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   Chapter 49 NO.49

Let Down By Xannny Characters: 25532

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Zahra Brown | Rara

I walked in the kitchen seeing dad just standing there, he looked at me then looked behind me at Zameil. Zamiel walked to the refrigerator getting some milk as I sat down wondering why he was glaring at us, I knew he was mad about the fight but we got cursed out for that already.

"Where the fuck is Zamora?" He asked.

"She spent the night with Nova, she ain't want the cops to come here looking for her." Meil lied for her.

"All of y'all come straight home."

"Ain't mom coming home anyway?" I asked.

"I got football practice." Meil said.

"You got a fucking bullet in your hand, you not going no where."

"It is not a bullet in my hand, I got grazed."

"If you got grazed, why it's a hole in your hand idiot? I fucking felt the bullet yesterday."

"I think you was just feeling my knuckle."

"Today will be the day I knock you out." Dad glared at him. "I'm not in the fucking mood."

"So mom comes today or not?" I asked.

"Yeah." Har said coming down the stairs.

"She's on the plane now." Mora stated limping in the house.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Dad put his cup down.

"I got hit by a car yesterday running from the cops."

"You also got grazed by a bullet, this is what a grazed wound look like you idiot." He looked at Meil.

"Oh shit, I got shot!" Meil yelled jumping up and down making us laugh while dad just looked at him blankly. He stopped jumping and fell down. "I can't see, it's getting blurry, the bullet is traveling!"

"Why does he play so much?" Mora laughed.

"Meil and Mora, y'all not going to school. I gotta take y'all to the hospital so-"

"Can I go after I get this bullet out? School gon be lit today." Meil said.

"No, matter fact yeah cause you not staying with me all day."

"Who am I driving with today?" Zylie asked.

"You smiling, you up early, you jumped in for us yesterday-"

"We got our sister backk!" Meil cut of Mora yelled smiling.

"Ha ha." Zylie laughed grabbing a soda.

"You could ride with me if you wanna leave now." Zalmir said walking in the kitchen with Relly.

"Meil, can you-"

"Stop talking to me." Meil cut off Relly making her frown.

"You're really mad at me for something so petty."

"Dad, we leaving now?" Mora asked.

"We gotta take them to school first, Zeph, Zaccai and Zane come on!" He yelled out as they all walked out.

I got in the car with Har and Relly, I got in the front seat taking a picture. I smiled cause Har photo bombed me, I rolled my eyes putting it up anyway. I turned on the radio hearing some song, it was ass so I turned it down.

"Are you mad at me too?" Relly asked.

"I'm mad but I ain't mad, I don't even know what I feel."

"At least you're talking to me." She sighed.

"Meil not talking to me either." I told her.

"Y'all gotta understand y'all our little sisters, we supposed to protect y'all from everything but most importantly we niggas, we know shit y'all don't. You might like this nigga from the South and you might like Quaddy but if he don't want y'all with them then he tryna protect y'all."

"He didn't have to call me a dumb bitch though." Relly said.

"Yeah, Meil wrong for that. I wouldn't of told you Quaddy cheated on you like that but I would of told you without sugar coating it."

"He just hurt my feelings and didn't even care."

"It wasn't even about you, it was the fact that Quaddy crossed a line. Y'all know Quaddy sister a straight hoe and no matter how much Meil wanted to fuck, he didn't. Sisters something we all agreed off limits since we was 7."

"I get it and we knew it was wrong but we just connected." Relly shrugged.

"You still with Quaddy?" I asked.

"No, I'm not even talking to him."

"Y'all was having sex?"

"Yes." Relly said.

"Strap up is all I gotta say." He said parking.

I spotted Santana talking to a group of niggas from the South, I wasn't about to go over there but I wanted to say something to him. I decided to just wait, I'll see him in the hallway sooner or later.


I walked out of the class as the bell rung, I walked to my locker putting everything in there. People started staring at me making me roll my eyes, they been looking at me all day. They were seriously annoying but I wasn't going to say anything because my father said no trouble today.

