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   Chapter 42 NO.42

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"Read this for me." Zeph handed a piece of paper to Zeus.

"My mother isn't home, she's at a center for grief."

"Why you skipping over words? Do it again."

"I have teachers for this." He looked at him blankly.

"Nigga read the damn paper."

"My mother isn't home, she's in a grief and loss trauma rehabilitation center."

"That was so hard? Damn." He snatched the paper writing another sentence. "Yell this to your brother and sisters."

"What you doing this for yo?" Zeus asked getting annoyed.

"Because you be forgetting you fucking dyslexic and I'm not having your English teachers call me this year. Read the fucking paper or Imma have someone sit in all your classes and follow you around."

"How I forget I'm dyslexic? I'm the one who have trouble reading like I'm four." He glared at him.

"Because you choose to not push yourself! It's doctors, lawyers, even teachers who dyslexic and not feeling bad for their damn selves but trying to get over it. Read the damn paper and if I repeat myself again Imma cave ya chest in."

"Pops said everybody hurry up and bring y'all ass downstairs!" He yelled then looked back at him. "Happy now?"

He flicked the paper out his hand walking up the stairs to his room making sure to slam his door, Zeph rolled his eyes. His kids was so damn dramatic for no reason, he wished he would of went away with Nobi.

"Who slamming doors?" Zalmir asked getting a soda out the refrigerator.

"Put it back." Zeph told him.


"Put my damn soda back, y'all don't drink no damn grape soda put it back."

"Damn, you mad in the morning like this?" Meil asked walking down the stairs.

"Meil get out my face."

"What's the matter?" Meil teased. "Sexually frustrated?"

"You're disgusting." Zahra laughed as Zeph just looked at him.

"Dad, did you think about it?" Zamora asked coming downstairs.

"You not getting no face tattoo, get out my face."

"But why? You got one at 14 and in certain countries they be having tattoos at like 11."

"I think you'll look dope with a face tatt." Meil nodded.

"What you want on your face?" Har asked.

"Y'all discussing the shit like she getting it." Zeph stated.

"I want a paper airplane." She stated making all of them look at her blankly. "I want a paper plane because it has so many different meanings."

"Explain one cause right now you sounding dumb to me." Zalmir stated.

"Remember when we would always mess with ma and dad? We used to all make paper planes and cover them with them and they used to be mad as hell, we all woke up getting whooped." Zamora spoke making them laugh at the memory. "It was always Zadie idea so it sort of like the tattoo in dedication in her."

"You have a tattoo dedicated to her already, you don't gotta get that on your face." Relly said.

"Look, I'm going to show y'all how cute I look with it." She ran upstairs.

"Don't know why she giving me visuals, she not getting it."

"Shut the hell up!" Meil yelled making him almost jump over the table to hit him as Meil laughed moving back. "Chill chill."

"Why are you angry this morning?" Zane asked.

"He sexually frustrated."

"What's that?" Zane and Zaccai asked

"It's when you ain't stick your di-"

"Zamiel!" Most of them cut him off making him laugh.

"I feel you though pops, I ain't get none in like three days but then again it's been a while for-"

"Zameil, stop talking to me."

"God created me with some fine sexy ass lips and Imma use them."

"That's why you got a cold sore?" Zahra asked making them laugh.

"You just tried ya fudging life."

"See." Zamora cheesed coming back downstairs.

"Oh, that do like good right there." Har said.

"Word, like a gutta chick." Meil smiled. "I fudges with it."

"Yeah, I like it." Zahra smiled looking at her twin.

"I don't care how cute you are with it, you not getting it. Wait til you 18 and out my house."

"This mommas house!" Meil yelled making them laugh.

"Zameil I swear ta God." Zeph jumped up from his seat making Zameil run around the counter.

"Control yourself!" Meil laughed.

"I don't understand your reasoning of why I can't get it but I respect you so I'm not going to go behind your back and get it." Zamora shrugged kind of upset.

"Who riding with me? I'm bouta leave." Zahar said looking at his siblings.

"I will." Zahra, Zalmir and Zerelda said in unison.

"Wait, who wanna stay home from school with Zylie?" Zeph asked making them look at her.

"Pops." Meil stopped to look back and started whispering. "I luh ha but I'm not staying alone in this house with her."

"No for real dad, she scare us." Zahra said.

"She bit me for touching a picture of Zadie dad, I'm not doing it." Zerelda spoke.

"She like 90 pounds, how the fuck are y'all scared of her?" He looked at them blankly.

"I mean Imma knock her out if she touch me but she not the old Zy, this new one probably got dolls of us, poking them and ish." Meil shook his head.

"So nobody wanna stay home?" He sighed, he had a meeting he couldn't stay home.

"Why somebody gotta stay with her? If you don't trust her alone then you not telling us something." Har spoke.

"Like y'all said she ain't been the same so I don't know, can somebody please stay? I can't miss this meeting y'all."

"Stay where?" Zeus asked coming back downstairs.

