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   Chapter 33 NO.33

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"Just because my path is different, doesn't mean I'm lost."

-- NaePappy

Aanvi Zenobia

"Hit that beat Sin." I said as she started banging.

"There it go it's Dipset girl." She yelled making me bust out laughing.

"Shabooya, roll call!" Lee yelled standing on the table.

"Bitch get down this not bring it on." I laughed looking up.

"Nah, I'm with it shabooya sha sha shabooya roll call." Sin stood up doing the cheer.

"My name Cailee."

"Yeah." Sin gassed her while people looked at us.

"I'm snatching bitches nigga."

"Yeah." Some people yelled making me laugh.

"You can't-"

"Get down!" The security yelled.

"Why would you mess up my rap like that? Keyboard head ass." Lee said making me bust out laughing.

"You mad as hell." I laughed.

"I really am like his ugly ass could of waited, I was gon get off the table. His head long ass hell stupid ass."

"Chillll." Sin said making me laugh as the bell rung. "Man we really graduating in two days."

"Right, Imma miss high school." I said getting teary.

"I really hate talking to you now, you cry about every single thing, annoying ass."

"Suck my dick dirty bitch."

"Bitch I'll kick you in your face then make sure my kids safe."

"Bitch you kick me in my face Imma kill you." I pushed her.

"Put me out my misery bitch!"

"Sin suck my dick!"

"Enough kids." Lee said separating us laughing.

"I hate that dumb bitch." I glared at her walking in the class.

"Won't beat this dumb bitch ass though."

"As long as you know you dumb bitch."

"You can talk hot on the internet, boy!" Lee yelled making me rap with her. "That's that goofy shit, we ain't into that boy. Black van, pull up to ya momma crib boy. Tie her up, drive that shit off a crib boy!"

"Can you send Aanvi Henderson to the principal office?" The lady spoke over the intercom making me stop.

"Why?" I asked and my teacher shrugged handing me the pass.

"I'm coming." Lee and Sin said in unison.

We all walked out going down the stairs to the principal office, I saw Ruga in there making me squint my eyes, this nigga always in trouble.

"Why you in here?" Sin asked standing over him making him look up.

"Back up." He pushed her legs. "I had to deliver my end of the school year ass whooping."

"Who you fight?"

"Mr.Nixon." He said making me laugh.

"Tell me you ain't fight that man." Lee shook her head.

"Fucked that man up." He laughed making Sin hit him in his head.

"Two days before graduation? Seriously Randell?"

"Why you bring my real name in it though?" He laughed.

"You high as hell." I laughed since he kept laughing. "Why you fight him though?"

"He talking bout he glad I'm graduating so he don't gotta see my face no more, I told the nigga he keep pushing my buttons Imma make his toupee come off after I drop em. He ain't believe me so I dropped em."

"You made his toupee fall?" Lee yelled making everybody look at her. "Ayo!"

"You wanna see the video?" He asked laughing.

"Show me when I come out." I told him walking in Mr.Ellis office. "You called for me?"

"Yeah, Nobi sit." He pointed to the chair in front of him.

"So wassup?"

"You've been nominated to do a speech at graduation."

"No thank you." I declined his offer.

"It wasn't a question, you have to do the speech."

"I'm not the valedictorian, salutatorian or on student council so what I need to do a speech for?"

"As I said you've been nominated student of the year by teachers and your peers so you have to do a speech." He spoke. "This is a honor, you should be grateful people speak of you so highly."

"I appreciate it but I know damn well these kids ain't vote me student of the year, I done fought most of em."

"Well believe it, I mean you are the prom queen."

"Why would you wait two days before graduation to tell me I have to write a speech?" I glared at him. "How am I suppose to come up with a whole speech in 48 hours?"

"You're a smart girl, figure it out." He said writing as I continued glaring at him.

"I'm done here or you gotta say something else?" I asked picking my bag off the floor.

"You dismissed."

I got up seeing Sin and Lee talking to Ruga. "I hate that nigga."

