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   Chapter 39 NO.39

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"Day one without our queen and there's no breakfast." Zamiel stated walking in the kitchen.

"You got me fucked up if you think I'm making breakfast for y'all grown ass kids." Zeph looked up from his phone.

"Why the hell not?" Zamora asked making Zamiel laugh.

"I'll be damned!" Zamiel yelled slamming his hand on the table by Zeph cereal making it tip over as he stood up so it won't get on him.

"Look what the hell you did!" Zamora yelled laughing.

"That's my damn fault pops." Zamiel chuckled as Zeph just looked at them.

"Y'all stay messing with him yo." Zahur laughed coming in the kitchen.

"Where all my bad ass nieces and nephews at?!" Jace yelled as him, Roddy and Royal appeared in the kitchen.

"Wassgod Har?" Roddy said about to hug Zamiel.

"Bitch, I'm Zamiel." Zamiel looked at him making Jace and Royal.

"Who the hell?" Roddy asked looking at Zeph. "You heard this damn child? Who the hell he talking to?"

"Don't say nothing, Imma cave his chest in." Zeph said making him laugh.

"Empty threats, empty promises." Zamora spoke making Zamiel dab her up.

"If nobody got me, I know my sister do!" He laughed putting his arm over her shoulder.

"Y'all thought I was a problem at 17, nah." Royal laughed.

"Where the rest of em at?" Jace asked. "I got money!"

"Don't give them shit, they coming off punishment."

"Fuck is a punishment? Whoop they bad asses." Roddy said.

Zamiel was about to say something but instead they heard screaming, Zeph sighed shaking his head sitting back down while Zamiel started rolling.

"What the hell? Who screaming?" Royal asked.

"Zylie." They said in unison.

"When she mad she start yelling." Zeph answered.

"Whoop em." Roddy whispered making Jace and Royal laugh.

"You said you was coming in to say a few words, got me sitting in the car while you laughing and shit." Roddy son Rod said coming in the kitchen.

"Bitch shut up, I was coming."

"Y'all dead ass got some bad ass kids, I can not do it." Jace shook his head.

"Nigga your kids scared of you, they don't even wanna say hey to your mean ass." Royal said making everybody laugh.

"Malayan happy as hell she in college away from him." Roddy laughed.

"My kids ain't cursing at me or treating me like they friend so I don't give a fuck." Jace spoke.

"Daddy, Kylie won't shut the hell up!" Zahra said coming in the kitchen. "She just in the bathroom yelling like a idiot."

"Pops, Cai and Zay fighting." Zeus said making Zamiel run upstairs to see the fight.

"Zaccai if you don't fuck her up." Zamiel yelled seeing Zane on top of him banging his head on the floor. Just as he said that Zaccai flipped her and started dragging her by her hair making Zamiel start laughing.

"I thought your stupid ass ran up here to break it up." Zeph punched him in his back making him tilt to the side in pain as he broke them up. "Why the hell are y'all fighting at 7 in the morning?"

"He threw water on me! Aunt Zariah just did my hair two days ago and now it's messed up! Do you see my leave out? I can't go to school like this daddy!"

"You have four sisters, ask them to do something to it."

"I tried, they all said no and Zylie is acting like a idiot yelling!"

"Girl stop yelling, your voice mad annoying." Zamiel spoke making her look at him trying to charge at him while Zeph held her back.

"Yo, your kids retarded son." Royal laughed.

"Go plug the flat ironers up, I'll do it." Zeph spoke walking out the room. "Zylie, why the fuck are you yelling?"

"I hate this house! I hate all these kids! I hate all of y'all! I want to leave and never come back!" She yelled making Zamiel, Zamora, Roddy and Royal bust out laughing.

"That's not funny, shut up." Zeph glared at them. "Zy, open the door and tell me what happened."

"Zaccai put gum in my hair! This isn't weave, this is my real hair and now I have to cut all of it because it won't come out without my hair attached!" She opened the door as we saw a big ass afro surrounding her face, she turned around and it was gum covering the whole backside of her hair.

"Zaccai!" Zeph yelled as he walked towards him slowly.


"Why son? Just tell me why."

"She took my charger yesterday." He looked at her as she started screaming again slamming the bathroom door.

"Go to school! Get the fuck out, all of y'all! Get out!" Zeph yelled annoyed now. "Zylie shut the fuck up!"

"Y'all done got pops blood pressure running at 7:15 in the morning." Zahra shook her head.

"School ain't even start for me and you tryna kick niggas out." Zamiel laughed.

"Zamora go fix your sister hair."

"Which one?" She asked sarcastically.

"Zane. Zylie, you not going to school until later, put your hair in a pony tail or something and meet me at the car."

"I didn't eat breakfast." Zaccai spoke.

"Nigga, they serve free breakfast at school."

"I have nobody to take me."

"Sin taking you, Zamora hurry up with Zane hair so they could leave! And where the fuck is Zephaniah?"

"Sleep." They all laughed.

"Go wake him up! Where the rest of y'all brothers and sisters?"

"Down stairs." Zahur answered. "Pops, I could take the Range?"

"The black one."

"Can I get the Jag?" Zamiel asked.

"Y'all have y'all own fucking cars, the fuck y'all wanna keep driving mine for?"

"Pops, I gotta show bitches I got different options like I'm three much for em, feel me?" Zamiel asked.

"Take the Jag and figure out who riding with who. Bye."

"Zephaniah not waking up." Zaccai said.

"Zephaniah if I come in there, Imma cave ya fucking chest in! Wake the fuck up!" He yelled at his door.

