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   Chapter 50 NO.50

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"Why isn't Zeus in his room? Where is he?" Nobi asked Zeph.

"What time is it?" He mumbled.


"He running and training, he'll be back at 6."

"He's trains at 5 in the morning?"

"He leave out a 3 and stay til 6."

"How many times does he do this?"


"Isn't that doing too much for his body?"

"He a athlete No, he know when he need to stop."

"How's his reading?"

"If you don't get the fuck out my face, ask me that shit when I wake up." Zeph said turning the other way.

"I'll punch the shit out of you."

"I'm not even playing."

"You know I don't play no games, I'll whoop ya ass."

"I'm not playing." He repeated more seriously.

"You know we haven't had sex in three weeks?"

"And we not bout to right now."

"If I wanted it, I'll take it." Nobi scoffed.

"That's rape."

"I don't even wanna have sex, I was just making an observation and-"

"Imma go sleep downstairs." He grabbed his pillow making her laugh.

"Aight aight, lay back down. I'll stop messing with you."

He looked at her sternly then laid back down Nobi rolled her eyes getting her phone, she was going to call one of her sisters since he didn't wanna talk. They wouldn't care about talking to her, Lee and Zarie didn't answer but Sin did.

"Bitchhhhh!" Nobi yelled.

"Bitchhhhh!" Sin yelled back.

"It's 5 in the fucking morning." Ruga turned around.

"First of all-"

"Mind your business." Nobi finished her sentence for her.

"This why you my muhfuckin bitch, what you doing up sis?"

"Went to go check on my kids and now I can't sleep, why you woke?"

"Just sucked Ruga dick." She shrugged.

"Must be fucking nice, Zeph don't like getting woke up to head no more."

"Zeph need to see a therapist with his angry ass, boy always mad."

"He wake up mad, eat mad, I bet you he mad now. Zephyr?"

"Nobi leave me the fuck alone." He said making her and Sin bust out laughing.

"I'm bout to come over there." Sin said.

"Yes please, I'll make us breakfast."

"It's lit bitch, Ruga wake up! You gotta take me to Nobi house."

"Sincere get the fuck out my face."

"Nobi, let me call you back."

"Okay." Nobi chuckled.

"Get out." Zeph said.

"I don't know what the fuck you so tired for, you don't do shit but tell people what to do all day. Mad angry ass."

Fifteen minutes passed as Nobi heard the doorbell ringing like crazy, she laughed knowing Sin was going to do that. Zeph glared at her as she got out the bed going downstairs to open the door, Sin smiled at her then waved to Ruga who was sitting in the car annoyed.

"I missed coming over here this time of night." Sin smiled hugging her.

"Right bitch, next time I go away you're most def coming." She smiled.

"Nobi, you really like a natural ass Kim K. I'm jealous."

"Have 10 kids." Nobi shrugged.

"I don't even have one, you think I'm bout to have 12? Okay." She scoffed.

"I still can't believe you didn't give me any nieces or nephews."

"I have 12 nieces, 14 nephews and a nephew or niece on the way, why would I need kids?"

"I know you not including Jace kids as your nieces or nephews?"

"Yes, Jace my born again brother." She said making Nobi bust out laughing.

"Okay." She scoffed. "Who got a baby on the way?"

"Baby Ali."

"She finally pregnant again?" Nobi smiled. "I know Royal happy as hell."

"Only she would wait until she 33 to have another child."

"You know Zarie wanted her life together before she had kids, they was together for three years before she even had sex with him." Sin shook her head.

"Did you see the video I sent you?"

"Bitch!!!" She yelled making Nobi laugh. "What the fuck was Rara doing?"

"I don't know, I'm really embarrassed Sin. I had to rewatch the video five times, it got worse each time."

"I mean it wasn't the worst I've seen but it was bad." Sin shook her head. "She ain't use no type of spit, her hand kept being in the way, wasn't moaning or nothing."

"That's exactly how I was analyzing it, I really wish she was my cousin or something so I could teach her how to suck dick." Nobi frowned.

"I almost forgot she was my niece, I was bout to show Ruga like you see this bullshit?"

"The only excuse she should give for not using spit is if she was high, that's the only pass I give on that."

"On me ain't no spit when you high." Sin said as they both busted out laughing.

"Hey baby." Nobi said through laughs as Zeus walked in sweating.

"Hey ma, wassup aunt Sin?" He said getting a water.

"You training?" Sin asked.

"Yes." He answered.

"You been reading?" Nobi asked him.

"Yeah, wrote my own three page essay without help earlier. Wanna read it?"

"Read it to me."

"Imma go get it."

"I told you Har fucking his teacher and he got her pregnant?" Nobi asked as he walked upstairs.

"I know you lying!"

"And Relly pregnant."

"Not lil innocent Relly, my baby was just riding bikes with no training wheels and now she riding dick like a BMX."

"Bye Sin cause you playing." Nobi laughed.

"How many months?"

"We go to the doctor later."

"Eggzactly why I don't want and need kids."

"I know you and Ruga get bored."

"That's what sex for, once we get bored we have sex every where multiple times any time."

"Must be fucking nice." Nobi shook her head chuckling.

"So you coming to Roddy dinner party right?"

"Eve gon be there?"

"I mean that is his wife." She furrowed her eyebrows. "You don't gotta talk to her, just speak and go about your day."

"Fine." I rolled my eyes.

"Y'all need to squash the bullshit ass beef y'all got going on anyway."

"No, she need to squash that fake street shit, she wanna have a background and be from the hood so bad. I'm honestly waiting to beat her up."

