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   Chapter 51 NO.51

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"How I look?" Sin asked Nobi as they waited for Jace to come home.

"Pretty." Nobi said blankly looking at her phone.

"Bitch, you not even looking at me."

"Bitch, you look good fuck I need to look at you for to know you look good?"

"Aww, you love me." She smiled jumping on her.

"Get ya heavy ass off of me." Nobi pushed her.

"Who that bitch that keep looking at me?"

"Who?" Nobi looked up looking around.

"Her." Sin pointed at the girl making Nobi slap her arm down.

"That's Jace baby mother."

"Fuck she looking at me for? I ain't even see him in person yet."

"Milly the type of baby mom to use their baby for leverage, if Jace not fucking with her, he not fucking with their daughter either." Lee answered.

"I hate miserable ass baby mothers like that." Sin rolled her eyes. "Watch I make him forget he even got a baby mother."

"Jace love the shit out of his baby, he not bout to forget bout her." Nobi squinted her eyes.

"Bitch, I said his baby mother. Why would I want a nigga who don't take care of they seed?" Sin mocked her face.

"Bitch, you know you the type."

"Most def." Sin chuckled. "Where they at though? I wanna see him."

"Sef said they on their way, they had to get haircuts and go shopping." Lee answered. "Jace so cute."

"He is." Nobi agreed.

"I'm mad you beat Nisha up like that." Lee chuckled. "Ain't even let that girl hug her brother before you beat her up."

"Bitches be thinking they could walk pass me, once I say on sight that's what it mean."

"Then you sitting in the girl living room like it's nothing." Sin chuckled making Lee laugh harder.

"I don't care, she shouldn't be so tough black ass." Nobi rolled her eyes. "Zeph said they outside."

"I'm going in the bathroom so I could make a entrance." Sin said hurrying to the bathroom.

"She so extra." Lee laughed standing up.

Jace, Roddy, Sef and Zeph walked through the door making everybody cheer and smile, Jace looked around smiling. He ain't see most of these people in years, he was feeling real warm inside. He grabbed his six year old daughter smiling as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Hey mamas." He kissed her cheek repeatedly as she hid her face acting shy.

"Welcome home." Milly smiled hugging him, she tried to kiss him but he moved his face. He wasn't bout to be sucking other niggas dick by kissing her.

"Welcome home." Nobi smiled hugging him.

"Thanks Lady Mitch." He said making her smile harder, she loved getting called that.

"This better be my nephew in there." He chuckled touching Lee stomach.

"Hopefully." Sef smirked wrapping his arm around Lee.

"Welcome home." Izzy stated then walked away before he could say anything.

"He acting like I won't knock shit down his legs." Jace looked at his back as he walked towards the kitchen.

"Cool out." Zeph chuckled.

"I made you a plate baby." His mother smiled handing it to him.

"Damn, y'all treating me like a king. Like a nigga just got out of jail." He joked.

"You corny as hell." Roddy stared at him blankly.

"You be sucking dick all the way over there." Jace mocked his stare eating his food.

His daughter sat on his lap with Milly on the left of him, he wasn't paying her no attention but she kept trying to start conversation and touch him. He was done his plate and as he stood up, he pushed his head back looking at Sin walk into the living room. He licked his lips still looking at her, she was fine and thick as hell. He got hard just from seeing her.

"Yo, who that?" Jace asked his best friend.

"That's ya wife." Zeph chuckled.

"That's the one I was on the phone with? Sin?" He asked shocked, he thought they was just gassing him.

"She fine as hell, right?" Roddy chuckled. "And she from Jamaica brah."

"Word?" Jace asked making eye contact with her before she looked away. "So you Sincere Bailey, huh?"

"It's Sincere Fields, I told you we married. I'm ya wife." She said making him chuckle.

"I could dig it, I see you lived up to everything on the phone. Baby girl you beautiful." He touched her hand making her smile. "Beautiful as hell."

"Why you tryna get your dick sucked in your mother kitchen?" She asked making his mouth open in surprise, his dick jumped at the thought.

"You really bout it?"

"Good thing you don't know me yet." She touched the buckle of his pants making him back up.

"If my daughter wasn't in here, that would of been a good way to welcome me home." He smirked grabbing her hand so she could stop trying to unbuckle his belt.

"Good thing we have a hotel room booked for the weekend." She smirked leaning back.

"Daddy, I want ice cream." Malayan smiled running to him.

"Here mamas." He handed her the Dora Popsicle.

"You so pretty." Sin smiled.

"Don't touch me, mommy say you a ho bitch who gon take daddy from me." She rolled her eyes snapping her neck.

"Why the fuck you got on these hoops?" Jace asked now noticing them. "Then you got on this half shirt and lil ass shorts. Where ya mother?"

"Mommy went to train with Jah and Ki."

"What?" Jace squinted. "She told you that?"

"Yes, she go to train with Jah lot daddy."

