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   Chapter 48 NO.48

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Zameil Brown | Meil

I walked in the kitchen getting a Jimmy Dean croissant sausage egg and cheese sandwich, I grabbed it putting in the microwave. I looked at my father as he was on his laptop, Sef and Jace walked in the kitchen dabbing both of us up.

"Why you not being annoying?" Jace asked making me look at him.

"Don't got nothing to say." I shrugged eating my food.

"I think he sick, sumn wrong with em." Sef said.

"He been like this for a couple of days, he ain't talking been messing with nobody." Pops told them.

"You dying?" Jace asked. "Got a bitch pregnant? STD?"

"None of that, I just don't got nothing to say."

"I thought you were suspended, why you woke?" Har asked taking a piece of my croissant.

" Coach made me write a essay apologizing and agreeing to do some community service around the school so I won't be suspended."

"Suspended means you can't play in games, right?" Sef asked making me nod.

"You just smiled?" Jace asked Zylie as she chuckled making all of us furrow our eyebrows.

"Yes, goodmorning."

"I gotta go clean up before school start, I'm out." I told pops.

"You want one of my cars?"

"Nah, I'll drive mine." I told him as he looked confused.

"Come here."

"What?" I asked walking towards him.

"You not hot, I don't see no bruises on you, what the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Nothing." I shrugged. "I could leave now?"

"Go head."

I got in the car driving around for a minute to clear my head then went to school so I could clean up, it was a few cars parked. I was thinking bout rolling up but I just went in instead, I walked to the cafeteria going in the back to get a rag and spray.

I saw Quaddy mopping, he looked at me but I ain't say shit as I started cleaning up. A few people walked in the cafeteria to get breakfast as I continued wiping the tables and throwing trash away. I saw somebody walk towards me making me look up.

"I crossed a line son but you-"

"Stop talking to me." I cut him off walking off.

"Meil, we been brothers since we been in diapers yo. You know-"

"Imma punch you in ya shit if you say something else to me." I looked at him putting the cleaning stuff down.

"Mr.Brown come in my office please." The principal said making me groan in annoyance.

The day I don't wanna talk to nobody, everybody wanna talk to me. Y'all obviously see I'm not playing or talking so leave me the fuck alone.

"So you've been in trouble since the beginning of the school year and it's only the third month, I know since you're on the football team you think can get away with anything but that's not the case. Getting kicked off the football team or even expulsion is in your future if you continue this."

I looked at him blankly not caring what he had to talk about, I knew I wasn't getting expelled or kicked off the football team because my mother the reason we still had a football team. I got up in the middle of him talking so I could go to class.

"Watch where you going." Some South nigga bumped into me. I looked at him then walked off, beating these niggas up getting annoying.


"You want some?" Mora asked me as she laid on my shoulder.

"Nah." I told her shaking my strawberry milk.

"I understand not talking to everybody else but me?" She frowned. "You my dawg, I didn't do anything."

"Nobody did nothing to me, just not in the mood to talk to anybody."

"Who that nigga Zylie with?" Jamal asked making me look then drink my milk.

"That's a outwest nigga, his name G." Rod said.

"Outwest?" Har furrowed his eyebrows.

"He's cute." Maisn said. "My cousins got some good ass taste in the wrong niggas."

"She's smiling and I ain't seen that in a while so I'm here for it." Zamora smiled. "I missed her smiling."

"Wassup?" Quaddy asked sitting down as Zalmir sat down next to me.

"Why them niggas in y'all face like that?" Maisn asked.

"WHAAAAT?" Jamal yelled out to the South niggas making me chuckle.

"They pointing to Mir or Meil?" Har asked.

"You know they pointing to Meil." Mora chuckled. "I'll swing on them niggas for my dawg."

"Straight knocking shit out for my cousin." Maisn cosigned.

"I'm not worried about nobody." I waved them off.

