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   Chapter 41 NO.41

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"He spit on me!" Zamora yelled stomping down the stairs with Meil behind her.

"Why are you yelling?" Zalmir asked. She was so loud for no reason.

"Why did you spit on her?" Zeph asked looking at the spit on her arm in disgust.

"I swear to God it was by accident."


"I was brushing my teeth and she threw something at me as I was bout to spit so when I turned it just came out."

"No, he did it on purpose!"

"Pops, you know I wouldn't give a fudge if I did it on purpose but I really didn't."

"Mora, what do you want me to do?" He asked looking at her blankly.

"I would of spit on him back but I'm not trifling!"

"And you want your head on your shoulders."

"I want you to hit him!"

"Satisfied?" He asked as Meil hunched over in pain because Zeph punched the shit out of him in his chest.

"Very." She grabbed a napkin wiping the spit off her arm then throwing the napkin at Meil.

"Make sure all your brothers and sisters woke." He yelled as she walked upstairs.

"Watch I learn some powers like Carrie and kill all of y'all." Meil glared going up the stairs.

"Wassup pops? Mir?" Har spoke coming downstairs. "We get a call from ma today, right?"

"Yeah, I need you to do me a favor."


"Look up properties for me."

"We moving?" Mir asked.

"Yeah, it's too small in here now. I want to have the house so your mother can come home to a new house with new feelings like a new person."

"Aight, what you looking for?" Har asked.

"Like 1 or 2 acres, we need a big ass house. Just find some and I'll go check it out."

"I got it."

"Don't let them know yet until you find something."

"Uncle Ro in the house!" Royal yelled coming in. "Why it's so quiet?"

"You know they be mad as hell in the morning so this the most quietest it'll ever be." Zeph answered.

"Wassup twin? Mir?" He dabbed both of them up.

"Imma go finish getting ready." Mir spoke getting up while Har fixed him some bacon.

"A week without G Nobi, how everything been so far?" Royal asked.

"The first damn three days was hell but they aight now, no more cursing, been cooking and cleaning for theirselves, only had to whoop Cai bad ass two times and Meil ain't spit on nobody since that party they went to so we making some damn progress."

"I can't wait til a nigga have kids."

"Why y'all taking so long?"

"That's her, every time I bring the shit up it's always a different excuse. Shit getting old now."

"Trap her." Zeph shrugged. "That's what I did to Nobi."

"For real?"

"You think Nobi wanted 8, we had 12. Most of them was mistakes." Zeph chuckled.

"You fucked up." Royal laughed.

"I'm right here son." Har spoke looking at him.

"Shut up nigga, y'all was the first time I trapped her. She thought birth control had her, nah then the rest wasn't pose to be here yet."

"You funny as hell." Royal laughed.

"Nah seriously, soon as them six weeks was up Zamora and Zahra was made. Nobi was so damn mad, she ain't talk to me for a whole two months." He shook his head laughing.

"They nine months apart right?"

"Yeah the rest of them was trapped. Nobi kept saying wait until such and such and all I heard was we ain't never having no more kids so I took matters into my own hands."

"I think that's what Imma have to do but she got me wearing condoms now." Royal shook his head.

"Nobi tried that too, do like two strokes with the condom then take it off or you could poke holes in em or when you bout to nut just take it off."

"Hell I walk into?" Zamiel asked.

"Tryna trap ya aunt."

"Aunt Zarie too pretty and mature for you."

"And you gon die from AIDS with a whole football team."

"I strap up and I believe in abortions."

"You're going to hell." Zylie spoke going into the pantry to get a water.

"Dad you bought the wrong kind of water." Zamora glared at him.

"Water is water."

"Not all water taste the same dad."

"Water is water." He repeated.

"You know I don't drink tap water and I can't drink this, this has fluoride." She held the Deerpark water up.

"So what water I supposed to buy?"

"Fiji, Poland Spring, Voss, Dasani, Smartwater or Aquafina."

"It's really that serious for water Mora?"

"Yes dad." She galred at him.

"I'll go get some more then." He rolled his eyes.

"All I ask." She kissed his cheek running back upstairs.

"Zylie can you go make sure everybody dressed?"


"How is she?" Royal asked.

"I don't know, we tried counseling all she did was waste our money, tried the anti-depressant pills and all she do is sleep. I'm trying to understand that it was her triplet but it's bout to be a year, we don't know what else to do but move at her own pace."

"She gon kill all of us." Meil spoke making them look towards him. "She the type of people we be nice to in school just in case they shoot it up, she's going to shoot this house up and that's why I'm always nice to her."

"Shut up idiot." Zeph smacked him in his head.

"Zylie, Uncle Ro loves you! I got money and candy." Royal yelled. She wasn't bout to kill him either.

"Both of y'all just ignorant." Zeph shook his head laughing.

"Who the closest in the house?"

"Meil, Mora and Har, you wouldn't expect it though cause Mora and Meil always arguing."

"She just be meat munching, she lucky I don't get the big bloods to run up in this house and trash her." He said making Royal laugh.

"Just stupid."

"Aye Mir? You know you adopted?" Meil asked laughing.

"Stop meat munching." Mir looked up.

"Aye Har, you know Mir adopted?" Meil laughed. "I remember when Ma first bought him home, I was thinking like this one lil ugly ass nigga."

