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   Chapter 32 NO.32

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"Minding ya business is the only way to go."


Mitch Zephyr

"You outside? You ready?" I sarcastically remarked as Royal walked to the car. "You not talking to nobody? No girls following you?"

"Ha ha." He said getting in the car as I laughed.

"For real? Why you not talking to no girls or nothing?"

"Because I want Zarie."

"She still not going for it?"

"Nah, I been trying for like a week now brah. She standing behind her word."

"Should've never lied to her."

"Look at the pot calling the kettle brown."

"It's black bitch."

"Your last name Brown so I replaced it bitch."

"Why your face look swollen?" I asked seeing one side bigger than the other.

"Zarie punched me."

"What you do?"

"We was having a heated discussion and I reached out to touch her and she punched the shit out of me."

"I forgot to tell you Baby Ali hit hard as hell, I think it's a metal plate in her fist." I shook my head.

"She explained to me she don't like to be touched because she was abused before so it was a reflex and she apologized."

"Forgot to tell you that too, she not comfortable around boys so you can't touch her inappropriately, can't talk to her like you talking to another girl, don't sit too close to her, do not walk behind her too close and don't look at her body parts."

"Damn, I gotta remember that. I play too much for allat."

"It's only until she used to you, she ain't even want me talking to her now the little girl won't leave me alone. She like another Mazori with her annoying ass." I frowned.

"She gon have to get used to me because I'm not giving up until I have her." He shrugged making me look over at him.

"You really like her?"

"You out of all people know I never like these bitches." He said pulling out his phone. "I be feeling all nervous and shit every time I'm around her."

"You a bitch." I laughed making him hit me.

"Look at the pot calling the kettle brown." He repeated making me laugh harder.

"You really stupid, you probably the dumbest child ma got."

"Zariah the dumbest."

"Aight, yeah that might be true." I nodded. "Watch I tell her you said it though."

"Nobi at work?"

"Don't know."

"You said a lil too hostile, y'all beefing again?"

"It's never a day where we don't argue no more." I shook my head in annoyance.

"It's cause she so sensitive about everything now." Royal laughed. "What y'all beefing bout now?"

"I told her bout Zero, she wasn't mad but she felt a type of way I guess."

"Why would you wait so long to tell her?"

"I didn't think I had to, it wasn't that serious to me."

"She told you all bout her family and all the shit she been through so I would feel a type of way too."

"Maybe so." I shrugged.

"Zero the reason you got into the streets, first time you took somebody life was the day he died, he just the explanation for a lot of shit you had to go through so it's serious to me." He shrugged. "You just gotta look at it from her point."

"Ya dumb ass kinda smart." I laughed.

"I know that ain't the reason y'all beefing though so what is it?"

"She mad her friend gotta die."


"Member that nigga in the video where he was rubbing her stomach?"

"The nigga Franklin or something like that?"


"Damn, you never heard of the saying happy life happy wife?"

"How you know we married?"

"I had my suspicions but you just confirmed it."

"Why you had your suspicions?"

"The day y'all got married your ugly ass was dressed up, you not wearing no red bottom dress up shoes for nothing then she had on white, Nobi hate the color white, don't think she even own white tees."

"Stop paying attention to us like that retarded bitch."

"Let me be there when you tell ma." He laughed. "Nah, make sure I'm there when you show her that damn tattoo."

"I'm grown, she can't tell me what to do no more."

"Show her when you drop me off then."

"Aight." I shrugged. "I had to go in anyway, I gotta give these keys to pops."

"You got another car?"

"Nah, this for Nobi."

"Crazy how y'all keep buying cars but nobody getting me one."

"Who else bought a car?"

"Zurich and Zariah got matching Ferrari's." He said dryly.

"Word? They probably nice."

"Twin goals." He said making me laugh.

"You never told me you wanted a car."

"I thought you would get tired of coming to pick me up and surprise me with a car, fuck I gotta do for y'all to get me a car?"

"Why your mother didn't give you one? She gave me my first car at 15 and I couldn't even legally drive yet."

"She talking bout I'm her worse child and I don't deserve nothing." He gave me a stale face making me laugh. "All because I have sex."

"You most def got all of us beat with the amount of girls you had sex with, you only 17 and got like 30 bodies."

"It's 46." He corrected me.

"Oh my bad, I was 16 short." I looked at him blankly.

"And I don't see what's her problem with who I have sex with. I don't have sex in the house, I haven't got anybody pregnant, I get tested and I haven't had a STD so she got no real reason to be mad."

"You gotta take that up with her."

"Nobody say nothing when she in there calling to God and shit." He said making me bust out laughing.

"Chill." I laughed. "That's nasty as hell."

"Nigga, I had to curse them out one day like it's not that serious." He said making me laugh harder.

