"Okay." I looked at her weirdly following her.

"Let me see the car keys." She held her hand out.

"Who you talking to?" Har asked.

"Anybody with a car."

"Where you going?" Meil asked handing her mom car keys.

"Can you even drive my nigga?" Jamal asked making me realize she was on crutches.

"Of course daddy." She smiled.

"Don't test me babygirl."

"Lemme go cause uh uh." She shook her head walking away as I followed her seeing she was going to the office. "My main manz Jeff."

"You in trouble again, Mor?"

"Not this time." She smiled. "I need a address for Gregory uh-?"


"Gregory Santini."


"He's sick and my sister likes him so she's going to go make him feel better, you know what I mean." She smirked making him chuckle.

"I'mma stop doing this." He chuckled. "27A Terrance Road."

"Thank you Jeff." She smiled grabbing my hand.

"How are we just going to walk out without security noticing?"

"By walking out the door, the hell? I'll get Meil to beat them up if they touch me."

"Maybe this a bad idea." I said as I looked down walking past the security guards.

"Well we out now." She shrugged touching the unlock on the key fob, she got in the car as I heard her calling someone. "Auntie Von?"

"Yes Mora?"

"Can you make some chicken soup so I can pick it up?"

"You sick?"

"No, ZyZy lil boyfriend is." She smirked making me slyly roll my eyes but smile nonetheless.

"ZyZy got a boyfriend?" Von squealed. "I'll have it ready."

"Thank you auntie, love you."

"Love you too."

"Okay sooo we can go to rite aid and buy some medicine, cough drops, soft tissues, nasal spray, and some Vicks rub."

"I don't think I bought enough money out the house for all of that."

"You was never playing anyway." She chuckled. "Is he allergic to anything?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like Honey is allergic to percocets, kiwis and beans. Does he have any allergies?"

"Celery." I said since that was the only thing I knew.

"Okay, I have to tell Aunt Von that so he won't die with you." She chuckled stopping at a red light.

"Why are you being so nice?" I asked.

"What you mean?"

"None of y'all are ever nice to me, y'all don't like being around me but your talking to me and you're helping me."

"Honestly, we don't like being around you because you're always so negative but that never stopped us from loving you, you're our sister."

"I felt like Zadie death was supposed to make us closer but we became more distant."

"It did but we're getting there." She smiled. "Y'all all know I don't have friends but I have y'all so it hurts when y'all feel like y'all can't come to me. I'm y'all oldest sister, y'all can talk to me about anything."

"I never had anything to talk to you about, I felt like my life was over when Zadie life was."

"And now?"

"I feel like I can be okay." I smiled. "When I smile it's not to get y'all to leave me alone, I'm actually becoming happy."

"That's all we ever wanted, especially me." She smiled. "I'm always bonding with my brothers, I need my sisters."

"You have me." I told her making her glance at me.

"Oop, okay lil ZyZy." She chuckled.

I smiled as she parked, we went in the store as she bought everything she said she would. We spent almost fifteen minutes in the store then took another five minutes to pick up the soup and now we were parking outside his house.

"I'm just going to walk to the door with you to make sure you safe." Mora said as we seen a bunch of niggas.

"Okay." I nodded getting out the car. "You suppose to use ya crutches."

"No because what if something happen and I need to swing first?" She asked ringing the doorbell.

"Who is it?" A lady asked in a strong accent.

"Zamora." Zamora said making me furrow my eyebrows like they knew her.

"Who you for?" The lady asked opening the door.

"My sister is a friend of Gregory, is he here?" Mora asked.

"He's in back sleep, he don't like getting woke up but y'all can try."

"She's the only one going in." Mora smiled. "Text me if you're okay or if you want to leave. Be safe."

"Okay." I mumbled walking in the house as she closed the door.

"Up stair, second door." The lady said making me nod as I walked up the stairs.

I saw two doors across from each other, one was the bathroom and the other was his room. He laid curled in a ball with a vaporizer on making me smile, he was so cute. I saw something black move before a dog head popped up, I grew scared.

The big dog ran towards me making me drop everything in my hand as I yelled running in the bathroom. Just as I closed the door I felt his big ass push his body into it making me yell backing towards the tub.

"Yo, cállate! Chinx cállate!" I heard Gregory yell as his barks stop. "Who in the bathroom, beula?"

She started speaking in Spanish as he asked more questions, the dog started barking again

She liked this.

"They not even together and doing better than us." Mora shook her head hitting Honey making him laugh.

"You want me to say some impressive shit?" Honey asked.

"What I wanna know is how Quaddy and Relly got together." Nobi stated making Relly look up.

"Some boy was tryna talk to her and she was mad uncomfortable so I walked over to her acting like she was my girlfriend. I always knew she had a crush on me-"

"We all had crushes on you so how you just pick her?" Zahra asked.

"Okurr!" Zamora yelled making them laugh.

"We picked each other." Quaddy chuckled. "We sat down and talked and I started feeling her cause she was really smart as hell. I knew I was crossing a line but she was worth it to me."