"Want me to pop em?" Ruga asked laughing.

"You in enough trouble." Sin glared at him.

"What he do?" Lee asked.

"Told me I gotta do a damn speech at graduation."

"Good luck with that bitch." Sin laughed making me stick my finger up.


"Baby Ali, shut the fuck up!" I yelled as she yelled.

"Leave me the fuck alone!" She yelled back.

"Shut the fuck up then!"

"Why are y'all yelling?" Zeph asked coming in with the rest of the boys as I ignored all of them going back to writing my speech.

"Nobi, Luke said hey!"

"Tell him I said hey!"

"Who Luke?" Sef asked making me ignore him.

"Nobi, you cooking today?" Roddy asked going in the refrigerator.

"Baby Ali, can you bring me my phone from my charger?" I yelled.


"And the wireless beats."


"Y'all mad ghetto." Sef laughed.

"Look at the pot calling the kettle Jacobs." Royal said making me laugh.

"Brah, what?" Sef asked.

"Just leave it." Zeph shook his head.

"Nobi, why you ignoring us?" Roddy asked.

"Ew, why y'all here?" Zarie said handing me my phone and beats.

"Respect ya elders." Roddy asked.

"Ask ya sister when she gon stop ignoring us?" Sef said.

"Nobi, when you gon stop ignoring them?" She asked making me put my headphones on and turning my music all the way up focusing on my speech.

"I wish I could go back to the day before we met to skip my biggest regret. I wish I wasn't in love with you so you couldn't hurt me, it just ain't fair the way you treat me. No you don't deserve me." I mumbled to the first song that came on.

"Nobi!" Sef yelled pulling my beats. I looked at him trying to put them back on but he took them making me sigh.

"Why you wanna hurt me so bad? I believed in you and that's why I'm so mad. Now I'm drowning in disappointment and it's hard for me to even look at you." I sung since I could still hear the music.

"How you turn these shits off?" Sef asked.

"It only turn off if she disconnect her phone." Zeph spoke.

"So leave me alone, don't want nothing from you. Just go back where you came from, this house is no longer your home, you're not welcomed no no more."

"I wish I wasn'tttt." Zarie sung out loud making me laugh.

Sef walked over to me trying to snatch my phone from my hand making me punch him in his chest, he hit me back in my shoulder making me punch his directly in his mouth. I stood up not even playing no more getting mad.

"Why would you even touch her if she not talking to you?" Baby Ali asked. "If she don't wanna talk, leave her alone."

"She ain't have to punch me that hard though." Sef said touching his lip.

"Leave her alone!" Zarie said. "She have every right to not talk to y'all, y'all killing her friend."

"Baby Ali, I'm going upstairs. If you get hungry, let me know." I spoke snatching my beats from Sef hand and grabbing my notebook.

I went into my old room sitting at the desk, I thought about what I could say while listening to my music loudly. My babies started kicking making me roll my eyes, nobody wanted me to do work on my speech.


"Can we talk?" Zeph asked as I did my makeup, I ignored him finishing my eye shadow. "You been ignoring me for a week now, the shit getting old."

I continued ignoring him putting the makeup back in the bag. "Zarie, you better be dress!"

"I am!"

"You lying, I could hear it in your voice!"

"Fine, I'm getting dress."

"Just talk to me." He grabbed my arm making me turn to him, I looked at his hand until he let go sighing.

I walked in the room putting on my dress and shoes so I can hurry up and leave. I grabbed my gown and carefully grabbed the cap that I decorated. I said bye to B

now em."

"Good, let's see if you could identify your baby daddy by touching his hand." Lee smiled coming towards me to put a blindfold on my eyes.

I sat up not being able to see through it, I felt the first person hand waving them off because I knew that wasn't Zeph. Six more people passed making me push their hands because it wasn't him, I finally grabbed his hand feeling it to be sure.

"This him." I said hearing everybody laugh.

"Are you sure?" Lee laughed making me feel again.