"That's a third part of her, he could stay. Case closed." Zane said.

"You gon stay home with Zylie?" Zeph asked.

"Yeah, I'll stay."

"Aight, come on Zephaniah, Zane and Cai." Zeph said relieved grabbing his briefcase.

"Wait, dad you have to take me to the gyn at 12:30." Zamora stated making him stop.

"For fucking what?"

"Y'all ain't believe me when I told y'all she was burning." Meil shook his head.

"So I can get my shot, my three months up."

"When did you get on birth control?"

"I've been on birth control since I lost my virginity, remember?"

"No I do not remember that, I didn't fucking know that." Zeph looked at her.

"Mom was supposed to tell you, I guess she didn't but I can't go to the doctor without a parent or guardian so?"

"You said 12:30?" He looked at his apple watch setting a alarm. "Alright, alright. Call my phone at 12 just to remind me anyway."

"Okay!" She yelled back as he rushed out the door.

"I'm leaving, who ever riding with me come on." Meil said putting his cereal bowl in the dish washer then grabbing his Versace Medusa bag.

Zalmir Brown | Mir

"Hey baby." My girlfriend Kee said kissing me on my cheek.

"Wassup?" I hugged her putting my arm around her neck.

"Where were you yesterday?"


"You're lying because my cousin friend sister saw you in Walmart with some other bitch." She unwrapped my arm.

"Girl, I was with my aunt Lee."

"You just said home though, you always lying."

"I never lie to you." I chuckled. "You look stupid, stop yelling."

"You look stupid, I'll smack your lying ass."

"Then Imma get one of my sisters to beat you up." I shrugged.

"None of your sisters can beat me!"

"Aight." I chuckled walking to the library leaving her there. "Wassup?"

"What took you so long?" Andre asked.

"Kee dumb ass wanna cause scenes in the hallway and shit."

"And you gon get right back with her."

"You know why."

"I do but I don't understand."

"Don't start with this again." I said knowing I was bout to get annoyed.

"Don't you love walking around with your "girlfriend"?" He chuckled making quotations. "You love hiding your boyfriend? Damn how long I gotta watch you kiss ya bitch? How many pictures I gotta like? How many times you gon leave me for her?"

"You always starting this shit yo."

"What are you hiding for? You hurting in the inside because you scared of what these people gon say."

"I'm not bout to keep repeating myself just for you to not listen to the shit I'm saying, we have this talk almost every damn day. You openly gay, that's cool congrats. I'm not." I stated slowly. "You can't rush me and hearing about it every damn second not gon push me."

"Rush you to be yourself? You sound stupid." He rolled his eyes. "It's been a year, when I'm gon stop being your "manz"? Huh? When we 3 years in? 5?"

"Who said we gon even last that long?"

"Okay cool." He grabbed his book bag making me run my hand down my face grabbing him.

"Chill chill." I told him so he could stop walking.

"Get off me Zalmir."

"I'm adopted, none of them blood, you see how they all look alike while Relly and I only look alike? I already feel left out, I come out as gay and guess who the fuck gon be the outcast? Me." I pointed to myself. "I understand you wanting to be a couple but you the only child with two moms. It's not as easy for me and if you can't understand the shit, here's your out cause I'm going to take my time."

He didn't say anything but continued looking so I just walked away, everybody always talking about be yourself not knowing how hard it actually is. I sighed opening the doors seeing Kee dumb ass standing by my locker.

"I'm sorry baby." She smiled wrapping her arms around my waist.


"For real, I'm going to stop being so insecure. It's just everything seems so secretary when it comes to you."

"What?" I scrunched my face up then busted out laughing. "Girl, it's secretive."

"It's the same difference." She giggled.

"But I'm sorry, I'll be more honest."

"Okay." She leaned up to kiss me while I leaned down. "Now let me show you how much I'm sorry."

"In school? You that bold?" I chuckled.

"In my car." She smirked grabbing my hand pulling me to the parking lot as I followed chuckling.

I was in a stuck and confused situation and I prayed when I got everything together, the only thing I would feel was happiness but I knew I wouldn't.

Zamora Brown | Mora

"So tell me bout this

t will be little and meaningful."

"He's just worried about you getting a job and college and stuff."

"I'm not going to college and I'm going to be a tattoo artist so I could have my face tatted for that."

"When I get back I'll talk to him but you gotta pick, you can't have both. Either the nipple piercing or the tattoo."

"The tattoo."

"Damn, it would of been easier convincing him bout the piercing. You always gotta be so damn difficult."

"See who calling me." Honey told me as I picked up his phone.


"Press decline."

"One of ya hoes?"

"Uh uh, what nigga you with?" My mom asked.


"Hey Honeyyyy!" She dragged out yelling.

"Hey Nobiii!" He yelled back making me laugh.

"You getting the tattoo anyway?" She asked as I put her on speaker.

"No, y'all know I don't get anything without y'all permission." I stated. "Don't bring up the vagina one."