"Nigga ya baby pictures hanging up, you was ugly."

"Aight, fight me cause now you being disrespectful."

"Meil!" Mora laughed.

"It's time for y'all niggas to be out, see y'all later. If y'all not here by 7, y'all gon miss Nobi call and I don't wanna hear shit."

Zylie Brown | Zy

"Aye, Zy Imma talk to the football coach after school so just come to the field then we could leave." Zeus said making me nod.

I walked to the bathroom and stood in a stall for almost ten minutes, I just wanted to go back home and stay sleep forever. Zadie would of had me feeling better by now but my other siblings just didn't understand.

"What's wrong?" Har asked as I walked out the bathroom.

"Nothing." I mumbled.

"Gimme a hug." He smiled pulling me into him before I could stop him, I sighed letting him hug me. "I'm not getting off you until you hug me back."

"I didn't want to hug you in the first place."

"I miss the old you Zy, try to find that person."

"That person died when Zadie did." I told him making him furrow his eyebrows but before he could say anything I walked away.


and my horizon cause these boys done up." I told her.

"Yes, all these niggas in school ugly, dirty or just dumb." Mora shook her head.

"When I'm not none of those." Jamal chuckled.

"But you Haitian." Mora stated making me laugh.

"What that mean?"

"Y'all ain't shit."

"Vini non jwenn ti fi ti bebe." Jamal spoke making her hold her heart.

"I don't know what you said but shit, you could-"

"Yeah aight." Meil shut them down.

"I ain't none of that either." Quaddy said rubbing the sides of his face as we both just stared at him. "I look good, got a 3.6 GPA, clean, and got money."

"And you fine." I told him as Mora grasped my hand yelling.

"You allat but you ain't hood enough, I need a nigga with a few felonies." Mora spoke making all of us laugh. "Like he need to be one more point from doing life in jail."

"Something wrong with you yo." Har laughed drinking some Gatorade.


"Hey Queen." Har spoke as we all gathered around so we can talk to our mom.

"Aw my babies, I miss y'all."

"We miss you too." Most of us said in unison.

"Y'all been behaving?"

"What's your definition of behaving?" Meil asked making us laugh.

"Oh my God." She chuckled. "So anybody mad about me leaving?"

"No." We all answered.

"I was at first but if this going to bring you back to us happy then I'm here for it." Mora smiled.

"I knew ya smart ass mouth had something to say."

"You know me so well sis."

"Meil, you still spitting on people?"

"Ma, you know that don't stop." He chuckled.

"I'm mad I'm going to miss y'all birthday and first game but show out for both, we'll have our own celebrations when I come back."

"Aye ma, why these parents from the South lying to their kids talking bout they beat up G Nobi?" Meil recorded for Snap making her laugh.

"Ain't no bitch from the South ever beat up G Nobi." She laughed. "Tell them G Nobi gon be out real soon and she gon get up with everybody."

"Talk to em G Nobi, jump out gang."

"Pew pew." She stated as he stopped recording.

"Y'all annoying." Mora said while we all laughed.

"I heard everybody voice but Zylie, where she at?"

"She sleep." I answered.

"Go wake her up and if she don't get up Meil drag her downstairs."

"Bet." He jumped up excited.

"How my house looking?"

"Clean, we been keeping up everything. Doing our laundry and all." Har said.

"We need you back, dad can't cook." Zephaniah said making us laugh.

"Why didn't y'all tell aunt Von to come cook for y'all? or Sin? or even Lee?"

"Ma for real? Lee worse than dad." Mora said making her laugh.

"Yeah, I know once I said it I had to look at myself."

"You don't love us." Dad laughed.

"You could take your angry arse back to sleep, just talk to her first damn." Meil said with Zylie in his arms.

"Did he just say arse?"

"Yeah, we've found substitute words so we won't curse." Zeus said

"Okay Zeph, come through with taking care of our kids." She joked making all of us laugh. "Hey Zy baby."

"Hi mommy."

"I heard you had a bad day, you okay now?"

"As okay as I'll ever get."

"We'll talk one on one tomorrow baby girl but try to cooperate with your father, he's trying and we love you."

"Yeah, we love you girl." Meil hugged her making us laugh.

"Stop touching me, I love you and dad too mommy."

"Damn, so you don't love us?" Mora asked.

"It's cool." Har laughed.

"Mom, can I get my nipples pierced?" Mora asked.

"We'll talk about it when I come back."

"I'll work with that." She smiled.

"They say time up but I know y'all numbers so I'll call y'all tomorrow. I love y'all and I hope these weeks fly past, I miss y'all so much."

"We love and miss you too." We all said in unison.

"Love you queen." Meil smiled.

"You ugly as hell in my face like this." Dad said making all of us laugh as the phone hung up.

"I lowkey just got sad." Mora frowned making me agree.

"Seriously, I never knew how much we took her for granted." Zeus said.

"She'll be back, now let's all eat." Dad said making us all get up.

I loved my family, sometimes.


I'm so bored y'all, ever since I been practicing celibacy I've been bored and horny. I'm hored LMAOOOOO I've been celibate for almost four months now, I'm lowkey fucking with it though. Imma buy me a vibrator or that clit licking thing?????????? I would say a sex doll but where imma hide that shit at? ??????

Transitioning on hold for like a week or two.

Excuse any mistakes.

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