I was tired of this South beef now, niggas better kill me or start beating me the fuck up cause it was annoying. I never met a bunch of niggas who can't fight but continued talking, at least if you can't fight, you better tote shit but they don't do that either. They was some irrelevant ass niggas.

The last bell rung making me go to my locker to drop my books in there, I walked out seeing a group of niggas and bitches. I instantly recognized them as South niggas, I walked to my car putting all my shit in there along with my shirt. It was around 25 niggas and 20 bitches, as I was walking they started walking towards me making me stop.

"You the one that be spitting on people or that's ya twin?" Some nigga asked, he had to be atleast 30.

"That's me, wassup?"

"Word is you spit on my niece."

"I did, wassup?"

"I told y'all this nigga some tough ass nigga." A South nigga said.

"This Mitch son right?" Another one asked.

"Yeah, he just like his father thinking he untouchable."

"Like he can't die."

"Man, y'all niggas been looking at me all day cause y'all decided to tell y'all fathers on me. Y'all some soft ass niggas, we fighting? Shooting? What we doing? Cause y'all wasting my fucking time."

"Square up with em Yetta." I heard as some tall as nigga walked up to me.

"Oh aight." I chuckled backing up pulling my pants up.

Zahur Brown | Har

"Are you mad at me?" Carla asked.

"Why would I be mad you pregnant? I knew you wasn't on birth control and we wasn't using condoms. I'm just mad we in this predicament." I told her honestly.

"What does that mean?"

"You a teacher, how am I supposed to tell my parents bout you? You was my teacher last year, I mean I'm 18 now but this shit still illegal. What the fuck you supposed to do when you start getting bigger and people start questioning who the baby father?"

"So you want me to abort our child?"

"I'm not saying that at all, I just don't know what to do in this situation Carla. I ain't never been through this."

"And you think I have? I just be in relationships with all of my students?" She asked standing up. "You don't have to take care of my child, when they start questioning my childs father I'll tell them he was a one night stand. That's what you want? A out right?"

"I'm not saying that." I furrowed my eyebrows. "I'm thinking about you, you'll go to jail while shit won't happen to me. They'll call you a pervert and all of that, you'll get fired. I'm really thinking about you."

"So what we supposed to do?" She sighed as tears came to her eyes.

"I don't know." I sighed. "You don't think you could transfer to another school? They can't say shit if you not my teacher no more."

"It's the beginning of the school year, I doubt I can Zahur."

"I don't know what to say." I shook my head folding my hands. "I do know I want our child."

"I want our child too." She sadly smiled.

"Then we agree abortion not something we want."

"I can hide this pregnancy until you graduate then we'll be free. I'm only 6 weeks, we have some time before I get big."

"I'm just scared of what my mother got to say." I shook my head. "I never disappointed her before, I'm not trying to."

"I've met your mother, she loves you to ever think of you as a disappointment." She said rubbing my head.

"You right." I nodded unsure.

She was about to say something until I heard hella noise coming the hallway, people was yelling and running. I furrowed my eyebrows walking out the class, I seen a bloody Zamora making me stop her as Rara appeared next to her bleeding too.

"What the fuck happened? What the fuck?!" I yelled.

"The South niggas started shooting, Zamiel-" I ain't hear the rest of

o come out, some policemen started running towards us but I wasn't letting go of her hair unless it came with me. They replaced Honey and once they pulled me a handful of braids came out too. I looked at it seeing hair on them, I chuckled throwing it on her.

They pushed me on somebody car as Honey yelled out for them to stop, I sighed knowing I was going to jail. They put the cuffs on my wrist tightly, they put me in the car. I leaned back as they led me to the precinct, once we got out they started asking me questions and I decided to cooperate.

"Am I being arrested?" I asked the cop.

"Right now, you're just being detained. We have to talk to the store manager to see if he would like to press charger for the disturbance you caused."

"Can I call my mom?"

"You may." He slid a phone to me getting up to give me privacy. Instead of calling my parents, I called Nova.

"Who this?" Pure answered.

"It's me, Mora."

