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   Chapter 37 NO.37

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"The best feeling in the whole world is finally watching things falling into place after watching them fall apart for so long."


Going to switch POVs.

"I love you boobear." Sin spoke finishing my makeup making me chuckle.

"I love you more buttbutt."

"I'm going to cry."

"Sin stop." I laughed trying not to cry myself.

"Get lit bitch." Lee smiled turning on music. "Ain't no crying yet bitch."

"You gotta go get dress." Zarie spoke holding Zemora.

"Where the twins?" I asked.

"Which ones bitch?" Sin asked.

"I see Zemora so I'm obviously not asking bout those twins bitch."

"They with they father, dress now." Zarie demanded.

"Dress now." Sin and I mocked her as I dropped my robe.

"Damn, you wasn't even gon warn me before the titties came out in my face." Lee said as I stood over her making me laugh.

"My bad." I yelled unzipping the bag that held my wedding dress in it.

I unzipped the back then stepped into it while Ava zipped me in, I turned around smiling at them waiting for them to say something but they all continued looking at me. Sin busted out in tears making me roll my eyes, she keep trying to make me cry.

"You look so beautiful." She cried making me laugh.

"Your dress is beautiful." Ava smiled.

"It's so different." Lee admired taking pictures while I posed.

"Sin, you got something you wanna tell us?" Our line sister Jonica asked.

"Right, like give us the deets." Our other line sister Tanisha spoke.

"First of all, if y'all asking am I pregnant, hell to the fuck no." She said taking a shot. "I turn 21 this year, I will not let anyone trap me this year."

"Okurrrrr!" I agreed with her fixing my low bun.

"Bitch, you have four kids, you need to not have no more." Lee said making us laugh.

"At least hit 21 first." Tanisha said taking a shot making me laugh.

"Zemora and Zahra was not planned." I said hearing Zemora making noises. "Mommy still love you."

"Aye Nobi, they ain't play this." Sin said making me stop to hear the song, Cash Out x She Twerkin was playing.

"Get it, get it." They gassed recording me as I bent over twerking.

"Yes my three favorite hos!" Zarie yelled as Sin, Lee and I all twerked in our dresses.

"Nobi, you sure you want me standing next to you?" Sin asked making me furrow my eyebrows.

"You are my maid of honor."

"I'm just saying cause I don't think it's smart to let me stand next to you, I look fucking good." She smiled looking at herself in the mirror.

"Oh girl bye." We laughed.

"These real diamonds?" Jonica asked holding my tiara.

"Bitch, it's a royal wedding!" Sin yelled our theme. "Why wouldn't it be real?"

"I told Zeph, we could of went to dollar tree and got a fake tiara but this nigga had to go all out." I shook my head.

"You always preaching bout money but be spending money on him, I mean look at his ring." Lee said opening the box.

"He put a million on my finger girl, I had to do the same." I smiled looking at it.

"You paid a million for this? I need to be y'all rich." Tanisha said sipping her drink.

"Oh no baby, a half million. I ain't got it like him yet." I laughed.

"Stunting like my daddy." Zarie joked making us laugh.

"Sorry, I'm late. Roddy annoying ass just annoying." Eve said walking in with their son Sharodd Jr..

"You cool." I smiled.

"Oh Nobi, you look beautiful." She said making me smile.


"Damn, that boy looking sharp." Sef gassed me dusting my shoulders.

"Damn, that man got more than seven thou on his body." Jace joined in.

"Damn, that boy sitting like a king with that diamond crown on his head." Royal added.

"Damn, that man gon go bankrupt for the amount of money this shit costed." Roddy walked in making us laugh.

"It's almost time, you ready?" My dad asked me.

"I'm already married." I looked at them blankly.

"Where y'all going for the honeymoon again?" Sef asked.


"Why?" Royal asked.

"It's this beautiful ass river called the Enchanted River so we gon go there."

"I saw that on Instagram, shit really beautiful." Izzy said making me nod.

"Where your vows? You wrote them down, right?" Royal asked.

