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   Chapter 52 NO.52

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"Why are you so mad?" Nobi teased Zeph.

"You better get the fuck out my face." He looked at her.

"I'm not touching you." She held her finger close to his face. "I'm not touching you."

"Imma punch you in ya shit son."

"I'll still be the dumb bitch who take you back for the kids." She joked still waving her finger in his face.

"I'm not even playing, stop!" He raised his voice getting annoyed.

"Antlers." She laughed holding two fingers in his face now.

"Nobi I'm not-"

"Gimme ya chain bitch." Nobi snatched his gold chain off his neck running out the room making him run after her.

"Damn ma." Meil said after she almost knocked him down. "Then ya big ass gon do the same thing."

"Nobi, you fucking play too much!" He yelled as she laughed running around the counter.

"What are y'all doing?" Zamora laughed.

"I snatched his chain!" Nobi yelled hopping over the counter since he came to her side.

"And you wonder why we act the way we do." Zeus chuckled seeing his father was really mad.

"When I catch you, I swear to God Imma beat you up."

"Don't lie on my God." Meil said knowing he not gon do shit.

"I'm not even bout to chase you no more, you got expensive shit too." Zeph stopped.

He walked towards the stairs but Nobi ran towards him pulling him by his hair he was trying to grow out. Since he was taller than her she made him bend down, he started grabbing her pony tail as they started going in circles pulling each other hair.

"Y'all really making me mad." Zeus laughed as they all recorded them.

"Normal parents would be getting ready for work around this time but then there's mine." Zamora stated recording them.

"Get off my momma!" Zaccai yelled started to punch Zeph in his legs.

"Yo it's 7 in the morning." Har said standing on the stairs.

"Get off my hair pussy ass bitch!" Nobi yelled laughing.

"Ain't like it's yours." Zeph yelled making all them laugh.

"Aight because that was too far." Nobi frowned starting to throw hits as he did the same.

"Beat his ass ma! Swing! Uppercut! Clip em!" Meil yelled recording while rolling.

"Why?" Zahra asked. "Just why?"

"Aight aight chill cause I'm hungry ma." Meil broke it up laughing.

"Better be lucky you ain't pull my wig off bitch." Nobi jumped at him touching her hair.

"Why are y'all fighting this early?" Zalmir asked.

"Ma took his chain." Mora laughed.

"Better hit that Youngboy." Har chuckled.

"You ain't snatch shit off my neck bitch, you snatched it off his neck." Nobi yelled laughing.

"He said you bout to post that?" Zamora yelled talking bout the video.

"Why are y'all so loud?" Zeus asked.

"Where the rest of my kids?" Nobi asked.

"You hit me right?" Zeph asked looking at Zaccai.

"We'll jump the shit out of you if you touch my lil brother." Meil jumped at him.

"Okurrr!" Sin yelled walking in the kitchen.

"Y'all can't beat me." Zeph laughed.

"He laughing and smiling? Aw man Nobi you finally-"

"Sinnnn!" Nobi dragged out cutting her off. "But yes, yes I did."

"Why do you have scratches on your neck?" Zeph asked Zamora. "Come here, what's this?"

"What you talking bout?" Zamora asked trying to play stupid.

"We was play fighting yesterday, her dumb ass started scratching me so I choked her scratching her back." Meil lied for his sister.

"Mora was whooping his ass pops." Har added lying for her.

"Fuck she wasn't bitch."

"Oh aight." Zeph nodded backing up.

"Zane got a black eye." Zylie said coming down the stairs. "She's in the bathroom trying to hide it with makeup."

"What?" Nobi stood up running up the stairs. "I'll beat the shit out of you if you don't unlock this door."

"I'm using the bathroom." She lied hurrying to put on more makeup.

"Open the door." Zeph said.

"I'm using-"

"Imma kick this ish down." Meil yelled making her sigh knowing he would.

"Why ya eye look like this?" Nobi asked observing her purple and droopy eye.

"This new, at least done two days ago." Sin said grabbing her face.

"Who did it?" Meil asked.

"This boy said some nasty things to me and when I responded to him, he and his friends jumped me."

