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   Chapter 34 NO.34

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"Just because someone hurts you means you have to hurt them, show them you're better off without em."


Mitch Zephyr

"Hurry the fuck up." I spoke as Sin stupid ass walked to the car.

She stopped walking and looked back then looked around. "Oh okay." She said then started walking even slower making me look at her like she was stupid. I leaned back putting my finger on my head, she bout to get left.

"You always being stupid." I said pulling off as she strapped her seat belt in.

"Stupid is my middle name."

"We know." I laughed.


"You annoying."

"So?" She asked pulling out her phone. "Your home not happy yet?"

"Nah, shit the worse it ever been."

"I don't understand why you just won't call off the hit."

"I'm not."

"Well then your home ain't gon never be happy." She shrugged. "Nobi can hold a grudge and you know that. You saw how she acted towards Becky."

"They close as hell now so I'll wait it now."

"Are you stupid?" She asked making me glance at her. "They close after four years, Nobi went four long ass years not talking to her. You gon wait years?"

"Damn, I ain't know it was that long."

"She ain't talk to me for two months, most boring months of my life. I'm telling you just call it off."

"I'm not calling it off."

"Is it something we don't know? Did he do something to you and you don't want us to know? Because if it is then by all means get him out the way."

"It's a reason."

"You lying." She laughed. "You're mad over that video and you wanna kill him for that which is petty as hell, even for you Mitch."

"I'm not lying but aight." I shrugged.

"You know how I know you lying? Sef, Izzy, Roddy and even Jace, yes I even talked to Jace, said that this was your hit. They said they didn't care for him because he never did shit to them, this was your personal kill."

"So because-"

"If you that mad over a video fight him but don't kill him son, he got kids, his mother got dementia, his older brother a drug addict, his little brother got leukemia and his sister autistic. He taking care of his whole family, along with his kids and their mothers."

"Because his life hard I shouldn't kill him? Everybody life hard."

"Stop being Mitch for a second, I know you ain't this coldhearted."

"I am though, I don't care." I shrugged.

"Well then I'mma stop talking since your mind made up." She shrugged sitting back in her seat.

"What could I get Nobi to make her smile?"

"You can't buy her forgiveness, she never been a materialistic person. You see she gave back the damn car you bought her." Sin laughed.

"That's not funny, I thought we was cool and as soon as we get by ourselves we back beefing." I shook my head.

"Get used to it." She chuckled. "You could get her a turtle."

"You just want one."

"When Nobi grandmother died, they had a little baby turtle but her father killed it. Nobi was depressed for like a month because of it, I'm not saying she gon forgive you but it's going to at least put a smile on her face."

"Aight, let's go pick out a turtle." I said entering a pet shop in the GPS. "You said you talked to Jace?"

"Yeah, I went to see Roddy annoying ass cause I was bored and they was all there so we started talking. That's my lil bro, I fucks with em."

"Y'all gon be back together." I laughed.

"Nah, I'm good with my boyfriend."

"You know Ruga ain't shit compared to Jace."

"He better." She spoke making me twist my lips.

"If you say so." I chuckled. "Nobi used to fuck with Fred or something?"

"Nah, Fred used to fuck with Lee. Fred was just real close to Nobi, it was a point in time where she was closer to him than any of us including Izzy."

"I ain't know they was friends like that."

"Nobi ever showed you her juvenile file?"

"Nah but I know she got like up a few times."

"A few? That bitch got locked up a total of 55 times by the time she was 16. You know who bailed her out every single time? Fred."

"Every time?"

"Every time." She nodded. "No matter how big or small the charge was and if he didn't have the money, he'll borrow it from people. He went through a lot of shit to get her out."

"Why y'all never bailed her out?"

"We was young, how the fuck we supposed to ask our parents for hundreds of dollars to bail her out? If I would of told my mother that, she would of banned me from seeing Nobi ever again. Jah and Kellz wasn't supposed to even be around Nobi so that wasn't an option and Jace and Arty wasn't bout to give Izzy that so Fred was always her choice."

"She ain't explain this to me."

"Would it have made a difference? It's not making a difference now."

"Still nice to know."

"All I'm saying is Nobi is a quitter. If everything get too stressful for her she's going to give up."

"What you mean?"

"She's going to give up on everything because she's going to go into depression, I saw it happen three times. She would disappear for weeks, stop eating, start cutting herself, drinking."

"But she pregnant now."

"Yeah, that's the plus about everything. She been dreaming to be a mother so she won't do anything to hurt them but herself? She wouldn't care."

"Hurting herself will hurt them."

"All that means is she's going to force herself to eat and not do drugs or drink, she gon cut herself and still disappear."

"All this because her friend gotta die?"

"Nobi have had four friends out her entire life. Me, Lee, Izzy and Fred. We've seen all the stages Nobi been through, just because her and Fred don't talk everyday doesn't mean he means less than us. You know how you and Arty wasn't that close but you still considered him as a brother? That's how Nobi feel. You know how you felt when Arty was killed so why would you make her feel like that?"