"Not everybody could go to jail 46 times by the age of 16." Sin said sarcastically.

"It's not even about that, it's the fact that she really a hater. Sis wanted me to work under her my whole life, she really threw a bunch of dirt on my name when I first started being a social worker. Exactly why I stole all her cases and put them in good homes."

"Here it is." Zeus came back downstairs handing Nobi the paper.

"I said read it to me." Nobi pushed it back in his hands.

He looked at his mother then at Sin, he didn't mind messing up in front of his mother but he didn't wanna look dumb in front of Sin. He put the paper in front of her declining.

"Read it to me Zoo." Nobi handed it to him again.

"Show me how smart my nephew is." Sin smiled. "I'll buy you that basketball signed by Shaq, Kobe and MJ."

"Don't bribe him." Nobi hit her.

"I got to read all of it?"

"Read until you feel like you can't anymore but just like you push ya self for ball, push yaself in reading. You got it." Nobi smiled as he started reading.

Zerelda Brown | Relly

"Something stinks." I said holding my nose as I walked in the kitchen.

"It's you." Zalmir said making me roll my eyes.

"Why you woke? You suspended, you not going to school." Ma said as Zamiel walked downstairs.

"Seriously? I thought he was playing."

"Nope so go change cause you bout to go to work." Dad said.

"Work? When I get a j

something, guess that confirm you avoiding me."

"Yup." I said.

"Imma talk to you after you finish so you won't fuck up." He said closing the door making me roll my eyes.

I spent 15 more minutes completing it, once I was satisfied I smiled cleaning it. He held his phone up to the mirror to check his back, he smiled in satisfaction making me laugh. I took out my phone taking a picture impressed with my work adding it to my Instagram.

"My shit like that right?" He yelled as we walking into the front.

"Damn Mora." Vince said taking a picture.

"You a new artist?" A boy asked.

"Not yet."

"Well you nice, you gon tatt me next week?"

"Look at you stealing my clients." Pie smiled. "This shit is nice."

"You messed up on the U a little and ya lines for the N too thin." Honey said analyzing it. "On the second N ya lines not sturdy, you did good though."

"Thank you." I smiled taking in everything he had to say.

"Come with me."


"Mor, how much you want?" Gram asked.

"Give her $200 for it." Honey said.

"Imma give you $250." Gram handed me the money making me smile. I hugged all of them then walked out with Honey as he helped me in the car.

"You know Mel died?" Honey asked starting the car.

"Not my business."

"Just was letting you know."

"I don't care if she was dead or alive." I shrugged.

"You fake gangster as hell." He chuckled.

"I'm real gangster, what bitch you know gon get hit by a car on the high way and keep running?" I laughed making him laugh.

"Should of collected that check, you bugging."

"Where we going?"

"To my house."


"Cause today my off day and you bout to chill with me."

"You just got me mad." I rolled my eyes.

"You wanna chill with me, fuck up."

"No I don't." I lied.

"When you lie ya lip curl up."

"No it don't."

"Okay." He shrugged parking.

"This not ya house." I scrunched my face up.

"I moved sometime last week." He opened his door grabbing my crunches.

He lifted me out the seat helping me on the ground, he handed me my crunches as I leaped behind him. He unlocked the door to his house as I looked around, it looked real big. Before I could say something a big ass dog ran towards us barking.

"Honey!" I yelled almost falling as Honey grabbed it.

"Mora, you good." He chuckled. "He not gon do nothing."

"So why he barking like he want me to leave? I don't like dogs Honey, put him up or I'm leaving."

"Chip shut up!" He yelled making him stop braking. "See he good."

"He still looking at me like I got to leave."

"Mor." Honey laughed. "He not gon do anything, he trained. Just let him smell you so he could be comfortable."

"So it don't matter if I'm not comfortable? Only if he comfortable?" I asked making him laugh.

"Come here." He held his hand out making me slowly grab it. "Chip meet Mora."

"Honey." I whined as he jumped on me. "Honey."

"He smelling you." He chuckled. "How you get hit by a car but scared of him?"

"It's different." I continued whining as he walked away.

"Now he gon leave you alone cause he comfortable, punk ass." He said helping me sit on the couch.

"I don't care, that's a big ass German Shepherd." I rolled my eyes as he turned on the t.v.

"First of all, he a rottweiler."

"Same difference, can you teach me how to speak creole?"

"Why?" He chuckled.

"Cause I got this Haitian boyfriend named Jamal and I think he be cheating on me, I need to know what the fuck he be saying to bitches."

"How you cheating on me?"

"You Haitian, I'm not taking you or Jamal serious. I don't know what's wrong with y'all." I said making him laugh.

"I'll only talk creole to you baby." He smiled then said something making me look at him.

"See no, take me home cause I can't ride dick with this cask on." I said as he busted out laughing, I was so serious.

"Who said you gotta ride anything?"

"Ooh, I like this energy." I smiled.

"You really sumn else, you ignore me for like four days now we back good." He shook his head. "You just want some dick."

"I mean I'm not denying or confirming your statement but I'm cool with anything."

"Stand up." He said making me stand up as he picked me up carrying me into his room. I smiled real wide, I been waiting for this since I saw him. "Aye Mor?"

"Yes?" I asked as he took off my clothes.

"You know you my girl?"

"I been ya girl." I mumbled making him give me a smile showing his white ass teeth.


If y'all still don't know who is who then Idk what to tell y'all.. I'm not bout to keep explaining.

So in April I'm going to Cali, Philly in May, Virginia Beach, Miami and somewhere else in June then South Africa the end of August???? I REFUSE to stay in Jersey this summer.

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