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   Chapter 40 NO.40

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"You spit on nine people within 8 hours, really son?" Zeph asked Zamiel staring at him.

"You gon let me explain?" He asked.

"Go head."

"I spit on the girl cause she said something bout my queen, I spit on the six niggas cause they said something bout my sister, the other nigga threw water on me, the bitch got spit on again cause she gon push me and the security guard got spit on because his meat munching ass kept following me throughout the whole damn day."

"And now I gotta go to the fucking school on the third damn day of school because you wanna keep acting the fuck out."

"Everything I just said was justifiable. Ain't nobody talking bout my mother in my face and a group of niggas had my sister not eating lunch cause they told her she was too big so yeah I spit on them. It was cold as hell in that school and that boy gon throw water on me then that bitch just had to get spit on again, Imma get aunt Zarie to trash her."

"No you not." Zeph shook his head. "You not going out this weekend so don't think about it."

"A nigga can't have company either?"


"This fine ass girl, pops when I tell you she so damn fine and she got ass for days. Come on don't do that to me."

"I'll let you know, get out my face now."

"I'm tired of this damn house!" He joked yelling as he walked into his room.

"Relly? You good?" Zeph asked seeing she was just staring out of space.

"Yes, I'm okay. I want to transfer schools."

"Why? Somebody did something to you?"

"A girl came up to me saying I have to fight her on Monday because Zamiel spit on her, I can't fight, it's going to go on my records and colleges not going to skip pass that."

"Who tryna fight you?" Zamora asked. "Why you ain't tell me?"

"Because I don't want anyone to fight my battles."

"This not your battle, it's Zamiel's but now it's mine. I wish somebody would touch you on Monday."

"Can you fight?" Zamiel asked coming back downstairs.

"Who you talking to?"

"Not your ugly." He stopped his sentence because Zeph looked at him. "Self. I said self. But Relly can you?"

"I don't want to answer that."

"I'm not asking what you want."

"I choose not to answer it."

"Girl if you-"

"She don't wanna answer the damn question, leave her alone." Zeph looked at him.

"Imma teach you, go put some sweatpants on."

"I'll rather not-"

"Imma drag you in the living room and beat you up if you don't go get some sweatpants."

"No you not nigga." Zeph smacked him in his head.

"Do you wanna fight?"

"Zamiel, I'll-"

"Do you wanna fight?" He repeated making Zamora yell.

"You better stop, you know pops reputation." Zalmir said walking in the kitchen.

"That was like 20 years ago, he ain't knocking me out."

"You saying it like you never lost a fight." Zamora laughed.

"I live to beat some ass another day."

"That's not the saying." Relly said.

"This what I'm bout to do, every time somebody curse I'm taking shit away. You curse? You walking to school. You curse? I'm cutting the wifi off. You curse? I'm taking clothes and sneakers and I'm dead ass serious."

"Okay, can we just determine what is curse words? Because I don't think bitch should be a curse."

"Me either." Zamiel said. "I gotta describe bitches as they are."

"It's females, you don't gotta call em bitches." Zahur said coming downstairs.

"This why I need to say bitch too because he's a bitch."

"And I feel like shit should be excused, because we take shits, right?" Zamora continued explaining.

"So what word don't y'all think y'all shouldn't say?" Zeph leaned back waiting for their answers.

"Fuck." Zamora said.

"Wait, is dick, ass and pussy a curse? Because to me that's a body part?" Zamiel asked.

"We shouldn't be cursing anyway, even hell and damn are bad words. Hell is a place and dam is like a wall but the way y'all use them are curses and-"

"Girl shut up." Zamiel and Zamora said in unison cutting off Relly making Zahur laugh.

"Y'all still didn't answer my question, which words shouldn't y'all say?" Zeph asked.

"Fuck." Zemora repeated.

"How about we find alternative words?" Zamiel suggested. "Because if I don't curse I can't express myself pops."

"How about y'all don't curse in front of me or any adult and leave it at that?" Zeph spoke.

"But what if the adult cursing at me?" Zemora asked.

"If a adult not respecting you then you don't have to respect them, fuck they age." Zeph answered.

"So no cursing in front of you? Got it." Zamiel snapped.

"Aye Zoo, you wanna get your arse kicked in ball?" Zamiel asked.

