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   Chapter 44 NO.44

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"So who the fuck did it?" Zeph asked looking at his kids.

"Zamora." Meil, Zeus, Zane and Zaccai said.

"What did I do?" Zamora asked.

"Who dropped my iPad in water?"

"First of all, your iPad is waterproof." Zamora pressed the lock button making the screen come to life.

"I don't give a fuck, who dropped it in water?"

"Zamora." They repeated.

"No I didn't and I'm not playing with y'all so stop lying."

"Y'all bout to get the fuck off this plane and be mad as fuck if nobody tell me who did it."

"It was Zamiel." Zylie snitched.

"You wonder why the fudge we don't talk to you." Zamiel smacked his teeth as Har hit him. "She just got me mad."

"I don't care if y'all don't talk to me, I don't like any of y'all anyway."

"Damn, what I do?" Zahra asked.

"We came in this world together, that's fudged up." Zeus shook his head.

"I ain't even say nothing to you." Zamora laughed.

"You can't beat me so I don't care." Zamiel shrugged.

"You like me right?" Jamal smirked coming on the plane.

"Wassup Mitch?" Quaddy dabbed him up.

"I'm going to my room, leave me the fuck alone and y'all better not be loud." Zeph glared at them going to his room that was on the jet.

"I don't even think celebrities got these type of jets." Jamal looked around.

"Why you acting like this y'all first time here? Nigga sit down." Zahra told them.

"It's a seat next to Relly or the seat next to Mora or Zylie." Har informed.

"I'll sit next to Relly." Jamal said making her look up.

"No I don't want you next to me."

"Word Relly?" He chuckled.

"Last time you sat next to me you started shaking the seats randomly, you can't sit next to me."

"You could sit next to me." Zamora smirked.

"Don't test me now baby girl." Jamal smirked making them laugh.

"I'll really fuck both of y'all up." Zamiel looked up from his phone.

"I'll put a curse on you." Jamal said then saying something in creole making them laugh.

"If you gon sit next to me, you can't be like this."

"Like what?"

"All fine and shit then you speaking in creole. I'm still half a virgin, I can't handle this."

"Morraa!" Har yelled while the ones who understood laughing.

"I'm laughing but I'mma fuck y'all up for real." Meil laughed.

"What book you reading?" Quaddy asked Relly.

"I'm reading someone essay."

"Relly, why somebody just told me you was with Poppa?" Zeus asked making her look towards her brothers.

"Who's that?"

"Poppa from the South?" Meil asked. "Why the fuck you always around South niggas?"

"Wait the brownskin one that sell drugs? Relly that's you? He so cute, go sister." Zahra smiled.

"That boy Quaddy fine and you know that's saying something cause Quaddy one fine ass nigga." Mora smirked making Zahra agree.

"I don't know who y'all talking about." Relly furrowed her eyebrows while Quaddy grilled her.

"I think his really name Kevin." Mora said.

"Oh, yes I know him." Relly nodded making Quaddy tilt his head. "But I don't mess with him."

"So why you going to nigga houses?" Zeus asked.

"You going to niggas house?" Quaddy asked.

"You went to that nigga house?" Meil asked.

"Why you going to that nigga house?" Har asked.

"Fuck was at that nigga house?" Mir asked.

"You know you don't go in no nigga house!" Mora yelled laughing. "I'm sorry I just wanted to add on."

"I don't have to explain myself to any one of y'all." Relly said shocking the fuck out of them.

"Who the fuck you talking to?" Zamiel stood up putting his hands on his hips.

"I mean what's wrong with messing with a nigga from the South?" Zahra asked making all of them look at her.

"All of this is pointless anyway, everyone's going to die sooner than later." Zylie stated making them turn their attention on her.

"Can someone switch seats with me?" Zaccai asked not wanting to be by her.

"Stop fucking playing." Zamora yelled laughing loudly.

"Y'all really so ignorant." Zane chuckled.

"You mess with a nigga from the South too?" Meil asked looking at Zahra.

"I'm entertaining someone from the South." She corrected.

"Bitch whooo? Let me see a picture." Mora asked. "Yes twin."

"You know what? I don't even care. Do y'all." Zamiel shrugged. "This ain't gon be brotherly love, only nigga dying is him."

"Not everything about you." Relly rolled her eyes.

"You got one more time to say something smart to me before I knock ya head off ya shoulders." Meil sat up. "You keep getting smart with me like you tough now."