"Bullshit." Zamiel said as everybody looked at him.

"Relly, I just wanna know how you ain't snap on us a few times." Zahra chuckled.

"What you mean?"

"We always talked about him, how good he looked, his you know what, allat and you never said anything. I would have threw some elbows if I was you."

"That would have made it obvious, I couldn't tell y'all." She chuckled. "Quaddy was always the one saying tell everybody but I never did."

"Well you could have him now, I got my Haitian daddy."

"She talking bout me, not you." Jamal licked his lips making them laugh.

"Honey know you my husband." Mora smiled. "He got me sometimes but you always have me."

"28 muhfuckin 5." Jamal smirked.

"Word?" Honey chuckled.

"Y'all interesting." Nobi chuckled.

"Y'all wanna get this game of football going?" Mitch asked making the boys cheer.


"Yeah boyfriend and husband!" Zamora cheered wishing she could play, she couldn't wait to get this dumb ass cask off her leg.

"This for you." Jamal banged on his chest as he made a touch down making her cheer and laugh.

"Oh aight!" Zamiel yelled dabbing him up.

"You might be good at basketball, you might be good at track but when it's comes to football y'all might as well step back!" Zamora yelled making Nobi laugh.

"The fuck brah?!" Zahur yelled pushing Quaddy.

"Watch ya hands my nigga." Quaddy pushed him back.

"Come on girls, get y'all selves together." Pure stepped in the middle. "We losing, take y'all frustration out on the other team."

Honey, Mitch, Zameil, Jamal and Gregory was on one team and Pure, Zahur, Quaddy, Rod and Teddy was on the other team. Mitch team was up by a few points and all Pure team had to do was make a touchdown and they would win.

Zameil had to ball bout to run all the way but Quaddy tackled him real hard making his body fly a few feet in the air as everybody gasped standing up. Mora limped to the field as Nobi went to make sure he was alright.

"Walk it off." Mitch helped him up making sure he was aight, which he was.

"Let me leave." Zamiel said pissed off.

"My bad brah, I didn't-"

"Get the fuck out my face before I knock you out."

"Brah, it was-"

"Quaddy, just move." Har said.

"It's not that serious, he good. Walk it off." Mitch said seeing how mad Meil really was.

"Watch out." Meil told Relly and Zamora since they were in his way making her roll her eyes.

"You're so annoying, Quaddy and I are together and we're having a baby so get over it. You can't control over lives."

"Just leave him alone, he ain't say shit to you." Mora frowned her face up.

"Let him go in the house." Jamal said, everybody know how crucial shit get when Meil mad.

"Come on." Pearl grabbed his hand.

"Y'all just as annoying as him, he still holding a grudge but treats Zamora the same." She vented rolling her eyes. "Zamora had sex with Jamal in California and yet you still talking to them."

"Wot in xxxtentacion." Rod gasped.

"Ohhhhh." Rara said.

"Damn." Zeus chuckled.

"If my parents, brothers or boyfriend didn't already know that, I would have smacked the shit out of you. Pregnant or not." Zamora said.

"Back up." Nobi told her.

"This why Zamiel keep saying you not his sister, it adds up." Maisn nodded.

"I'm just saying." Relly shrugged. "We're no different."

"Excuse all the curses I'm about to say." Zamora looked at her parents.

"Huh my God." Zalmir stated knowing she bout to go off.

"Bitch, unlike your irresponsible scary ass I told Zamiel instead of having some random nigga tell him. I really wanna smack your dumb ass because that was something I told you in confidence and you better be thanking God he allowed you to get pregnant because if you wasn't you'll be unconscious right now."

"So you been giving me all this hard time and still fuck with Jamal?" Quaddy asked.

"First of all, Jamal got snuck and jumped but it's cool cause in a few weeks they both gon be blind." He stated then said something in creole making Pure and Honey laugh since they were the only ones who understood.

"You turning red girl, come on." Nova grabbed Mora hand.

"No because I'm mad ain't nobody even said anything for her to bring this conversation up and when she do, she wanna throw me under the bus. You don't care about him not talking to you but yet you still doing all this to be forgiven, mannn."

"Come on." Honey grabbed her crutches holding on to her.

"Cause if we really wanna pull cards, I could-"

"Mora." Zamiel shook his head trying to get her to be quiet.

"I don't care, she got me mad. I'll really hurt both of their hearts if-"

"Zamora." Jamal and Har cut her off.

"Aight whatever, can I spend the night at Nova house?" She asked her parents.

"Go head." Nobi shook her head.

"I love my family." Rod smiled making everybody look at him.


I got a new lil piece y'all lol he African, y'all know I be dropping niggas so I'll let y'all know if he staying LMAOO

Y'all know who keep tryna come back in my life? Averrryyyy???? I be forgetting his exist then boom he DM me, he talking to people bout me, he in my comments like boyyy!!! Leaveth me aloneth??????Y'all got that one ex or just somebody who always wanna come back?

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