"Mora, why you calling from a jail number? What you do?"

"I fought Honey girlfriend, where's Nova? I need her to come get me from the Precinct on Berkeley."

"She in the shower but we'll be there in less than ten minutes."

"Okay, thank you Pure." I hung up.

"The owner of the store said he won't be pressing charges and you were defending yourself but unfortunately the girl says she wants to press charges."

"So I'm being locked up?"

"For right now but I doubt the charges stick, you have no juvenile background but she does. I'll fight for you to get released but right now you just have to cooperate."

"Okay." I nodded.

Guess I'm spending the night in jail.

Zamiel Brown | Meil

"What y'all want?" Jace asked as we walked in his house.

"We need guns." I told him making him look at me.

"For what?"

"Them South niggas shot me." I showed him my hand that was still bleeding. "I'm ready to end their lives."

"How y'all tryna do this?"

"What?" Har asked.

"I'm not bout to let y'all go kill niggas by y'all selves, y'all new to this shit. So tell me what's the plan?"

"They be at the gas station on Richard St., they got three cameras all together so we could ride over there. Park the car, start blasting, split up, ditch the clothes we got on then meet back up at the car." Quaddy said.

"That ain't bad." Jace nodded. "But it ain't gon work, the South upped they cameras so it's hidden cameras everywhere. I got a unmarked car with no tags or nothing, which three of y'all got the best aim?"

"Meil, Jamal and Rod."

"Yeah nigga you better aim good, ya father do." Jace laughed looking at Rod. "I'm driving so Meil gon be in the front, Rod in the back behind him and Mal behind me. Har and Quaddy, Imma need y'all to get the lighting fluid out my closet. We gon torch the burner car with the clothes in it so y'all need to drive my truck and park it and wait til we meet up again."

"Bet." I nodded.

"I need y'all to make sure no tattoos showing, if y'all got jewelry take it off, don't bring no phones. Everybody go get a mask and some gloves, I'm doing the hit with y'all but I ain't going down for y'all if y'all fuck up."

"We got this." Mal said.

"And if anybody too scared, sit the fuck down now cause if you bitch out Imma shoot you in a place I know that's gon hurt for years." He threatened looking at all of us.

"We got this like I said." Mal said.

"We out then." Jace spoke.


"These most of the niggas from the riot." I mumbled as we looked at all them at the gas station.

"That nigga with the red hit me like fifteen years ago, Make sure y'all kill em." Jace said making us chuckle.

"Y'all ready?" Mal asked putting on his ski mask.

"Do y'all." Jace said as we pulled in the gas station.

"Didn't I tell y'all niggas y'all ain't safe?!" I yelled getting they attention, before they could run I pulled the trigger seeing bodies drop.

Mal stood up shooting out the sunroof, some nigga dropped and I knew he didn't get shot so I shot em for real. I shot the bitch that I saw kick Mora earlier, I saw somebody brains on the store windows. Jace pulled off slowly but stopped all together as Jamal aimed for the gas tanks, he shot both of them as we saw some sparks as a fire started.

"This is fucking beautiful." Jace smiled looking at all the dead bodies, this nigga a sociopath.

"We out, come on." Rod said.

Right as we got down the street we heard a big ass explosion, we got on the highway still wearing our mask. Jace got off the highway pulling into some field with a bunch of abandoned houses, Har and Quaddy got out the car handing us the lighter fluid. We stripped throwing everything in the burner car, Jace poured it on all the clothes and all over the car. I threw a match on the clothes and another one on the car making it quickly make fire.

"We on grass so we ain't gon leave no tire tracks, we did everything right. Can't nobody track y'all to this, Imma drop y'all home. Don't text about this shit, don't say shit over the phone, don't tell anybody shit that's not in this car." Jace said. "Not Roddy, not Mitch, not nobody. Don't even talk about this shit period. Y'all got it?"

"Yeah." We all answered in unison.


I know I just did some shit but I prayed to God this don't come back around.


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