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Let Down By Xannny Characters: 15512

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"Fuck is beef? Only thing I'm worried about is that chicken."


Mitch Zephyr

"So she comes back today right?" Sef asked as I walked through the hospital.

"I'll see right now." I spoke about to walk to the receptionist desk.

"She's already in the room." The nurse smiled making me nod.

"Well, I'll meet y'all at y'all house." He said hanging up as I prepared to walk in the room.

They were doing a 3D ultrasound when I walked in, they both looked at me as Nobi smiled while my face was neutral. She was showing one of their feet making me walk closer so I can record them, I just wanted to know who features they gon have the most.

"Is he smiling?" Nobi asked smiling making our doctor nod.

"Yes, he's happy." The doctor spoke.

"He sucking his thumb? Where he get that from?" I asked since neither of us do it.

"Probably something he picked up." She shrugged. "It may go away when he gets older but may not."

"That lil nigga still smiling, fuck he so happy for?" I asked making them laugh.

"His mother seems happy, he's going off her energy." She answered.

"Did the ADD test come in?"

"Yes." She said wiping off Nobi stomach then grabbing the file. "He has ADD as I suspected."

"So he'll have to take medication?" Nobi asked.

"That's really your choice, if you feel he's too out of control or you can't handle him then I can prescribe something."

"Nah, he gon be good." I spoke up, Imma whoop his ass if he get too out of control.

Chuckling, she looked at me. "You can go schedule your next appointment, we're good here."

"Okay, thank you." She smiled getting off the table as I followed her out.

I walked behind her silently wondering when do I wanna curse her the fuck out, I was gon be cool for now. After making the appointment she turned to look at me as I just stared at her blankly wondering what the fuck was her excuse.

"I can already feel your vibe, we'll talk when we get in the house." She spoke walking pass me going to a car.

I ignored her going to the other side of the parking lot so I can go to my car, I stopped at Chick-Fil-A getting me and Zarie something to eat. I could never eat in peace around her fat ass, she always want something, ol begging ass.

"You bought me something?" She asked as soon as I walked in the living room.

"I can't even eat in peace, Zarie always bugging me." I sung making her laugh as I threw the bag at her since I ate my shit in the car.

"Why you ain't buy me nothing?" Royal asked.

"Why the fuck all y'all here?"

Izzy, Royal, Roddy, Sef, Jace, Sin, Lee, Maisn and Zarie was all here like I don't see them enough, annoying ass niggas need they own life. I grabbed Maisn from Sef sitting down on the couch as she laughed and grabbed my face.

"Obviously not here for you bitch." Sef said.

"Royal, leave that girl alone." Jace laughed as Royal was all in Zarie phone while she typed.

"He need too, annoying self." She mumbled eating fries.

"Y'all stay worried about me and my girl, mind y'all business."

"You have no girl." Jace, Sef and I said in unison making everybody laugh.

"So, where my best friend?" Sin asked looking around.

"She said she was gon meet me here, thought she would beat me here." I shrugged.

"Let me see David and Donald." Lee said making us all look at her.

"Who the fuck is that?" Sin and I asked in unison.

"Fuck I look like naming them some damn David and Donald?" I scrunched my face up.

"Shut up, let me see them."

I handed her the pictures of the 3D ultrasound as they all passed it around smiling and shit like they never saw babies. Maisn tried to grab one so I held it up to her face making her smile and clap while drooling.

"You see your little brothers?" I asked blowing on her cheek. "Your mommy gon have her hands full taking care of all three of y'all."

"My child is my child, fuck is wrong with y'all?" Sef asked making us laugh.

"Aw, is he smiling?" Sin asked. "This one look just like you, he got your wide ass nose and little ass ears."

"Sin, I know you ain't talking about nobody nose." I said as her smile dropped.

"Nah this one look just like Mitch, damn. This little nigga gon be ugly as hell." Sef said looking at the pictures.

"Oh yeah Lee let me tell you what Sef said." I said making her attention get on me. "He was like when I say jump, Lee be like how high."

"No I did not, don't let him lie to you."

"He most def did." Roddy backed me up making me laugh.

"How high? Huh?" Lee asked as he moved away from her.

"You really gon let them lie to you, you know Roddy a big ass gasser." He said looking

ed me so much thinking I did something wrong and killed them." She spoke wiping her face. "I went to the hospital and she told me I was fine, just stressing so much so I left."

"Why didn't you just tell me you was stressing too much?"

"You wasn't listening to me Zeph." She shook her head. "I tried but you had ya mind so set on it you didn't even care about how I would feel."

"You right about that, I didn't know he was so important to you. I thought he was just somebody you knew but Sin explained to me everything he did for you."

"You should know I'll never get in between something unless it was a good reason, I would have understood him dying if he did anything to hurt any of y'all but he didn't."

"I was on some petty shit." I admitted.

"I could of told Fred he had a hit out and hid him but you're still my husband so I had no other choice but learn to accept it further down the line. That's the part that was stressing me out the most."

"Any other person would of told and that's why I called off the hit, he works for me now."


"Sin and I ran into him and I gave him a job, he been working for a couple days but he a hard worker, he gon be making more money than both of his jobs."

"Thank you baby." She smiled running into my arms.

"I like the way we communicating." I told her as she sat on my lap.

"I do too, I hated ignoring you, it was killing me everyday."

"We can't live without each other." I shook my head as she chuckled.

"I was thinking we got married too early and everything was moving too fast but I think we're at the right pace." She smiled grabbing my face.

"I was thinking we need to look at rings because I'm tired of looking at this little ass promise ring on your ring finger." I told her making her laugh.

"I don't want a ring until I give birth, my fingers so fat now, you gotta wait til they go down." She said as I chuckled.

"Imma still look for some."

"We're going to have a wedding after I get my associates degree then we're going to have another child." She kissed my lips. "Then when I get my bachelors, we're going to have another one."

"By time you have your own practice we'll be billionaires and have five kids." I kissed her.

"You know what I heard?" She smiled walking towards the washing machine that was shaking. "Having sex on a washing machine is amazing."

"Yeah, I heard that too. I say we test it out." I smiled picking her up to put her on it as she giggled pulling my sweatpants down.

"I love you Zephyr Taylor Brown." She pulled me closer wrapping her arm around my neck.

"And I love you Aanvi Zenobia Brown-Henderson." I kissed her holding her waist.


My favorite couple back good:) Who y'all favorite couple & character? Mine gotta be Roddy, he just be bms LMAOOOOOO

I keep saying Imma leave Wattpad but I always come up with ideas in my head so I'm working on a new book, issa another fanfiction. He plays for the NBA, got drafted in 2016 and he been my boyfriend since I was 10. Guess who it is? :)

Excuse any mistakes.

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