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   Chapter 47 NO.47

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Zerelda Brown | Relly

"Can you stop for two minutes?" I asked Quaddy rolling my eyes.

"What you want?" He asked stopping.

"You seriously mad because I tutor someone you don't like? This has nothing to do with the beef y'all have, he needs help."

"You done?"

"No I'm not done!" I glared at him. "You broke up with me because-"

"Because you wanna be going to niggas houses and when somebody ask you why the fuck you there you wanna act like you stupid, you not stupid, far from it. You being sneaky and I ain't for it, I could have any bitch in here."

"Okay, you can have any bitch in here but you won't because you have me and I have you."

"Man, watch out."

"Quadir stop!" I grabbed him from walking.

"Aye Relly, stop touching me."

"You're acting so immature."

"What you going to niggas houses for?"

"He didn't wanna go to the library so-"

"You still be at that nigga house?" He asked making me look at him. "Watch out Relly."

"Quadir I miss you so much." I said wrapping my arms around his waist laying my head on his chest.

"Relly, get off me."

"I haven't spoke to you in almost two weeks our relationship not over, I don't want it to be. Stop trying to push me away because I'm not going no where."

"You making yourself look stupid."

"I don't care." I continued hugging him.

"I gotta go back to class, watch out."

"I don't care."

"Ya brothers gon see you hugged up on me."

"I don't care about them either."

"You really gotta see how stupid you look." He chuckled.

"If I look stupid why you hugging me back?" She smiled. "We're not over and you know that."

"I don't know shit, I gotta go back to class let me go."

"You ain't never talk to me like this." I frowned.

"You ain't never do no dumb shit like this."

"What can I do to make up for this?"

"Tell me the truth."

"I am, I have nothing going on with anyone besides you. I tutor him and that's it, I promise you."


"Okay, I explained myself, I fought for you and as you said I made myself look stupid so when you ready to forgive me you know where I'm at." I sighed giving up.

"Bet." He said bout to walk off until Poppa came around the corner.

"Wassup Relly? You coming over today?" He asked as Quaddy looked at me.

"Actually can we not study at your house anymore? My boyfriend doesn't want me to be there."

"Why ya nigga worried bout what we doing?" He chuckled. "We only study and shit. Tell that nigga to stop acting like a bitch and boss up."

"Can you beat me? Do you wanna fight?"

"Quaddy stop." I stood in front of him.

"This dirty ass nigga-"

"Dirty? Boy stop." Poppa laughed. "Far from it, I mean ya shorty seen inside my room."

"My girl go with the realist nigga out here so she ain't messing with no bum ass nigga like you." Quaddy chuckled.

"Y'all nigga from the North talk too much."

"Y'all nigga the South don't do much and that's the problem. You tough right? Beat me the fuck up."

"I ain't bout to get suspended again for y'all bitch ass niggas."

"You want my address?"

"Fuck I look like going to the North?"

"Then what's ya shit?"

"You not bout to come where I lay my head up."

"I'll disrespect you in ya hood, let's meet up."

"I'll kill you if you come to my hood."

"Like y'all had to bury Bunny in y'all hood, right? We had hell of a time rolling up some bunny and smoking on boy."

"Aye brah watch yo mouth."

"Nah, that Jack Black was better." Zamiel laughed. "That Jack Black was something different, had me high as hell."

"Niggas was smoking on ya lil sister too." Poppa said.

"That shit don't get me mad." Miel chuckled. "Y'all niggas ain't kill Zadie to be smoking on her, we actually the reason y'all niggas hiding and dying."

"Tell Yaya to come out 456 Richard St." Quaddy chuckled. "Tell Caine to stop hiding in that apartment above the corner store."

"Tell Rock he could come back to his hood." Jamal laughed walking up. "Jiliard safe to go back on the block too, we gonstop torturing y'all niggas."

"I really wished y'all niggas scared me."

"I really wished y'all niggas start using the guns y'all share." Quaddy chuckled.

"I bet you Jack Black wished he never walked to the car that night." Miel smirked.

Poppa punched Miel making him stumble back a few, Miel grabbed his nose to make sure it wasn't bleeding as I looked shocked. I stood in front of them not wanting them to fight, it was so pointless.

"That's what the fuck I'm talking about!" Zamiel clapped taking off his shirt to hold up to his nose. "Y'all niggas finally bossing the fuck up, y'all fighting back now."

"Damn, we all bout to be dead cause we pushed em to the edge." Jamal laughed.

"I think I like you nigga." Zamiel chuckled. "If you wasn't tryna fuck with Relly, I probably would of respected your ass."