"What?" Nobi asked not hearing right.

"It was just boys who jumped you?" Mitch asked. "As in 13 year old boys jumped you?"

"Two girls, three boys." She said quietly.

"Heard you." Zamora stated grabbing her crunches. "Let's go to school, I'll beat somebody with my crunches."

"You don't got friends?" Sin asked. "What happened to that girl?"

"She didn't wanna be my friend no more because everyone talks about me." She said with her eyes watering. "No one likes me."

"I go to school with you, why didn't you tell me?" Zephaniah asked his sister.

"Wipe that makeup off your face." Mora said. "Put your hair in a pony tail and take these sandals off, let's go."

"Y'all going to school, I'll handle this. Go get ready, bye." Nobi snapped her fingers pulling out her phone to call her assistant.

"Ma, they age not on the clock. I'll trash em." Meil said.

"School, bye." She waved them off annoyed now.

Zameil Brown | Meil

"I love y'all." Mora put her arms over Har and my neck making us crotch down since she was so short.

"Why?" Ha

t giving you a day. I'm just telling you one day, we gon be good."

"When that day come, I'll still be here."

"You promise?" I held out my pinky.

"I promise." She latched our pinky as we both leaned in to kiss our hands.

"I really do love you kidd."

"I know." She closed mouth smiled.

"As long as you do."

"Even if we don't ever get together, I'm still glad you're apart of my life."

I nodded my head eating in silence, this whole conversation put me in my bag. Imma lose this girl and it ain't gon be nobody fault but mine, I needed to talk to my father annoying ass. His black ass gon have some smart shit to say.

"Aye Pops, I could talk to you?" I yelled out as he walked past my room.

"What?" He asked standing in the doorway.

"I don't even know what I gotta say but I just need to talk to you." I told him sitting up.

"What's it about?" He sat down on the couch in my room.

"This girl pops, I love her but I don't know how to love her."

"How don't you? You was born out of love. I treat your mother like she a queen and I treat your sisters like princesses. Your mother didn't want this relationship, now look at me saying the same shit to our son. You know how to love, you just don't want to."

"I feel like I'm too young, I don't wanna settle down then be fucking up while we in a relationship."

"Treat her like she Zamora then." He shrugged. "You love ya sister, probably more than anybody in the world. You her protector and she yours, she ya number one girl. Make ya girl ya number one."

"What if I fuck up?"

"Then tell her, if you fuck up while trying then just be real. She either leave or accept the shit but I promise you while you deep you won't even think about these bitches. Being in love really a different type of feeling, shit is explainable."

"You sound like a bitch." I chuckled making him laugh.

"At least I know what I want bitch." He smacked me in my head making me chuckle.

"Zephyr, pick up your shit!" I heard ma yell making me bust out laughing, she was always yelling at him yo. "You do this shit everyday! Pick up your shit now!"

"The fuck is you yelling for? I'm not picking up shit now, ugly ass."

"You got her ugly ass on ya back too."

"Look at my past girls, I got a thing for ugly bitches." He joked making me laugh harder.

"Aye ma!" I called out laughing.

"Chill chill." He chuckled.

"What?" She asked coming in the room. "What's funny?"

"Ma, I love a girl."

"Don't get in a relationship and have kids, you gon regret it."

"Damn ma." Zamora said as she walked in my room. "Can I sleep with you?"

"For what?"

"Cause I'm bored and I know we gon start talking and I'm going to fall asleep."

"You annoying." I chuckled as she put a pillow under her leg.

"Goodnight daddy, turn off the light." She smiled making me roll my eyes as he chuckled turning off the light.

I listened to Mora talk as she listened to me, I was wondering if I could do nights like this with Pearl. Can I be faithful? Can I actually give this a chance? I wouldn't know til I tried so I decided I'll try, Imma make Pearl my girl.

"I gotta fuck a few bitches before that though."


Guesss whaaat? I FINNALLLYYY GOT SOME DICKK! ?????? I wish I could put up videos but I guess pictures will do. I always wanted to take a picture with my sister and our niggas so I was excited as fuck taking this???????? He a dub now y'all but this picture really the cutest.

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