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   Chapter 46 NO.46

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Happy birthday, my love???? KailaniKnox

"So you have two more weeks, are you excited?" Nobi therapist asked making her smile.

"Yes, I never knew how much I would miss my family. I'm going through Sin withdrawal." She chuckled.

"I'm going to tell you now, this will be the hardest two weeks here. It's time we finally talk about Zadie."

Looking down Nobi swallowed her water slowly. "Okay."

"So who was she? What was her hobbies? I want to know everything."

"Zadie was a character, for real. She wanted to be a actor so everyday she had a different personality. She called it channeling her inner voices." Nobi smiled. "One day she'll be Katniss from the hunger games then she'll be doing Kevin Hart standup."

"She sound like she was interesting to be around."

"She was definitely everybody favorite in the house." Nobi chuckled. "If you wanted to laugh, you go to Zadie. If you wanted a good movie to watch, go to Zadie. She was only 13 years old and had so much time to go."

"Do you go to her grave?"

"Her favorite movie was the Notebook, she was in love with Ryan Gosling so she watched that movie everyday. She was so obsessed that she even downloaded it on her phone so she could watch it whenever." Nobi chuckled with tears in her eyes.

"Do you?"

"Do I what?"

"Go to her grave."

"She doesn't have a grave."

"You cremated her?"

"It's this scene in the notebook where they paddle through a lake while it's raining, the lake is in South Carolina. A few days after her funeral Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams met us at the lake where we spread her ashes." Nobi stated wiping the tears that wanted to come down.

"That's beautiful."

"It was her wish."

"Do you wanna take a minute?"

"I'm fine." Nobi sniffed wiping her nose.

"Can you tell me about the day she died without telling me how she died?"

"I got a call in my office stating one of my daughters were feeling sick and she complained of bad pain but I was in a meeting so I told them to call back after the meeting. My kids always call trying to go home so I knew it was just them lying as usual and I was right." Nobi rolled her eyes laughing. "It was Zamora lying because she wanted to go home."

"After the meeting?"

"After the meeting, Zadie called me. It was around 12 now but Zadie loved school so I knew if she was calling, she needed something. She got on her period for the first time so I started teasing her about it, just embarrassing her. I agreed to pick her up at 1 since she said she was having bad cramps, I was going to take her to the drug store to get some midol."

"I know this is hard, do you need a break?" She asked Nobi who looked like she was about to start hyperventilating.

"We were playing as we walked out of Walgreens, she was smiling." Nobi cried. "She held the pads up high embarrassing me because I embarrassed her, she was yelling making bystanders laugh as I kept telling her to be quiet."

"Aanvi, you can stop."

"I remember it smelled like pizza because it was a pizza store next to Walgreens, she smelt it too. She said she was basically dying so she deserved pizza as her last meal." Nobi smiled crying harder. "She stopped walking to look me in my face, she started dancing making me dance with her. She had a smile that reached her ears as she continued gassing me."

"Time is up Nobi." She stated feeling tears come to her own eyes as the alarm went off.

"I hugged her just as the bullet went through her forehead." Nobi broke down. "I felt her body get heavier as I held her, her blood was on me. She was gone the minute the bullet touched her skin, I could see people faces, they were giving me looks of sympathy as I called her name. I called her name so many times until we both fell, I looked at her beautiful face to see a hole through her forehead. Her eyes was still open and she was still smiling, I just knew she was playing."

"You're shaking Nobi, you can stop talking." The therapist said getting up so she can hold her. "You can stop talking."

"People surrounded us as I tired everything, I tried giving her mouth to mouth, I tried pumping her chest. I tried everything and it didn't make a difference, she was gone and I was gone with her."

"She's not gone, she's listening to you right now. She's been with you since birth and she's going to continue be with you. It's okay to let her go, let her enjoy her time away from you, y'all will meet again."

"If it was a few inches over, the bullet would have hit me. I would of took her place without thinking about it twice, I would of died for her, I will die for her."