"You can't beat me." Zeus laughed.

"Pops, tryna get this work too?" Zamiel asked.

"Me and pops against you and Har? Y'all can't do ish with us." Zoo bragged.

"Oh nah, you tripping tripping. We could get this three on three and kicked y'all arse." Zahur spoke.

"Zane, pops and me." Zoo said. "Yo get ya team."

"Y'all so competitive." Zamora laughed watching them get in each other face. "Y'all better bet on something since y'all acting like this."

"If we win pops you take me off this punishment and let me drive ma Range to this party." Zamiel said.

"What party? That football player? That's today, oh it's lit." Zamora said.

"First of all, I can't play. I gotta go pick up y'all grandmother from the airport." Zeph spoke.

"Which one?" Zoo asked.


"Grandma Becky coming? Aye we finna get the best homecooked meal Sunday." Zahur said making them laugh.

"You better pick your third." Zamiel chuckled.

"Imma pick Mir." Zoo said going up the stairs to get his team members.

"Dad, can I get my nipples pierced?" Zamora asked making Zeph scrunch his face up.

"What the fuck is up with you and needles?" He asked. "I let you get all these damn piercings and tattoos but what you want this for?"

"Because they express me, every tattoo or piercing I got is explaining me." Zamora answered. "Plus, I really want them and they'll look so cute because my tities-"

"I'll talk to your mother about it." He cut her off so she wouldn't go into details.

"I'm not understanding who the fudge would want so many holes in they body like damn, how many you got? Eight?" Zamiel asked.

"It's ten but mind your business."

"Ten? Since when?" Zeph asked.

"The tenth was the belly piercing remember?" She lifted up her shirt.

"When the fuck did you get that?"

"Like a month ago mom and I went. She got her nipples re-pierced and I got my belly."

"What's the other nine?" Zane asked.

"You know both sides of my nose, both on my tongue, both my earlobes, my bar piercing, the dermal neck one and I'll rather not say the other one."

"What the fuck is the other one?" Zeph asked turning around so he can look at her.

"A place you can not see."

"Ewww." Zahur laughed.

"You know she burning too? Planned parenthood called." Zamiel added.

"You have a STD? Bro what the fuck?"

"I am not burning, I'm not even having sex." She rolled her eyes. "But I got that pierced without y'all knowing."

"I mean it's not like y'all can tell her to take it out." Meil laughed.

"I'm leaving." Zeph shook his head.

"Wait you gotta stay to hear the bet cause if we win, I get to go out right?"

"Y'all not winning." Zeph laughed.

"So if we do, a bet is a bet right?"

"A bet is a bet." He agreed.

"Aye pops after this party, I could stay the night out?" Har asked.


"This girl house." He said making Meil smirk because he knew where he was going.

"Just tell me the details when I get back, I'll be back!" He yelled making Cai run down the stairs.

"Where you going?"

"To pick up ya grandmother."

"Can I come?"

"Don't touch shit in my car, come on." Cai ran back upstairs to get his shoes then hurriedly ran back downstairs so he wouldn't leave him.

"Come on bitches." Zamiel said walking out the door dribbling the ball.

"Score up to 20. Me, Zane and Mir versus you, Har and Mor." Zeus said.

"Let's get it then." Mor laughed.

Zamora Brown | Mor

"Man, suck my dick." Meil said making me laugh as Zoo dunked on him.

"I don't know why you thought we was winning." I chuckled.


e?" A girl yelled. "Oh nah."

Females started jumping in our fight but hitting her instead of me, I looked to see the Southside people was getting jumped, they were outnumbered. One thing about the North was we all stuck together whether we knew each other or not.

People started breaking up all the fights, while I grabbed my sisters making sure they were okay. Meil and Quaddy was stomping out some boy while Har was breaking up Zeus fight, when they stopped fighting. The people from the South stood up looking around.

"Y'all thought y'all was leaving this party untouched?" A football player yelled. "It ain't safe for y'all!"

"This our shit, y'all not allowed in the North!" Jamal said.

"You ain't from here, don't come here!" Meil yelled picking up some dirt throwing it on them.

"You're mad childish." Mora laughed recording him.

"Fuck the South!" Everybody else yelled as they started walking away.

"They mad asses bout to light this party up." Meil laughed.