I walked pass Meil as he shook his head at me, he glared at me like I did something to him. I furrowed my eyebrows confused, Zeus looked at me and walked straight passed me as I was about to say something. I walked in the cafeteria seeing everybody looking at me laughing.

"I been looking for you this whole day girl." Maisn stated walking towards.

"Wassup Zahra?" Some boy smirked at me.

"Um, hey?"

"Hey Zahra." A football player said.

"Zahra, I ain't know you like that girl." Beverly smiled at me.

"You wanna get punched in your shit?" Maisn asked.

"What's going on? Why is everybody looking at me?"

"Um, you- here." She handed me her phone as I seen a video of me sucking dick making my heart drop, tears came to my eyes as I looked at her. "Santana posted the video."

"But he-" I couldn't even finish my sentence. I looked up seeing people looking at me laughing, a tear dropped from my eye as I looked at them. This was so embarrassing.

"Come on baby." Maisn grabbed my hand.

As we walked out I seen a crowd, we walked through it seeing Meil kicking somebody in they head. The boy turned and I saw it was Santana, he was curled into a ball as Zameil kicked him repeatedly. Zahur grabbed him pushing him back, Santana stood up just to get right back knocked out by Zameil.

"Y'all niggas in this school gon stop fucking playing with me!" Zamiel yelled then spit on Santana.

"Chill son damn!" Zahur pushed em again.

"Bro, stop fucking pushing me." Zameil said almost falling.

"Then walk the fuck, damn!"

"Bitch push me again!"

"Chill out y'all." Jamal stood between.

"You damn sure gotta move from by me." Zameil said looking at Quaddy.

"Meil, relax." Maisn said.

Meil looked at Maisn then at me and Relly who was standing next to me, he started laughing and walked off making me put my head down. Maisn grabbed my hand pulling me out the school, we got into her car where I broke down.

"Chin the fuck up." Maisn said. "You made the video then own ya shit, yeah that shit embarrassing but you not bout to be crying over shit you can't change. Fuck what these people saying, take that shit and do you."

"Easier said than done, you not the one on camera sucking dick."

"You want me to release one of my videos? Cause sisss my shits some bomb I be wanting to expose myself." She said making me laugh.

"No don't do that." I chuckled wiping my face.

"We bout to get our nails done and chill out til school over, fuck these people." She said pulling off.


"This your fourth fucking fight in a week!" Zeph yelled at Zameil.

"Yeah man, shit been hard." Meil joked sitting on the stool in the kitchen. He got knocked out his seat from Zeph sending two powerful ass punches to his chest.

"Today gon be the day I fuck you up! I'm not playing, I'm not laughing, I'm dead the fuck serious."

"Aight brah." Zamiel stated getting off the floor.

"What you wanna fight? Wassup?" Mitch took off his ring.

Zameil pulled his pants up swinging but Mitch bobbed and punched him directly in his mouth making him stumble back. Meil got madder and started throwing punches as none connected, Zeph was fucking him up. He sent one last punch making Zameil fall straight back.

"I'm not these fucking niggas you be beating on, stop playing

im being gay that got me mad, it's the fact he was fake around me. I put him on bitches and he was suffering because he wanted to be accepted, that's the shit that's blowing me. I don't understand how hard it is being in the closet but I wouldn't of messed with bitches knowing I had to force myself to like it."

"Understandable." Nobi nodded. "What you got to say Mir?"

"It's not that I didn't like them females, I did. I enjoy having sex with females but I love Andre, maybe I'm bisexual? I don't know I'm confused."

"Well, while you figure yourself out we'll still be here." Relly smiled.

"Who next?" Zeph asked.

"Me." Zamora said.

"Who did you have sex with? Did you use a condom?" Nobi asked.

"Honey and no we didn't but I'm not pregnant because we couldn't finish, I do think I should get tested."

"I'll take you tomorrow, who next?"

"Relly fuck you mean you pregnant?" Zeph asked.