"You annoying as hell, cockblocking ass."

"I don't care and I'm spending a night with you."

"Nah, I don't trust you enough to have you in the same house overnight with Zarie."

"I'm not gon do nothing, she not even talking to me."

"So what you wanna stay a night for?"

"Cause gramma always got something to say, that shit annoying as hell. I was laughing at the t.v and she gon give me a whole speech about how loud I was knowing all she had to do was take out her hearing aids."

"Tell me you ain't say that to her."

"You know I did then I had a whole argument with your mother cause she talking bout I'm disrespectful, they just be blowing my shit."

"Aight, I'm only saying yeah cause I know how gramma is." I said pulling up to my parents neighborhood. "Go pack some clothes when we get in here and hurry up nigga."

"I already got them packed, I was finna run away yesterday." He said making me bust out laughing.

"Get out son." I parked going in the house hearing voices. Royal went directly

"Aye Ro, don't bring the married shit up. Nobody know but you, Sef and Zarie." I spoke as we got out the car.

"Bet." He said as we heard Noi and them laughing.

"Girl, suck my dick." I heard Nobi say laughing. "You keep tryna argue over a nigga that won't look ya way twice."

"Oh there that nigga go!" Sin said making Zarie and Nobi look my way.

"Who you arguing with?" I asked turning down the music seeing she was still on live.

"Some bitch on live talking bout you be texting her and shit." Zarie answered.

"That's a dub." I scoffed going up the stairs to take a nap.


"Mitch." Zarie said shaking me.

"Yeah?" I answered with my eyes still closed.

"Nobi said come eat."

"Alright." I mumbled as she got out, I was gon go back to sleep but I couldn't. I got up going to wash my face.

I walked down stairs just as the doorbell rung, I opened the door seeing Jace. I looked at him seeing he had blood on his shirt making me shake my head, I let him in leading him upstairs to Nobi and I room.

"Who blood?" I asked.

"Multiple people."

"Give me names."

"I could only give you two."


"Ginger and Tamia." He said. "I don't know the rest of them niggas."

"Who went with you?"


"You always doing some stupid shit yo." I shook my head handing him a new outfit. "What you do?"

"I was gon shoot all them motherfuckers but instead I tortured em til I got bored."

"You been gone for a damn week son."

"I don't bore easily." He smirked.

"Shit not funny, where you put the bodies?"

"I burned all they bodies."

"How many is all?"


"You tortured and killed 12 people for a week?"


"Why you ain't call me son?"

"I was too mad, I was out for blood I ain't wanna hear nobody tryna talk me out or tell me to wait. I'm tired of playing with these lil niggas, it's time they die."

"I agree with you, niggas in the way but you handling it yo way gon send you back to jail." I looked at him blankly.

"I called Jared, he made sure nothing would get traced back to me. I'm good."

"Put ya clothes in a bag along with your shoes then put this on, go home and eat cause I know ya weird ass starved for a week."

"I ain't even shower." He laughed. "I'm some dirty lil nigga."

"Ayo, go head." I laughed as he walked in the bathroom.

I went back downstairs seeing Nobi, Royal and Zarie eating. My plate was already made making me sit down to see she made baked mac and cheese, collard greens, candy yams, steak, cornbread muffins and I saw carrot cake on the counter.

"Thank you." I told her as I grabbed a water, she didn't acknowledge me.

"When your graduation?" Royal asked.

"Next week." She smiled.

"Must be nice." He stated making her laugh.

"You went to work today?" I asked her only to get ignored.

"Baby Ali, don't forget you have a meeting with Eve tomorrow morning." She spoke to her instead.

"That's not going to work, I have school."

"I'll ask can you do it after school but I doubt it."

"If I miss any day, I'm going to have summer school. She could wait a few hours."

"Alright, I'll tell her right now."

"G Nobi be throwing down in the kitchen, huh?" Jace asked coming in the kitchen.

"I do something." She laughed. "I'll fix your plate."

"Nah, you good. Imma take a plate to go."

"Be safe." She hugged him.

"Always." He made two plates full then walked out without saying another word making me shake my head.

After they ate, they went in the living room to watch a movie. I attempted to talk to Nobi some more but she wasn't with it so I left her alone going to take a nap. It was really true when they say your life ain't gon be happy if your wife not.

"Fuck it."


It's a snow storm coming to Jersey that's supposed to be up to 5 feet tomorrow, whoever control the weather blowing my shit! Then it got the never to be cold as fuck and wanna snow like bro.

Job hunting is annoying asf especially since I don't got a phone.

I need some birthday ideas, I was gon to Coachella but I think them tickets gon be sold out by time I buy em so I need new ideas. So what can I do for my NakedNineteen? That name dope right? lmaoo I know.

I'll update again later, problaby.

Excuse any mistakes.

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