"Your last moments with your daughter was beautiful, you got to hug her, tell her you love her, make her feel loved. She went out knowing she was loved, knowing you was the type of parent to take a bullet for her. You can't change anything that's happening but you can change the way you are now. Life does get better and she can't be forgotten."

"This is something I could never get over." Nobi stated. "I've already had kids, got married, started my dream job. I was living my fairy tale life and her life was just getting started, she had so much to do. She didn't even finish 8th grade, this was her first year of highschool."

Nobi started mumbling words until she couldn't say anything else, it felt like everything she's been holding in just hit her. She felt her eyes get heavy before everything went black while the therapist called for help, Nobi was special. None of her clients have ever made her cry telling her about death but you could just feel the remorse through Nobi, she didn't know if 2 weeks were enough to get her through this.

Zahur Brown | Har

"Y'all sister hang with opps?" Roddy son Rod asked making me look back to see Zahra and some nigga walking.

"They better not be coming over here." Zamiel stated drinking his chocolate milk.

"Who is he?" Quaddy asked.

"His name Santana." Zamora stated.

"Baby a lil fine too." Maisn added making all of us look at her. "What? I know he still a opp."

"No lie, all of them fine as hell." Zamora stated. "I only seen two ugly niggas from the South, they fine as hell."

"Oh, she fuck with boy?" Rod asked.

"They been together for a month now, he's so cool and he really like her." Zamora smiled.

"Relly fucking with opps too? Aw man." Rod laughed. "Fuck is going on in the Brown household?"

"I only got two sisters, Zadie and Zane." Zamiel said.

"I still don't know why you disclaiming me." Zamora rolled her eyes. "You just told me I was ya rock ock ock."

"You my best friend, you not my sister, we not related."

"I still fucks with it." Mora smiled.

"Who boy Relly fuck with?" Rod asked.

"Relly don't fuck with him." Mora informed.

"That nigga dirty as hell anyway." Quaddy said.

"Man, fuck the South. Them niggas irrelevant, stop talking bout em." Meil said throwing his milk carton that hit some girl. "Oh shit, my bad."

"Watch where the fuck you throwing shit." The girl snapped.

"You tryna get spit on for the fifth time?" He asked.

"I know that ain't shorty from the first day?" I asked.

"That bitch obsessed with me, Imma let her suck my dick so she could leave me alone."

"She ugly as hell." Maisn laughed.

"No seriously, she look like a alligator." Mora added.

"I ain't gon be looking at her when she suck my dick so it don't matter."

"Where my daddy Jamal?"

"Right here." Jamal stated walking to the table.

"Fuck you was at?" Meil asked.

"Was getting my shit suck behind the bleachers." He smirked making Zamiel dab him up.

"I'm bout to get some head under there."

"By who?"

"Shorty I spit on." He chuckled walking towards her.

"Them South niggas looking hard as hell." Quaddy laughed making me look at them look at Meil.


s he leaned down to kiss me.

I knew they were watching so I grabbed his face sticking my tongue in his mouth as he gladly accepted, he smirked knowing what I was doing too. I chuckled pulling my head back, he tapped my lips three more times then watched me pull off as I headed to my house.

"You good?" Har asked as I walked in.

"Yeah, are you? You look sad."

"I'm cooling."

"Is dad here?"

"He in the living room."

"Okay." I mumbled walking in there. "Hi daddy."

"Wassup? Where you coming from?"

"Santana house, do you know a man named Reid?"

"Tall ass Reid?" He chuckled. "How you know him?"

"That's Santana dad."

"Be careful fucking with Santana."

"Why'd you say that? Because he's from the South?"

"That's part of it." He nodded. "But if he Reid son then that mean his mother one of the girls Nobi beat up."

"He don't know his mother."