"I wasn't bout to memorize no vows, Imma speak off how I feel at the moment. She doing the same shit, she could tell me she love me as her vows and I wouldn't give a fuck. She my wife today, just like she was yesterday."

"This nigga stay preaching like get cha in love ass outta here." Jace said making us laugh.

"I'm in love with my wife, not everybody could say that so Imma bask in the moment."

"Come on y'all." Jah said coming in.

We all walked out getting into the hummer limo, I sat down grabbing Zamiel hyper ass since he kept tryna walk around. Roddy held Zahur while he played with his tie in amazement chilling, I took pictures with Zamiel annoying ass then handed him to my pops who wanted him.

"You messing up ya tux boy." Royal said wiping Zahur off. "You gotta look good like ya uncle."

"Ma?" He asked making me laugh, this nigga act like he can't be away from Nobi for more than a hour.

"Nah, you chilling with the big boys right now." Roddy threw him in the air making him hit the top of the ceiling then falling back down making my mouth go ajar as we all just looked. "I swear to God I did not mean that."

"And I swear to God, I'm telling Nobi." Sef laughed as they all died.

"That's not funny, come here." I held my hand out for him so he could walk to me while he continued crying.

Zamiel looked at his lil brother crying and before he could come to me, he hugged him making me smile. I snapchatted a picture to Nobi, knowing she lived for moments like that with her sus ass.

"Nobi pregnant?" Izzy asked.

"Not that I know of." I answered. "She scared to get pregnant again, she keep having twins."

"Nobi don't want those 8 kids no more." Sef said making us laugh.

"Nah, we still having our 8 kids. They just not bout to be all close in age no more."

"You say that now til they grown up and giving you more problems than what you signed up for." Dad said making us laugh.

"You tryna throw shade?" Sef asked.

"Word cause I barely put y'all through anything." Zurich spoke.

"To be fucking honest." Royal said making us look at him.

"Hell naw, you can't agree with us." I spoke. "You most def the worse child they got."

"That nigga got a job with his own apartment, he ain't my damn problem no mo!" Dad cheered making us laugh.

"We'll take a shot for that." Roddy laughed as we all grabbed a shot glass.

"To love." Sef said as we all cheered taking the shot.

"Can I get a refill?" Ro sung holding out his shot glass while Roddy refilled them.

"Damn." I said throwing it back.


Zeph and the rest of the gang walked into the venue making some of the guest look, girls was gawking over them making them laugh. They stood by the entrance smiling, Zeph was waiting for them to tell them he could walk.

"You look handsome." Becky smiled seeing her son in law.

"Thanks B-Rad, you looking beautiful too." He kissed her cheek.

The doors open as Becky and Algee walked down the aisle both smiling as they got memories of them walking down the aisle making them smile even bigger. They got to the front sitting on the left side then looking back waiting for whoever next, Kelly walked out with the twins sitting next to them smiling.

"I'm proud of you baby." Zeph mother, Amori, said kissing his cheek then wiping her lipgloss off him.

"Thank you ma."

"See you down the aisle boy." His father said making him nod.

Amori and Nyko walked down the aisle smiling hand in hand, Amori was getting a bittersweet feeling. She loved seeing her kids so happy and Zeph was most definitely the happiest child relationship wise. They sat on the right side smiling at Becky and Algee.

"We late?" Lee asked walking in.

"Just on time." Sef said as they lined up.

Jonica and Ruga walked out first, secondly was Zariah and Zurich, next was Izzy and Ava, then Eve and Roddy, Zarie and Royal was after them and lastly it was Lee and Sef.

"This could of been us but you chose a opp bitch over me." Sin joked making Jace and Zeph laugh.

"Ain't gon never let me live that down." Jace chuckled while they walked out smiling.

Zeph waited until it was his time and he started feeling his stomach going crazy. He didn't understand why he was nervous when he was already married, shit ain't make no sense. He heard his song he requested to walk down the aisle to.