"Ain't nobody was tryna talk to Relly, she my tutor but this some funny shit." Poppa laughed.

"Fuck is funny?" Jamal asked.

"You think I'm fucking with ya sister but really it's the nigga standing next to you." He chuckled. "He be fucking your sister while you sleep in the next room."

Zamiel looked at me then looked at Quaddy trying to confirm it, Jamal looked between all three of us and started laughing repeating wow. I didn't know what to say and neither did Quaddy with the way he was just standing there.

"Look brah it ain't just like I'm fucking her. This my girl, I love her." Quaddy said as Zamiel looked at him blankly.

Zamiel threw his shirt down then sent two punches to Poppa catching him off guard, Poppa tried to hug him but Zamiel backed up and kneed him in his face. He spit directly in his face then hit him sending him to the ground. Poppa stayed on the floor as security guards started running towards us, they grabbed Zamiel just as he kicked Poppa in his mouth.

"You thought you was finna hit me and I wasn't gon do shit? Fuck out of here. Suck my dick!" Zamiel yelled then looked at the guard. "I'm good let me go."

"Come on, you know we gotta go to the office."

"Aight, let me just do something before I go." Zamiel said right before he punched Quaddy making him fly back into the lockers as my eyes went wide. He kicked him in his stomach about to send another p

things about you." He told me. "You're bipolar as fuck, you're suicidal and you don't eat."

"You're wrong about everything."

"Okay, you may not be bipolar. It may be mood swing cause girls is weird like that. Maybe you just got a smart mouth." He chuckled. "But I'm right about everything else."

"I'm not suicidal and I do eat."

"I literally just stopped you from being roadkill not even ten minutes ago, I watched you watch the truck speed towards you and you didn't even flinch."

"I'm not suicidal, I just don't care if I die." I shrugged. "I won't kill myself but if I had a gun pointed to my head, I wouldn't beg for my life."

"I kinda get that one, I've had times I felt like that."

"Your going to tell me it gets better? People weren't meant to live forever? Death is inevitable?"

"Nah, I ain't gon tell you none of that shit. You grieve how you want but you see how your sister death affecting you like this, you don't think that shit gon affect your brothers or sister? Your mother or father? They loosing another person they love in less than a year. You hurting but they are too."

"My brothers and sisters won't miss me." I mumbled. "None of them like me, I have a adopted brother and sister and they're more part of the family than I am. Me being gone isn't going to affect them."

"It's gon affect me." He said making me look up. "We don't talk and you barely know me but something about you got me intrigued. Maybe it's because I wanna heal your broken spirit or you remind me of my sister before she died, I don't know but I just wanna help you."

"How did your sister die?"

"By starving herself, just like you." He said. "She was bigger than you, overweight so people used to pick on her. She started taking supplements, throwing up her food, skipping meals and allat. I think they said something about the acid in her stomach going to other parts of her body and she died in her sleep."

"I'm sorry." I spoke shocked, I didn't know starving yourself can kill you.

"I was glad that she went peacefully, she wasn't in no pain when she died." He smiled. "But the thing that really got me mad was she was only 12, she had so much time to lose the weight. I would of worked out with her if I knew what was going on, if we all paid more attention to her she probably still would of been here."

"You can't blame yourself for that." I grabbed his hand.

"Just like you can't blame yourself for what happened to your sister, I don't know all the details but I did meet her before and she was the most happiest person I ever met. She said something to me about the tattoo on my neck then did some weird ass voice, she was a cool ass girl. You should of been celebrating her happy ass instead of mourning."

"The man that shot her has life in jail." I spoke putting my head down. "He wasn't aiming for Relly, he was aiming at the boys around her but he still killed my sister. He apologized, written letters to and everything. I blame him for her death but I seen the remorse when we seen him in court, it almost made me feel bad for him."

"You should visit him in jail and tell him you forgive him." He shrugged. "Facing the man that accidentally killed your sister will lift a load off your chest."

"I think that's a good idea, I'll talk to my mother and father about it."

"I ain't never seen you smile before, you got to do it more often. You're beautiful." He smiled making me smile wider.

"Thank you." I said.

I texted my dad telling him I was okay and for the first time in months I meant it, I think today showed me that I can actually be okay. Everyone has been saying the same thing Gregory said to me today but it sounded differently coming out his mouth, things can get better.


When I say I watch this video and cry off it everyday like I never seen it before I mean that shit LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This shit kills me every fucking day, son said "I dos what the fuck I do when I do it and do it welly." ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? but that "Oooh bitch I hate you" takes me ouuutttttt yo???????????????????? Musik Maine really some funny ass nigga.

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