"His mother in hiding but her sister Justice, who Santana aunt, jumped in a fight one day kicking Nobi in her face. One day Nobi saw her and she trashed that damn girl, Justice fell on the curb hard so your mother made her paralyzed. Once she found out she was paralyzed she killed herself."

"That's so sad." I said feeling sorry.

"She should of never jumped in a fight." He shrugged. "Just be careful cause Justice had kids who should be Meil age, they gon wanna fight."

"I think I met them today."

"You got touched?"

"No, Santana and Reid stopped that from happening."

"I don't know how I feel bout you going to the South."

"If I can't go there then I'll never chill with him." I frowned. "He can't come here because Meil is going to harass him."

"He scared of Miel?" He chuckled.

"No but who wants to be annoyed by him?"

"This my damn house, Zamiel don't run shit here. If you wanna bring him here, you could."

"Why y'all talking bout me?" Zamiel asked.

"Your sister was telling me bout-"

"Only sisters I have is Zane and Zadie."

"I don't care about you being mad, you've messed with girls from the South before." I rolled my eyes.

"Dad you bought the wrong Ginger Ale." Zamora yelled.

"You always talking bout the wrong something, annoying as hell."

"You supposed to buy Canada Dry or C&C, this one is too sugary!" She frowned.

"Mor, you know somebody named Riah?" I asked.

"That ugly girl from the South? I owe her a ass whooping that's gon come from God his self."

"She was talking bout how you was hiding out."

"Oooh, Imma go to the South and beat all of em up."

"Why? They gon be part of the family soon, might as well get used to em. Right Rara?" Meil asked.

"Get over it." I rolled my eyes.

"Why are you eating my stuff?" Zylie yelled looking at Zamiel.

"Girl, you better get out my face."

"These are mine!" She snatched the granola bar out his hand.

"Aight, I'm too nice to y'all for real." He pushed her making her fall up the stairs hard. "Give me back my shit, fuck is you doing?"

"You ain't have to push her like that." Har laughed pushing him away from her.

"Stop touching me!" She yelled standing up. "Nobody eat these, I hate living here! I hate y'all!"

"We don't care, we here the same ish everyday. Leave then." He sat back down as she started screaming going back up the stairs.

"Zamiel for real?" Pops asked. "Y'all know she got her own shit going on-"

"That excuse you used to work but I don't care no more."

"You know you don't eat no damn granola bars, y'all have y'all own snacks that y'all ask for. Those are hers, what you eating her shit for?"

"It's ten more in the box!" He yelled. "If it was the last one I would of understood but it's hella of them in there."

"Give me a piece." Zamora opened her mouth.

"Ya mouth not touching shit I eat." He broke a piece off making us laugh.

"I should be saying that to you." She said eating the piece he gave her.

"I don't eat pussy."

"And I don't suck dick."

"You do something." He scoffed.

"Shut the fuck up." Dad said. "Zamiel, you gotta be nicer to her."

"Pops, you tell me to make her feel like she one of us so I'm doing that."

"You mean as hell to her."

"I'm mean to all of them, I'm the oldest I supposed to mess with them." He said.

"He really do though." Mora chuckled.

"I mess with Rara bout her weight, I mess with Mora bout everything, I mess with Relly and Mir bout being adopted. They know I be playing with them so they don't say nothing, Zylie just annoying."

"She going through something." I said.

"We all going through the same thing, we all lost our sister." He waved us off. "Like I said that excuse used to work, I don't wanna hear that nomo."

"Welp." Har chuckled.

"I really want y'all to get out, I was watching a movie and y'all interrupting." Dad said.

"What we watching?" Zamora asked flipping over the couch to lay her head on his shoulder.

"Let's watch Fate of the Furious." Meil stated.

"Y'all got y'all own rooms."

"So do you."

"Ahh." Mora yelled laughing.

"Annoying ass kids." He mumbled clicking on Fate of the Furious.


Zahra situation isn't going to be like Brotherly Love soo stop saying it, thanks.

Excuse any mistakes.

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