"Yeah, this Zeph." I spoke as he took his hand out my hand taking off my blindfold. I opened my eyes seeing him, he and everybody else smiled. He leaned down to kiss me as I let him but not kissing back.

"Okay, y'all can eat while Nobi open up presents." Lee said making everybody get up while the boys bought the presents to us.

I opened up almost a hundred gifts making me smile, although I got stuff for my kids it's always great to have more. When I was through Lee handed me a big ass box making me furrow my eyebrows.

"Who this from?" I asked not seeing no name.

"Don't know, open it." She spoke as everybody looked to see what it was.

I opened the box to see a smaller box, I opened that box to see a even smaller one making me smack my teeth. "Whoever gift this is, you a dickhead." I spoke making everybody laugh. I opened two more boxes to reveal a little box, when I opened the little box it was a key fob

I read the note that read go outside, I walked outside with everybody following. When I walked out it was a silver range rover sport with a black bow on it making me jump up and down in excitement. I opened the drivers door seeing a press to start button making me smile wider, I just knew Zeph got me this.

"Thank you!" I spoke as he came to the driver side.

"This why I told you you couldn't have mine, I was buying your own." He smiled making me laugh.

"Thank you." I repeated hugging him.

"All from my heart." He said helping me out the car as we walked back in.

"Okay, so Nobi has to call out the winner for the raffle then it's time for y'all to go!" Lee yelled.

"Y'all ain't gotta go home but y'all gotta get the fuck out of here!" Sin yelled making us laugh.

I called out the raffle ticket as Algee won, Lee walked all the winners to the table so they can get their gift bags. I was tired so I got in my car while they put some gifts in there then in Zeph car, Zeph rode with me while Sef drove his car.

"You back to ignoring me?" He spoke. "You was just talking to me though."

"Just because you bought me a car not gon make me forget you tryna kill my friend!" I raised my voice.

"Nobi, he has to die."

"And you don't have to talk to me."

"You don't have no-"

"What if I told you I was tryna kill Jace?"

"Don't compare Fred to Jace, the way you feel bout Sin is the way I feel about Jace."

"Okay well then what about Ruga? He's your friend, what if I told you I wanted to kill him?"

"If you had a valid enough reason then I'll understand."

"You have no valid reason!" I yelled. "Fred have never fought any of y'all, he never came at y'all sideways, he's not apart of their gang and he barely be around them so what the fuck is the reason for taking his life?"

"Nobi, you don't know that boy."

"I've known him since I was 7, I helped him get his GED, he bailed me out of jail a few times. I do know him, he's my friend!" I glared at him. "You have no reason to kill him."

"Nobi, he dying."

"He has three kids, Zeph three! He's not no gangbanger, he works two jobs and sells drugs on the side so he can take care of his babymothers, kids and family. What have he ever done to you? Just because he sell drugs for them don't mean anything, it's quick money and it was something he did when he couldn't get a job! You have never heard of Fred being in no drama because he doesn't, all he wanna do is make money and take care of his family."

"You're trying to-"

"No you only wanna kill him because he was rubbing my stomach in that video and you a petty ass bitch." I remarked. "You're going to make his kids grow up without a father and let his family go homeless all because of a petty ass video."

"Ain't nobody-"

"I really thought I knew you but if this the person I married, take him back." I told him making him look at me blankly as I parked. "We have nothing to talk about, I don't want to talk and I never will. Take your car back if you want but I'm not doing this, leave me alone."

I got out the car going in the house as he sat in the car, I closed the door going upstairs and locking the door. I stripped to my bra and panties letting this annoying ass day go, I was tired of being around the same people and seeing the same shit.

I was most definitely tired of my husband, maybe we just got married too soon.


Nobi mood is me, everybody annoying me, I'm hating everybody today tbh. Bout to leave everybody in 2017.

Y'all know what I need to get over? Being too shy to talk to boys. I want a boyfriend but I ain't gon never get one bc I don't like approaching niggas or initiating shit. Imma try to get out of that habit so I could get a boyfriend until my real boyfriend get out of jail LMAOOO

Excuse any mistakes.

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