I stopped talking and let the words wander, Nobi and I barely communicated and that was our greatest problem. If this marriage was going to last like I intended it too, we was going to have to fix that and fast.

"Do you guys know what type of turtle y'all looking for?" The employee asked.

"It's different types of turtles? What the hell?" I asked looking at them.

"One like this." Sin showed him a picture.

"This is a mud turtle, these little guys right here." He pointed to multiple tanks showing little ass turtles.

"It's so little, can I hold it?"

"Yeah." He grabbed it putting it in the palm of her hand. It was a little as a quarter.

"How much this little shit cost?" I asked, it better not be over $60.

"$35 but

but the dumb shit gotta go." Jace said.

"How long Nobi been gone?" Roddy asked.

"Three days."

"Three days? By herself? With money? She bout to come back with a new nigga and clothes." He laughed. "You know bitches on movies always come back home a brand new person."

"She gon come back with some rich nigga." Royal joined him.

"I am some rich nigga." I said making them look at me.

"You ain't a billionaire so you ain't rich my nigga." Sef hating ass said.

"Got more money than all y'all niggas." I told them.

"I just got out of jail, gimme a few more months." Jace said making me laugh.

"I just had a baby, half of my money belong to her." Sef said.

"I just be getting played and betrayed." Roddy added making us laugh.

"I just pay for everything my daughter want and need." Izzy laughed.

"I'm just some broke nigga living off my parents and siblings." Royal shrugged. "Richest broke nigga you know though."

"After I buy ya car, you getting a job." I told him.

"Damn, y'all stay wanting a nigga to grow up too fast."

"Royal, shut up." Sef laughed.

"Nigga, I was killing people at ya age. You living the life." Jace said.

"Caught my first body at 16." I added.

"And y'all proud of that?" Roddy asked making us laugh.

"Gramma still here?" Sef asked Royal.

"You know her annoying ass still there, I called grandpop and told him to come get her."

"What he say?"

"He talking bout the longer she stay, the longer I get a break from her."

"Grandpop just as sick of her as we are." Roddy laughed. "He probably praying she never return."

"I'll dead ass move out if she stay another week." Royal said. "She so annoying and they be acting so scared to stand up to her, she'll tell them to shut up and they'll really wait til she leave to talk again on some Debo shit."

"Son go head." I said as we all laughed.

"I'm ready to leave, where that waitress at?" Jace asked.

"Yerrrrddddd, we ready to go! Where our waitress?" Sef yelled making everybody look at us.

"I hate when you do that son." I glared at him.

"If Lee was here she would of smacked the shit out of you." Roddy said.

"Cailee don't run shit, I do. I tell her to jump, she say how high, feel me?" He lied making us laugh.

"Have this same energy." Jace said.

"I ain't never been bitched in my life, Imma keep this energy!" He yelled standing up banging on his chest.

"I gotta stop coming with y'all dumb asses." I shook my head.

"At least my girl ain't running away to get away from me." Royal said making them laugh.

"Runaway love." Roddy sung.

"You don't have no girl bitch." I told him. "Roddy, suck my dick."

"So what, I'm working on it though."

"Well when you get one-"

"No you didn't." Roddy yelled making us laugh.

"Yo why the fuck this bitch not over here yet? I'm bout to get up, fuck." Jace said.

"Yerrrrdddddd?! We ready to go, damn!" Sef yelled even louder.

"I hate y'all niggas." Roddy laughed getting up.

"Nah, y'all not bout to make me pay this whole bill again." I stood up.

"Well I ain't paying, I'm broke." Roddy ran.

"Boonk gang, Boonk game! Whole lotta gang shit!" Royal yelled laughing as he ran.

We all looked at them then hauled ass running out the restaurant, we knocked the chairs down and all. Jace dumb ass dropped the keys just as a employee was running after us yelling while a phone to his ear.

"Damn, Imma have to knock em out." Sef mumbled out of breath.

"Got em." Jace ran to us pressing the unlock button. We hoped in as he started the car pulling out without even looking back.

"Y'all niggas wild on my mother." Izzy laughed. "I ain't never in my life pull some shit like that."

"We gon get arrested." I laughed.

"That bitch should've hurried up so that's they fault, they try to press charges we pressing em back." Sef said making us laugh.

My brothers the stupidest niggas I ever met but I wouldn't be shit without these stupid ass niggas.


Bro tell me why my dumb ass went outside in the middle of the blizzard in some boxers, jordans and my coat. My dumb ass fell down the stairs then in a hole of snow, I'm really a dumb ass person. I was cold asf for like a hour.

I dead ass wanna dine and dish one day but I'm too scary lmaoo

I need tattoo ideas for my wrist, HELP ME!!!

Excuse any mistakes.

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