"Or maybe I'm tired of y'all talking to me any kind of way."

"I talk to everybody the same cause y'all can't beat me and if y'all can y'all can't beat my mother."

"Wouldn't even step to G Nobi." Zahra laughed.

"I don't even mess with anyone from the South though." Relly told him.

"So what you in his house for?"

"I had to go there for reasons I can't say."

"You sound stupid." Quaddy scrunched his face up.

"No searsly Relly you do." Har told her.

"Where he live? I just wanna talk." Jamal said making them laugh.

"Why you still looking at me like that?" Zahra asked Meil. "The boy I talk to from the South not even worried about y'all beef, y'all are the last thing we talk about."

"I don't even care, y'all do what y'all want just know I ain't beating no nigga up for y'all once they play y'all and I put that on grandma." Meil shrugged texting his females back.

"Imma just say niggas from the South fine as hell, I mean I wouldn't be mad if you messed with

her touched me."

"Stop yelling, you making us look retarded as a unit." Zahra shook her head.

"I look good period." Meil laughed looking at the stars as they passed him. "Relly take our picture."

Relly took his phone as the boys as got ready to pose but Zamora jumped in, Meil let her do her as they took multiple pictures. He took his phone back posting two on Instagram then continued walking.

"Yo, you cute as hell." Meil said to some girl as she looked at him not saying nothing. "Aight, now you ugly."

"You hurt." Zahra laughed.

"Nah, I wasn't even tryna talk to her big headed ass. She could of said thank you now I'm bout to bag her friend." He walked over to the two girls.

"Take a picture with me." Mora smiled holding her phone up while Jamal matched her smile. "You look good."

"Thank ya babes." He smirked kissing her on her cheek.

"I'm going to find Michael Jackson star." Relly told them as Quaddy followed. "Leave me alone."

"Why you going to see niggas?"

"Get over it." She rolled her eyes. "It was for our project, I just wanted to make my brothers mad."

"I really feel like you lying but it's whatever." He shrugged walking away from her as she rolled her eyes harder.

"Oh excuse me." Mora chuckled bumping into someone.

"That's my fault." He looked down at her.

"Okay." She nodded about to walk away but he grabbed her hand.

"You from here?"

"No." She chuckled. "I'm just here visiting with my family."

"Are you doing something tonight?"

"Excuse me?" She asked snatching her hand back roughly.

"No no no, that came out wrong." He chuckled. "I'm going to this party at Chris Brown mansion and I'll love to have you on my arm."

"What's the catch?" Zamora asked. "You just not about to invite me to Chris Brown party, you a serial killer tryna play sweet? My uncle Jace will kill you."

"No catch at all, I know Chris personally." He smiled. "You still looking unsure so how about you just give me your number and I'll text you in a hour or so and see if you change your mind?"

"Okay." She nodded entering her number seeing her phone ring. "You just called?"

"Had to make sure you wasn't giving me the wrong number." He chuckled.

"I was thinking bout it." He smiled as Zahra walked up. "Twins, see you later hopefully."

"Bitch, you know who that is?" Zahra asked wide eyed.

"No, who?"

"Mike Zombie, he's signed to Drake." She explained as Meil and them walked up.

"He invited us to Chris Brown party."

"Who?" Har furrowed his eyebrows.

"Mike Zombie apparently."

"Man, text that nigga and tell him we coming what the hell?" Meil grabbed her phone. "Do it before I do it."

"Relax groupie, he said he'll text me in a hour or so." Zamora laughed taking her phone back. "Okay, let's go find Lonzo Ball apartment now."

"That man in a whole relationship, stop tryna be a home wrecker." Rara shook her head.

"They not married so ain't no homes being ruined."

"Gelo looks better anyway." Relly said.

"Okay but Gelo just went to jail for stealing Louis Vuitton glasses, he obviously not the big balla I want." Zamora rolled her eyes making them laugh as they walked into the arcade.

"Boys vs girls?" Meil suggested.

"It's four of y'all, three of us." Relly frowned.

"Imma sit this out, I need to check on some things." Har said looking into his phone.

"Bet, I'll bout to kick y'all ass." Meil laughed as they ran to sign up.

This weekend was about to be lit.


I really don't understand why y'all on this app if y'all can't read?? y'all really ask the most stupidest questions, just be bms.

Excuse any mistakes.

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