"I'm having symptoms." She mumbled.

"You, Zahra and Mora will be going to the doctor tomorrow." Nobi told them.

"Why was you starving yourself?" Zeph asked Zylie.

"I don't know." She mumbled. "I don't have a problem with my weight, I just wanted attention I guess. I felt like y'all don't love me."

"I don't like you but I love you." Zameil said. "I love all my lil niggas, I just don't like y'all."

"You annoying." Zeus chuckled.

"Are you writing Zadie killer for closure?" Nobi asked.

"Yes, I wanted him to know I don't blame him."

"I was actually thinking of doing that myself." Nobi stated.

"I guess I'm last, she six weeks pregnant and I'm sorry for disappointing y'all but I want this baby and I love her." Har said.

"Who is it?" Nobi stated.

"Her name Carla."

"As in my English teacher?" Relly asked wide eyed.

"I knew it!" Mora yelled laughing.

"I really wanna be mad but I'm not." Zeph chuckled. "Nigga fucking his teacher, I can't wait to tell Roddy this shit."

"Wait, hold on before I get on you Har. Mora you said you was in jail?" Nobi said.

"Oh yeah, I fought Honey girlfriend but apparently she died yesterday at the gas station so charges was dropped."

"Har, I'm not disappointed in you. I could never be but do you know what trouble she could get in for this slip up?"

"Yes, she's trying to see if she can transfer now. I just wanted to tell y'all."

"Thank y'all for being honest with us." Nobi smiled standing up. "I'm going to drink a whole bottle of Vodka and go to bed, goodnight."

"Can we have a family night?" Zephaniah asked.

"Yeah, it's your first day back. Please mommy." Zane smiled.

"Okay." Nobi shook her head. "Meet back down here in thirty minutes."

Nobi walked up the stairs with Zeph following, Nobi went into her hidden liquor cabinet grabbing the 1800 Tequila drinking straight. She passed it to Zeph as he took a swig scrunching his face up.

"They had something to do with that shooting at the gas station." Zeph told Nobi drinking some more.

"I know." Nobi shook her head. "I looked at the footage from the news, that's Jace burner car."

"Aye, Zamiel and Har come here." Zeph yelled. "Close the door."

"Wassup?" Har asked leaning on the dresser.

"I'm giving y'all one chance to lie to me before I fuck both of y'all up." Zeph said making them grow confused.

"Did y'all have something to do with the gas station shit?" Nobi asked glaring at them.

"Yes." They said in unison, they couldn't lie when they mother was looking at them like that.

"Why didn't y'all come to me?" Zeph sighed. "I would of handled shit for y'all."

"We needed to do this ourselves." Meil stated. "They shot me thinking shit was going to be swisher sweet, I'm tired of beating them up. They get beat up and still say something the next day, that spitting shit don't work either."

"I can't be mad, I was taking lives at 14." Zeph said. "I'll be a hypocrite if I got mad, I'm actually more impressed that y'all could aim like that to kill 20 people."

"This Jamal right?" Nobi asked pointing at a boy shooting out the sunroof.

"Yeah." Har answered.

"I wanna know who help yelled? Jace helped?" Mitch asked.

"No." Meil lied not wanting to rat out his uncle.

"You a loyal lil nigga, I ain't gon tell him you told me." Mitch laughed. "Y'all could leave now."

"I need a fucking drink stronger than this." Nobi said chugging from the bottle.

"We becoming grandparents, our sons killers, we got one deceased daughter, a bulimic daughter, a confused bisexual son, a heartbroken daughter, a daughter getting bullied. What the fuck is going on in our household?"

"I wish I knew." Nobi shook his head feeling type tipsy.

"Oh I almost forgot about my watch." Zeph said taking off his belt. "Zaccai, I'm bout to fuck you up."

Nobi shook her head smiling, although her household was a mess she was happy this was her mess to clean up. She loved her family and although they were so stressful to deal with, she loved them. She couldn't ask for any other kids.

"What movie we watching?" She yelled getting different suggestions.


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