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   Chapter 31 NO.31

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Happy New Years????


Aanvi Zenobia

"So she talking to other niggas?" Sef asked he drove through traffic.

"You know I'm not gon lie to you." I told him as he glanced at me.

"So that's a yeah?"

"Yeah." I nodded. "But you entertain bitches too so don't even go there Yusef."

"Issa difference from when a nigga fuck with a bitch then when a bitch fuck with a nigga."

"How come?" I looked at him like he was stupid.

"When a nigga fuck with a bitch he doing it just to fuck her, when a bitch fuck with a nigga she doing it to find something that's missing."

"So you just fucking bitches?"

"Nah, that's always my intention though. I talk to bitches just because I be bored but if it comes down to it, Imma fuck bitches."

"While you fucking Lee?"

"I'll never fuck Lee then fuck another bitch, that's nasty as hell. I got more respect for her than that."

"As you should." I laughed. "I really don't understand y'all."

"What's not to understand?"

"Y'all having sex, be together every damn day, both entertaining other people but wanna be together. Y'all confusing as hell."

"That's just us." He shrugged. "It ain't no real definition for it."

"Y'all could have that difficult shit."

"Girl bye, you been married for two weeks and you ain't even talking to your husband." He threw shade making me laugh.

"We are talking."

"Asking each other for food or questions about the house not talking, I'm talking real conversation."

"Until our test results come back, he can't say anything to me."

"You made my boy get tested?" He laughed. "I know he was mad as hell, he never had to get tested before."

"That's nasty as hell." I frowned.

"Nah, he never had no reason to. Zeph only fucked like four girls in his life and always used condoms."

"Even with Redd? He was with her for almost five years." I scrunched my face up.

"Yeah, he always used condoms."

"You crazy as hell." I scrunched my face up.

"Why don't you know this?"

"We don't talk about our past sex life, it don't matter." I shrugged. "I don't know how many people he fucked and he don't know how many people I fucked."

"Do you even know how many people you fucked?" He laughed making me hit him.

"Yusef, you keep playing with me." I rolled my eyes. "Lemme ask a question though."


"Why Zeph name different from all y'all?"


"Our last name Brown but yours, Royal, and everyone else is Jacobs."

"So what's the question?"

"Why his name different?"

"Because." He stopped then glanced at me. "I can't tell you that, you gotta ask him."

"Why?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

"That's his personal business and if he ain't told you yet then that mean I can't." He said parking. "Ask him."

"I respect it, thank you, I'll see ya later." I said getting out the car walking in the house to see Zeph rolling up while Zarie, Sin, and Lee watched t.v.

"You finally home." Sin smiled making them look at me.

"Yeah, Lee yo babydaddy outside and I told him you talk to other niggas so don't be surprised if he bring it up."

"Aight." She nodded putting on her jacket then hugging all of us walking out the house.

"Why your face like that?" Zarie asked.

"I'm tired." I yawned sitting on the couch then looking at Zeph as he rolled another blunt. "Did you eat?"


"What you eat?"

"Why you always-"

"Cause you always fucking lying like I don't understand why the fuck you don't eat."

"I ate Nobi." He looked at me glaring.

"What you eat then?"


"Just rice? I don't believe you."

"Zarie and I went to that Mexican restaurant and we got something to eat son."

"Let me see the receipt."

"We did Nobi." She laughed pointing to the empty foil bowl on the table. "I got that steak and rice and his weird ass just got rice."

"How long ago was that?"

"Like at 6."

"You lying because you was in a meeting at 6, try again."

"Then 4 or 5."

"Zarie has counseling at 4 today so I know it wasn't then."

"You annoying as hell." Sin looked up from her phone laughing.

"No he annoying as hell, he don't drink or eat shit all day then he always active or on the go, the shit not healthy." I rolled my eyes standing up. "You most likely ate around 2 and now it's 9."

"You questioning me, did you eat?"

"Now you know her fat ass ate." Sin said making Zarie laugh while I glared at them.

"What you want to eat?" I asked him.

"Can you make some empanadas? I want-"

"Bitch I wasn't talking to you." I cut Sin off.

"I want some chicken." Zeph answered.

"Baked, fried, grilled, what?"