"Ma, why you let Malayan dress her like this? Then she cursing and shit, the fuck?" Jace asked now annoyed.

"Jason, I can't tell the girl how to raise her child."

"She can't come back to get her, she come here call me." Jace said now annoyed. "Where her clothes? Layah go take all that shit off."

"She called me a ho bitch." Sin told Nobi as they both started laughing. "Watch I beat her mother up."

"You still wanna be a step mother?" Nobi chuckled.

"I don't gotta be around that bad ass lil girl, ain't my damn child." She chuckled. "I can't be around grown bad ass kids cause Imma have to beat her and her mother ass."

"This what you signed up for."

"Girl, pussy so good I'll make Jace stop fucking with his own daughter." Sin joked making Nobi and Lee laugh.

"We bout to leave though, we gotta go get ready for his welcome home party. Come on." Nobi said making her nod.

"You not gon say bye?" Lee asked as Sin picked up her stuff.

"I'm spending three days with the nigga, we got enough time." She smirked walking out the house.

"I can't wait to see how y'all relationship turn out." Nobi shook her head.


"These bitches stink." Jace said walking in the club.

"These ya favorite type of bitches." Royal said making Roddy bust out laughing.

"Ain't you like 15? Yo, I think y'all need to card him." Jace tapped security.

nter due to him pushing her so hard, she felt her jaw start throbbing making her touch it gently. She got mad and ran after him sending her hardest punches towards him, Jace was confused why she wanted to fight, he didn't even know she hit the counter cause he turned around.

"Aye brah." He grabbed her hands hiding his face. "Stop."

"I wanna fight, square up with me." She yelled snatching out his grip putting up her guard.

He raised a eyebrow noting she was serious, he ain't never met a tough ass bitch in his life. Just as he was about to tell her he wasn't finna fight her, she swung decking him right in his face and before he could think she did the same thing. He nodded and threw up his guard too, they started fighting like it wasn't nothing.

Jace cocked his fist all the way back landing it on the right side of her cheek, she stopped fighting to touch her face. It felt like that punch took her face fell off, noticing what he did he ran to get some ice. She snatched the ice from his hand going upstairs not even worried about her food.

"I'm sorry." He chuckled. "I ain't mean to hit you in ya face, you moved your body. I'm sorry."

"Watch I stab you." She mumbled making him chuckle.

"No you won't." He kissed all over her face as he laid down forcing her to lay down with him. "I'm sorry baby."

"Okay." Sin said closing her eyes.

They fell asleep like five minutes after, she woke up before him as usual. She went downstairs to go clean up their mess they made when they was fighting, she didn't even know they did all this. As she was cleaning she heard his phone ring, it said Jordan so she answered thinking it was a boy but it was really a girl.

She furrowed her eyebrows going through his messages again, he had bitches saved under nigga names. She chuckled, he think he so fucking slick. She went through Roddy and the rest of their messages too seeing everything she needed too.

A now pissed off Sin walked upstairs and she started throwing shit at him, clothes, cups, bottles, shoes anything that was in her eyesight. Jace sat up feeling multiple stuff hitting him, just as he went to say something a hard ass lamp hit the side of his face. He stood up running in the closet confused mad as fuck, he ain't have shit on him.

"Get your dumb ass out the closet." Sin yelled making him confused.

"The fuck you throwing shit at me for?" He said easing out the closet. "Got me thinking niggas finally caught me, the fuck?"

"You really a motherfucking hypocrite! You got all these bitches in your phone but wanna put your hands on me when you see me doing you without even knowing it."

"Sincere you mad-"

"I'm not even mad you got bitches, I'm mad you acting like you fucking innocent." She glared at him. "Got me feeling bad while you doing you."

"I ain't chilling with bitches, I tell em what they wanna hear then come to you."

"Are you dumb?" She asked. "Since you love your phone so much say bye to this shit."

She walked to her balcony throwing it in the pool, Jace knew his phone was waterproof so he didn't even care about that. She started wondering why he not reacting then realized she had to same exact phone and when she dropped hers in juice it was fine.

"You think you so fucking slick bitch." She glared at him hopping to the other side of the balcony.

"Brah, what is you doing?" He asked since the balcony was high as fuck.

She pressed a button making some stairs appear making him confused, she ran down the stairs diving in the pool to grab his phone. She pressed the lock button seeing it was still on, she walked out the backyard going to the front.

"Can you chill for a minute?" He asked.

"Suck my dick and don't say shit to me." She threw his phone against his car window from 10 feet away making his phone break but his window was fine.

"Sincere!" He yelled annoyed.

"Bye, get out." She walked passed him going in the house. "Dumb ass nigga."

"This stupid bitch." He said picking up his phone pieces.

He looked back smiling, this was his type of bitch. He couldn't wait to fuck her attitude out of her.


Since y'all always asking me to do separate books about the other couples in my book and I have writers block, why not include it here? I'm only doing Jace&Sin, Lee&Sef, Royal&Zarie soooo yeah. What y'all think?

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