"Word so we out." Har said as we walked to the cars.

"Son ripped my Gucci shirt." Zeus shook his head.

"So you could fight?" Meil asked looking at me.

"I never said I couldn't, I just don't like too. I didn't want to but I couldn't let them jump her when it was my fight."

"You gon have to fight me bra, you spit on me." Har said.

"Y'all know when I grab something to drink, you gotta move."

"Where you get that trifling shit from?" Rara asked.

"He been doing it since we was in first grade, I don't know why."

"I don't either but the shit hilarious cause they just be looking like yeah bitch I just spit on you."

"Y'all all gotta ride with Meil, I'm spending the night out. Tell me when y'all in." Har said as we got in the car, Thank God Meil got the Range Rover so we could all fit.

"Watch your man, you should watch your mouth!" Mora yelled to the radio.

I laid back hoping this ride hurry up, I was tired and I wanted to lay down. I yawned grabbing my phone to make sure Quaddy left the party since Meil said they would be shooting. When I got in the house I took a shower then went to heat up a hot pocket.

"Y'all home early." Dad said walking in the kitchen.

"Was fighting."

"Zamiel spit on somebody?"

"You know he did." Mora laughed coming in the kitchen.

"He so damn trifling, he gon spit on the wrong person and they gon whoop his ass."

"I hope I'm there to watch."

"Pops, you know I had to spit on somebody again?" Meil asked.

"You didn't have to."

"And guessed who it was? The same bitch I keep spitting on! I swear to God she got a crush on a nigga or something pops."

"So get with her."

"Pops, she ugly as hell." He frowned making us laugh. "I'll get head from her though."

"You nasty." Mora shook her head.

"Mora took your man you upset, Mora got rich they upset. Mora put the ussy on-"

"I'll fudge you up." Meil smacked her in her head.

"Daddy." She frowned.

"Stop hitting her so hard." He hit him in his head.

"I can't wait til the day we fight, Imma just- ooou." He balled his fist up making us laugh.

"Swing on me now if you like that."

"Nah, a nigga body hurt. I got ya old arse tomorrow."

"I appreciate y'all bad asses for listening and substituting y'all words." He said. "But I'm going to sleep."

"Me too." I yawned throwing my hotpocket pouch away grabbing a orange juice.

I walked upstairs to lock my door, turning around I almost jumped out my damn skin seeing Quaddy laying in my bed. I put my hand over my chest trying to calm myself down as he looked at me.

"I scared you? My bad." He chuckled.

"You didn't text me back so I didn't think you was coming tonight."

"My phone fell out my pocket when I was fighting, shit is done for." He showed me his phone that wouldn't turn on. "You good though? I seen you out there."

"I don't like fighting, it's unlady like." I chuckled.

"Nah, you was throwing them shits like yo daddy." He smirked.

"Yes, Mitch known for knocking people out." I said making his smile drop as I laughed out loud.

"You got jokes tonight, huh?" He chuckled touching the waistline of my shorts. "Take these off though."

"Don't think I want to, last time you almost got us caught. If I was Mora they would of known I was having sex but because everyone thinks I'm the quiet one, they ignored it."

"I won't do what I did last time." He chuckled sliding my panties and shorts off then running his hand down my slit. "You know you want it too."

"I never said I didn't." I smiled turning on my side putting my leg on top of his.

"Be quiet this time, don't wanna get caught." He chuckled.

"That's on you too, you can't just-" I gasped loudly because he slid in me without warning as always. "Do that."

"Shh." He hushed me grabbing my waist.

I was in love with my brothers best friend and I couldn't tell anyone.


If y'all know me y'all know I used to love spitting on people????I used to do the nasty shit Meil did too but I stopped that in 9th grade, I stopped spitting on people in 11th????

I thought y'all would get it but apparently I got to break it down for y'all. NOBI AND ZEPH HAS ELEVEN, 11, ONCE, ONZE, 11X1, 10+1, 5+6 LIVING KIDS! Two sets of kids= 4. One set of Triplets= 3. Two adopted kids= 2. Kids who were born alone=3. 4+3+2+3= 12! BUT ONE IS DECEASED SO COUNT ELEVEN! Is that broken down enough? Do y'all get it now? Imma tell y'all how she died, relax.

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