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   Chapter 45 NO.45

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"So Zamiel can't wash dishes." Nobi stated.

"Why the fuck can't he?" Zeph asked.

"He has ADHD Zeph, he can't stay still and you're going to have some dirty ass dishes. He can't do laundry either."

"Then what the fuck can he do?"

"Clean the bathroom, mop floors, something that'll keep him occupied and focused."

"Alright whatever, what else?"

"Zaccai can't wash dishes either, make him pick up trash or wipe everything down."

"Everybody else?"

"They capable of everything, Zylie like skipping meals so make sure you see her eat."

"I miss you, leave with us."

"I wish I can baby but it's 21 more days, you got this."

"Aight." He picked his bags up.

"Wait, before you leave we have to talk about one more thing. I promised Zamora I'll bring up the face tattoo."

"She not getting it, end of discussion."

"Zeph, you got a stupid ass spider web that covered the whole side of ya face at 14. She want a little ass plane that's not even two inches big."

"What if she decide she don't wanna be a tattoo artist no more and want a regular job?"

"Then she can get it removed like you got that dumb ass web off."

"Nobi." He sighed.

"I'm not saying now, maybe it can be her birthday present. I'll be back for their birthday so we can go with her, maybe she'll even change her mind on getting it by time that come around."

"Alright whatever." He rolled his eyes.

"And stop being so grouchy." She plucked his head then hugging him. "I miss you more."

Zamora Brown | Mora

"Aww you're back, we missed you girl." Pie hugged me making me smile.

"I miss you." I told her sitting down at my desk. "Where Honey?"

"He back there with Mel." Gram said.

"He said to tell you when you come in to see him." Vince informed.

"When she leaves, I'll go back there."

"It sounded important." Pie added.

"It'll still be important when he tell me when she leave."


"I just had an amazing week. I seen my mother for the first time in three weeks, I met Usher, partied with Chris Brown and a bunch of celebrities and my parents told me I can get my face tatt. I will not let that bitch make me upset."

"Well then." Gram chuckled.

"Wait, Chris Brown?" Pie asked. "You was with my man and didn't hit me up?"

"Man, it was amazing." I smiled. "He's so funny and cool in person man. Celebrities party all night, they're just amazing."

"Damn, I'm kinda jealous." Keem shook his head.

"Y'all wanna see pictures and videos?" I smiled pulling out my laptop so they can go through everything while I started answering phones and scheduling appointments.

We heard yelling but we knew it was just Honey and Mel arguing as usual, I rolled my eyes continuing to type on the computer. I was being bothered by Gram when Mel and Honey came out, she glared at me making me furrow my eyebrows.

"Okay." I mumbled turning the other way.

"Relax yo." Honey said grabbing her as she tried to run towards me, Pie stood in front of me while Gram put his arm in front of me.

"I'm going to murder this bitch." She yelled.

"Girl, the fuck bye." I laughed. "Stop holding me back, I'm not going to touch this dummy."

"Sit back down then." Gram stated.

"She not going to touch you Mor, you good." Honey laughed.

"You laughing and shit bitch." She turned around to smack him twice before he grabbed her hand.

"Aight yo." He chuckled walking her towards the door then pushing her out. "Ya done."

"You'll never be done with me!" She yelled walking off.

"This the third time this week." Vince looked at him. "Luckily ain't no customers here this time, she gotta stop coming brah."

"I know, this the last time." Honey shook his head then looked towards me. "Come talk to me."

"Busy." I stated walking past him to go in the storage closet.

"Oop." I heard Pie say as they all copied.

"What I do?" Honey followed me chuckling.

"Nothing, I'm working. Ain't that's what you hired me for?"

"You right, come find me when you done Mor." He said walking back out.

I nodded going back to work when I heard a familiar voice, I walked out seeing my aunt Nova. I screamed jumping on her making her laugh as she hugged me tightly, I looked at her up and down while she did the same.

"Looking all older than me and shit." She smiled.

"I missed you so much." I hugged her again. "What you doing here?"

"Well, a little birdie told me I needed to get a dope ass tatt from the best youngest tatter ever." She smirked.

"Omg, I'm going to cry." I smiled making her laugh.

"You're so extra, you gon ink me up?"

"Yesss." I dragged out.

"You could use the

it's three in the morning." Pure answered picking up stuff.

"Seriously?" I asked. "Where's my brother?"

"He went home with that model, he said he'll be back but that was like four hours ago." Honey stated.

"Nova I stay a night." I smiled making her hug me smiling.

"You're going to hear yelling later so don't think I'm being hurt or anything." She tried to whisper in my ear as we both laughed.

"Can you just pick this shit up while I go lay her drunk ass down? I'll be back." Pure stated picking up Nova carrying her up the stairs.

"Honey you used to be so ugly to me." I confessed sitting on the couch as he threw shit away. "But the way you carry yourself make you so fine then when you smile your teeth so white and you so dark, it just make you so fine. You rarely smile but you always smile when you're with me, why?"

"Shut up Zemora." He said grabbing the mop to clean some wine up.

"I'm being honest." I shrugged crossing my legs. "That's why my dad doesn't like you because he knows I does, he says you're too old for me but we're only four years apart like he is with my mom. My uncle Sef is five years older than my aunt Cailee."

"Close ya legs."

"And my cousin Maisn dates a 24 year old so I don't understand, she's been with him since she was 16 and he was 22."

"You a talkative drunk." He chuckled pulling me up. "You wanna sleep upstairs or downstairs?"

"You're going to sleep with me?"

"I'll lay with you til you fall asleep."

"Works for me."

"Aye bro? Nova said these clothes for her to go to sleep in. Thanks for cleaning up, lock up if you leaving. I'mma holla at you tomorrow." Pure said coming in the room.

"Gotchaa." Honey nodded.

"Nova got some cute ass clothes." I chuckled taking off my dress while he turned the other way. "I'm dressed."

"Let me see ya dress so I could fold it." He said as I passed it to him. "Why you making that face? You bout to throw up?"

"I feel like I got to." I stated as he pushed me in the bathroom just in time.

"Imma go get some water."

I continued throwing up, it seemed like everything I done ate in my life was coming up. This is why I smoke instead of drinking, I can't do this throwing up thing. I needed a blunt.

"You good?" He chuckled as I leaned my head on the counter.

"No." I mumbled.

"Gargle." He handed me a cap full of mouth wash. "Now drink."

"Thank you, you could leave if you want. I don't want you staying against your will."

"I ain't got shit to do." He said wiping my mouth. "When you get this?"

"I did it on myself like two weeks ago." I smiled at the tiny mountain on my wrist.

"You gon be a dope artist."

"That means a lot coming from you."

"Sounding like you sober now."

"I feel like I am but you never know." I shook my head.

"Never know nothing with you." He grabbed a pillow positioning it under his neck.

"I'm a complex person."

"Very." He chuckled.

"Goodnight Honey."

"Night Mora." He kissed me forehead making give a closed mouth smile laying down so I can go to sleep.


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