"They know about that now?" Honey chuckled.

"Yes, I'm going to fuck you up Denizen." (Da - Niy - Zen)

"Damn Nobi, the real name?" He laughed. "She told me y'all said yeah so I did it, take that up with her."

"Mom guess what? I just did two tattoos and a belly piercing." I smiled. "And Honey hired me as the receptionist."

"Money moves sis." She cheered. "Print out the tattoos then dad to tell Jenna to fax it to here so I can see."

"Okay mommy." I smiled.

"Imma call Zeus and let you finish chilling with Honey, wait did you go get your shot? I forgot to tell Zeph, damn go make a appointment for tomorrow."

"Don't worry, I got it. Dad took me, when you call him he's going to have some words for you."

"I am not here for it." She said making me chuckle. "I love you baby girl, be safe out there."

"I love you more queen." I smiled as she hung up.

"I love how all y'all refer to her as y'all queen." Honey spoke. "Y'all call her it like that's her name."

"We've been doing it since we were little, our dad refer to her as his queen all the time we just got used to calling her it." I shrugged.

"I like how close y'all are too, me and my mother got close once I became grown."

"My parents are my best friends." I smiled. "I go to them before anybody and not everybody could say that."

"I damn sure couldn't at 16." He shook his head.

I played music for the remaining of the ride while we talked to each other jumping from topic to topic, this what I loved about Honey we could talk for hours. I couldn't do that with anybody else other than my siblings or parents.

I loved our friendship.


Okay, let me address something. I AM SO NICE on this app! I talk to y'all, I joke with y'all and I treat y'all like y'all people I really love. IN REALITY, I wouldn't even SMILE at y'all. I'm so damn mean and disrespectful but I've been trying to be this nice ass person in real life but y'all have me fucked up, all the way fucked up! I think it's time my true colors come out!!!

When I write about relationships, it's based on the relationship I want or dumb ass arguments people in my life went through with their partner. When I write about fights, it's about fights I saw or been in. When I write about anything it MOST LIKELY HAPPENED to me or someone in my life, so how can I steal shit I been through? I make up my names from my brain and imagination with a touch from Google and my mom. EVERYTHING I WRITE IS MINE!

One thing I DON'T do on this app is STEAL stories, COPY stories, TAKE stories. I've been writing stories since I was 7 years old and I started writing on this app so I can SHARE my talent. I've been up here since 2015 and I've seen how far I came from Antidote to now, I've noticed the errors, I still have work to do but so far I think I'm doing better than before. NEVER have I ever read somebody book thinking I should steal it!

Y'all know I don't have a phone and I'm on my laptop so I barely be up here unless I'm updating, I don't even write up here I use Microsoft then copy it to here. The ONLY books I do read is Dej books! I have so many updates to read and I never have time anymore so what the fuck I look like taking somebody else ideas???!

People have stolen shit out of my book, they used my characters, stole my titles, stole my jokes and I NEVER say anything. I get tagged in somebody stealing something everyday and I still don't say anything! A bitch on here stole my whole Antidote series WORD to WORD and I still voted and commented like it wasn't my fucking book. Another one is stealing the beginning of Let Down, some boy stole Kai and Iyan story YET I DON'T SAY SHIT! I let y'all do y'all and let y'all be great even though y'all getting recognition off of ME! so for me to be getting accused of stealing someone else work is MIND BLOWING.

The funny thing is the same bitch for THREE YEARS, yes THREE has been saying I'm stealing shit from her when I forgot the bitch even existed! If y'all read my ME book before then y'all would know about the big ass argument we had in like 2016 but this bitch been saying I been using shit from her since Antidote but could never told me what I steal! I DON'T STEAL SHIT!

Then this bitch talking bout she made me, Wanda and Shahid laid down unprotected and made me! If anybody gon say they made me, it's going to be y'all because y'all read, comment and vote. Y'all the real MVPs and I appreciate y'all a lot.

Y'all know I don't even do this for recognition, if I wanted recognition I would fucking get published. Do y'all know how many publishing companies I've turned down? I could be getting money but I do this shit because I LOVE telling y'all stories. I don't tell y'all to comment, vote or do any of that, I enjoy it but if I didn't then I wouldn't care because my story's still getting told!

So for the people who going back to her and telling her I'm stealing shit, SUCK MY DICK! Stop reading my shit, it's that fucking simple! And just in case y'all ask, this for Sym or whatever the fuck her name is! I shouldn't have people telling me bitches on here telling everybody shit BUT not saying shit to the person they talking about!!! Leave me the fuck alone!

I ain't gon say nothing else on the situation cause what I look like arguing on Wattpad? Y'all know how retarded I'll look? This not even considered social media!!! HOWEVER, if ANYBODY tryna shake sum I live on GROVE St in Irvington, New Jersey?? PM me for the direct address if anything!!!

I won't be updating anything for a while because I am upset and annoyed.

Now I'm going to be sleepy for my 6 o' clock class, Good fucking morning.

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