Rich Homie Quan x Walk Thru as he went through the doors, he stopped to dance as everybody started cheering while some recorded. He started walking backwards bobbing then he stopped to millyrock real sturdy making his guest gas him.

"Throwing up my set in yo hood!" He yelled throwing up multiple gang signs as they laughed.

"Yeaaah boy!" Sef yelled making him laugh.

He stopped then walked the rest of the way while everybody still laughed, he stood his place a step above his groomsmen. He was telling his self to not cry when he saw Nobi, he ain't want to at all but he had a feeling he was going to.

"Dada." Zamora and Zahra both yelled clapping while Algee and Becky held them. He stepped down to kiss both of them then went back.

Nova and Maisn walked out next to Amour son Dezmond who was the ring barrier. Nova and Maisn smiled throwing rose petals making everybody smile at how cute they was. When they reached the top, Nova and Dezmond when to sit down but Maisn walked to Sef standing in front of him.

"Fuck you in my face for? Sit your bad ass down." Sef said making Zeph and them bust out laughing while everybody else gasped.

"Son, what is wrong with you?" Jace laughed.

"I ain't fucking with her snitch ass right now." Sef glared looking down as she still stood in front of him.

"Watch your mouth." Amori said grabbing Maisn to sit on her lap.

The pianist started to play the If I Ain't Got You making everyone stand up, Zeph heart started playing in his chest watching them doors open. He watched Jah and his wife walk out and no matter how hard he tried his eyes still got watery.

"Damn, I should of kept that." He heard Izzy say making them chuckle.

"I got her now bitch." Zeph said making them laugh harder.

"Okurrrr." Sin yelled from the other side.

Nobi walked towards them smiling making sure her tiara didn't fall off her head. "Who gives this woman away?" The officiant asked.

"I do." Jah spoke kissing her on her cheek then shakin

"The people deserve to know." Sin laughed.

"So who swallowed nut first?" Lee repeated as they both held out Nobi shoe.

"There it is!" Sef yelled.

"My boy coming back!" Roddy yelled.

"Momma ain't raise a quitter baby!" Becky yelled.

"Or a spitter!" Zarie yelled making everybody die.

"Ayooo, game over." Nobi yelled throwing her head back. "Game fucking over."

"Who starts the arguments?" Sin asked making them both hold up Nobi shoe.

"He always doing something stupid." Nobi defended herself making everybody laugh.

"Who always wakes up mad?" Lee asked making them hold up Zeph shoe.

"Who has the craziest friends?" Sin asked as they both thought about it, Nobi held up his shoe while he held up her shoe.

"When we say friends I'm including Royal, Roddy and Sef because we have no friends. They are way worse than us." Nobi said.

"Sin by herself is the craziest retardest friend you have!" Zeph said making them laugh.

"We just gon agree to disagree, last question. Who's going to pay the bills?" Lee asked making Nobi and Zeph hold up both their shoes.

"We're equal in this marriage, he's not above me and I'm not above him. We both paying bills, handling car notes, cleaning up around the house and taking care of our kids while working. This not the 1700s." Nobi answered.

"Okurrrr." Sin said.

"So it's time for y'all last dance." Zarie said looking at the clock.

Sef and Roddy moved the chairs from the dance floor as Zeph stood up taking her hand, Fly Before You Fall came on making both of them fall. She leaned her head on his chest smiling while he moved them smoothly singing in her ear making her smile wider.

Zeph turned her towards the DJ booth as he switched the song to If This Isn't Love making everybody cheer cause they knew this was Nobi favorite song. Nobi took off her heels about to fuck it up as they did the dance in sync while people recorded them.

After the chorus she went to do the dance but as she was turning around she seen New Edition and the cast behind her making her eyes go wide as she stood completely still. She felt like she was about to faint and when Zeph saw her he caught her just in time. The DJ stopped the music as everybody looked at them.

"You said no more surprises." She whined crying.

"After this, I promise." Zeph laughed standing her up straight while they all smiled at her.

"Congratulations." Ralph smiled at her and she covered her face sobbing while Zeph rubbed her back laughing.