"Threatening your kids can lead to abuse, are you telling us you're going to abuse us these six weeks while our mother gone?" Zamora asked.

"Let's not forget that our mother is a victim of child abuse." Zamiel smirked.

"They was so right when they said you kids will test you more than anybody, I can't do it." Royal shook his head.

"If you gon have kids, have no more than two bro." Zeph shook his head watching a angry ass Zephaniah stomping down the stairs.

"Whoop em." Roddy whispered again making Royal and Jace laugh.

"Sin!" Zeph heard Zamora yell before she ran downstairs.

"Hey where the rest of my Godbabies?" Sin asked hugging the ones she did see. "Where y'all father?"

"He upstairs threatening the chilren." Zalmir spoke.

"Y'all giving him a hard time already? Damn it ain't even been a full 24 hours yet." Sin laughed walking up the stairs. "Zeph, you look like you stressed."

"Fuck these kids." He said walking in his room making all of them laugh.

"What the hell y'all do to him?" Sin laughed hugging Jace, Roddy and Royal.

"He just a lil under the weather." Zamiel laughed.

"What's wrong, Zy?" Sin asked seeing she was crying.

"There's gum in my hair." She showed her Godmoth

l about how I'm obese and ugly. He laughed and the whole group of boys just started talking about me in my face."

"First of all, my sister the shit." I spoke making her laugh. "Yeah, you got a lil weight on you but you ain't obese and you ain't fat. That's fat."

"Stop talking bout people kids." She chuckled as I pointed at some big ass boy and girl.

"Don't let nobody opinion about you get you in your feelings because I don't got no ugly siblings and even with the weight you got, I know niggas who'll love you. You don't got no reason to be insecure."

"Thank you Har."

"Now who the niggas? They in here?"

"Right there." She nodded towards a table where a bunch of boys was laughing. I laughed seeing they was niggas from the South.

"I'll be back, stay right here." I told her. I walked towards the table, I pulled a chair and sat down making them stop they conversation. "Oh, nah continue."

"Wasgood?" One of them asked.

"You need something? This ain't ya table or side." Another one said.

"You finna move me?" I asked then looked around the table. "Anybody finna move me?"

"You know this a North nigga cause they extra tough." Some nigga said standing over me. "You in my seat blood."

"Nigga, I don't give a fuck. You gon move me?" I continued looking around. "Which one of y'all disrespected my sister?"


"Nigga, she look like me. You know who the fuck I'm talking bout, who the fuck disrespected her?" I stood up looking at em.

"Ain't nobody dis-"

"Mr.Brown move from the table!" Our principal yelled.

"Man, get out my face." I looked back at him. "Who disrespected my sister?"

"We all did." A nigga laughed. "You can't beat all of us so what you finna do?"

"Promise you we can." Meil laughed eating Cheese Doodles.

"Mr.Brown move, this isn't-"

"Boy, stop talking to me. I could have a conversation, stop dick munching." He said making us laugh.

"Daddy said one of y'all have to pick up the youngings." Relly spoke coming towards us.

"Yo, you fine ass hell." One of these niggas said.

"Now you know you too ugly." She laughed making Meil yell.

"Fuck what they talking about, who the fuck disrespected my sister? Yall so tough towards her tell me who said what."

"What sister?" Zameil asked.


"What the fuck can they say about my twin? She look fucking good cause we share a face! So who said something about my other half? Cause none of y'all cute enough to even be talking about her."

"Nobody want her fat ass."

Meil reached over grabbing somebody milk carton making me back up since I knew what his nasty ass was about to do. He stuffed a whole bunch of chips in his mouth then drunk some milk swishing it around like he was gargling then spit it out on all of them.

"Her what? Say it again." He asked while they all looked at their clothes.

"That's so nasty, do it again." Zamora laughed recording as he poured milk in his mouth spitting it out on them again, you would think these dumb ass niggas would of got up.

"These niggas got me fucked up, y'all all bums. Talking bout my damn sister, I promise you she doing better than all y'all bitch asses."

"With yo handsome squidward looking ass." Jamal added making us laugh as security pulled us back.

"Y'all been meat munching all day damn." Quaddy said while they continued backing us up.

"Niggas hold me back better than the condom holding my kids." Meil said as we all busted out laughing.

"Y'all better be getting paid a arm and leg fucking top flight security of the world Craig." Jamal said while we continued laughing.

"Y'all forgot something." Mor said as we all stopped walking to turn around.

"Fuck the South!"


Yo y'all don't understand how this going to be like I have so many chapters written already because this is going to be one crazy ass ride. Y'all don't understandddd! I don't even think y'all ready.

Nobi has 11 kids. 2 set of twins. 1 set of triplets. 2 adopted= 11 kids.

Zameil ( Za - Mill ) - Senior, 17. Oldest. Twin.

Zahur ( Za - Har ) - Senior, 17. Twin.

Zamora ( Za - Mor - Ra ) - Junior, 16. Twin.

Zahra ( Zar - Ra ) - Junior, 16. Twin.

Zerelda ( Za - Rel - Da ) - Sophomore, 15. Adopted.

Zalmir ( Zal - Mir ) - Freshman, 14. Adopted.

Zeus - Freshman, 14. 1/3 Triplet.

Zylie ( Zy - Lee ) - Freshmen, 14. 2/3Triplet.

Zadie ( Zay - Dee ) - Freshmen, 14. 3/3 Triplet. DECEASED!

Zane - 8th Grade, 13. SHE IS A GIRL!

Zephaniah ( Zeph - Fa - Niyah ) - 6th Grade, 12.

Zaccai ( Za - Cy ) - 2nd Grade, 8.

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