"So you gon make him what he requested but not me?" Sin asked pointing to herself.

"If you sit in the kitchen with me." I said making her jump up. "Zarie, you want chicken or empanadas?"

"Can both be an option?"

"Yeah." I mumbled going in the kitchen with Sin on my heels. "Bitch back up."

"I want beef and chicken empanadas." She smiled.

"You doing too much now." I told her taking out the chicken and ground beef that was defrosting. "The chicken for the empanadas frozen anyway."

"I'll settle on beef." She smiled.

"Did you talk to Jace?" I asked. I haven't saw or heard anyone speak about him since I dropped that bomb.

"No, shit suppose to change because he realize I was always right? Yeah okay." She scoffed. "I'm not talking to him, we don't have shit to discuss."

"Proud of you." I laughed. "I want some baked macaroni."

"Make some."

"I don't think we have all the ingredients for it here." I mumbled looking in the fridge. "Oop, no yes we do."

"You gon make the perfect wife someday because I would not be in nobodys kitchen after I went to school for 7 hours then worked for 9."


of hearing it." I told him as he sighed.

"I feel like I'm already failing as a husband." He rubbed his hand down his face. "Everything I do is wrong or it's always my fault."

"It is!" I looked at him. "Me getting punched in my face was your fault, us having to get tested was your fault, the reason we having this argument is your fault."

"I understand that but-"

"You're not failing as a husband though." I cut him off. "We're going to have arguments and we're going to get over them."

"As we always do." He added. "You wanna know about him?"

"If you want me to know."

"His name Zero and he committed suicide when I was 16." He said making me lean towards the bed so I can hold him.


"I don't know." He said quietly letting me know he was getting emotional. "I never found out, he just left me."

"We're y'all close?"

"Closer than I was with Jace, that man was literally another me." He said as I wiped the tear that came down his face.

"I hated him for years after that." He admitted. "He always told me to be strong and to work hard, he always had some motivational shit to say and he gave up on his self. That selfish ass nigga ain't think about nobody else before he took his life."

"You can't hold that hate in your life baby." I said rubbing his bare chest.

"I don't hate him no more, I went to his grave one day and talked to him. I had to understand that not everybody life is easy, maybe he was going through shit not wanting me to know."

"I'm glad you think like that now, suicide isn't a easy choice to make for them either but to them it's the only choice."

"I know I just miss my old man."

"So Amori cheated?"

"Zero and Nyko used to be best friends but Zero always loved my mom. My mother and father had a big fallout because he cheated on her so she said the best revenge was to fuck the person he loved most besides his kids. She fucked him then got pregnant, that's why Sef and I so close to age."

"I never would of thought." I chuckled. "So Nyko took ya mom back?"

"Nah, they was broken up through her whole pregnancy but my father and Nyko got back friends and I guess they all became mature overnight and decided not to beef. So a few months after I was born they got back together."

"They story is just wow." I shook my head.

"That's why I look up to their relationship, they been through hell and back but still remain in love."

"Did your father have other kids?"

"I got a lil brother and two little sisters, you actually met my little brother. Remember the one who work at T-Mobile?"

"You introduced him as your brother and I never even connected the dots." I shook my head.

"You can meet my little sisters if you want." He said making me smile.

"I do."

"I'll bring them to ya grad party then."

"So is this the only secret you have? It's no more after this right?"

"No more." He nodded making me lean down to kiss him.

"Okay, let's go back to sleep baby." I smiled as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Night baby." He kissed my temple as I got comfortable in his arms.


Y'all ever got mad cause y'all celebrity boyfriend got a bitch? Well Boomer black ass done pissed me off posting this bitch?????? I'm really upset. I unfollowed him, unliked his pictures on IG, deleted our messages and disliked all his raps on YouTube. He cut and his bitch not cute, dirty whore.

So I never told y'all this but I used to really think I was ugly asf because I used to be fat asf???????? but I started smoking and working out and lost weight, still got a little stomach but I used to be weigh 215 and now I weigh 156. This year I'm going to learn to love myself more and stack my bread. What y'all doing different this year?

I'm bored, somebody snap me, ft me, Dm me, do something?????♀?

Excuse any mistakes.

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