New Edition was her grandmother favorite band and they always talked how they was going to go to a show together so they can meet them. She died too early for them to do any of this but meeting them right now is bringing every memory she had with her grandmother up. She couldn't believe it, she was so shocked.

"This the best reaction we ever got." Ricky laughed.

"And she had to be like 3 years old listening to us." Mike added.

"Just give her a minute, she gon get herself together." Zeph told them laughing.

"You ready to dance beautiful?" Algee asked as she stopped all together just looking at him.

"Aw shit, they bout to get a divorce!" Royal yelled making everybody laugh.

"I heard you dance better than me." Ronnie smiled. "Let's see."

She came back to life as If It Isn't Love started over, they all started dancing in sync while everybody smiled recording. Nobi was keeping up and dancing like her life was on the line making people laugh, they never seen her so serious. The song switched to My Prerogative getting her more hyper than it should.

They handed Bobby Brown a mic making him take over the show while he looked at her doing the dance, he smiled backing up letting her take over. She smiled doing the dance as they joined her again.

"This a whole concert." Zarie yelled as everybody stood up clapping and smiling.

"I'm dead ass about to break up with you but we could get back together in a day or so." Sin told Ruga looking at Luke James dance.

"I'm with it, just know once you break up with me nothing we do is cheating."

"I like the sound of that." She smirked shaking his hand, Luke James was about to be hers neoww!

Grabbing Nobi hand, Johnny Gil looked into her eyes. "On a perfect day, I know that I can on you. When that's not possible tell me can you weather a storm?"

Nobi smiled real wide as Algee grabbed both of her hands matching her smile, he sung to her as tears came out of her eyes. He hugged her then put his arm around her shoulder as she wrapped her arms around his waist making him laugh.

"Sin!" Nobi yelled looking for her as she walked to the stage confused.

"Put on your red dress and slip on your high heels and some of that sweet perfume, it sure smells good on you." Luke James sung holding Sin waist as she smiled.

"We done lost our girls." Zeph joked to Ruga making him laugh. "They gave em that look, my honeymoon gon start tomorrow."

"Take her annoying ass off my hands for a night, I'm all down for that." Ruga laughed sipping his Hennessy.

"You ever had sex in front of a crowd? You trying to?" Sin asked him making Lee and Nobi yell since they were in earshot.

"You're laughing but she's dead serious and we all want a answer." Lee said as they looked at Luke while he kept smiling.

"I wanna revamp that question, have y'all ever had sex in the same room?" Sin asked looking at Algee, Keith and Luke.

"Sin stooop!" Nobi laughed, she wasn't about to entertain the bullshit, she was married.

"We'll talk." Luke smiled at Sin going to the band.

"Owww." Nobi smirked.

"Did y'all hear that? Nah, y'all didn't hear him!" Sin yelled. "Nobi, I fucking love you for making me watch that movie multiple times and for getting married and now that your life is over, I'm going to have fun for you."

"Bitch, my life just starting." Nobi smiled drinking her Paul Masson. "I have the perfect life, I'm married at 20 with 4 kids and on my way to becoming a billionaire like seriously who the fuck can say that? Yeah, I'm tied down for the rest of my life to one guy but that's my guy and I'll never take advantage of it."

Nobi smiled looking at Zeph dancing with Zamora and Zahra as they both laid their head on his chest smiling liking the attention they were getting from their dad.

"This feeling is so foreign to me, I'm not used to being happy, it's euphoric. I know I'm done being Let Down."


I'm sad...why is it over... no.. my heart....

Y'all wanna know something? This book was supposed to be so damn sad. Izzy was supposed to be dead, Becky was supposed to be dead, Sin was supposed to be dead and the twins was supposed to be dead, at a point Nobi was going to die too. I couldn't do it though.

I hope by time I get married every member of New Edition still alive because they HAVE to sing to me at my wedding and we HAVE to dance together. I got excited when they came like this was real smh I need a life.

Thanks for reading you guys.

Excuse any mistakes.

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