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   Chapter 30 NO.30

Let Down By Xannny Characters: 19771

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"Just be a hoe but a smart one."


Aanvi Henderson

"I'm tired of coming to hospitals." I rolled my eyes looking at Izzy trying to walk.

"I been told you you don't gotta keep coming up here." He said holding onto the rail.

"Of course I'm going to keep coming so stop telling me that." I rolled my eyes. "I got a doctor appointment in a few minutes anyway."

"You gotta push yourself." The physical therapist said as Izzy was just standing there not moving.

"Brah, you don't think I am?"

"You're not." I spoke up. "You standing there not doing shit like you been doing every time I come up here."

"Nobi, you don't know how this feel."

"You right but I do know how you gon feel having somebody roll you up to the stage because it's too hard." I mocked him making him sigh.

"Just take one step, that's all I'm asking." She said as he stood up straight taking not one but two as I stood up cheering while I recorded him.

"Look at my bestooo." I smiled as he looked up smiling. "Witcho uglay ass."

"You know I ain't ugly." He licked his lips then smiled showing his white ass teeth as I laughed.

"Conceited ass." I laughed ending the video. "Oh it's 4:30, I gotta go to the maternity ward but tomorrow you will be at my house."


"We having a fish fry."


"I told Sin I wanted fried fish and this bitch talking bout we can go out to eat but I like the way she cook hers and she like the way I cook mine so that was the making of our fish fry."

"Aight, I'll be there."

"Imma come back after my doctor appointment so I can show you my babies."

"Tell that little nigga to open his legs so we could know if he some lil dirty nigga or our princess." Izzy said making me laugh.

"Y'all heard y'all Godfather, open y'all legs."

I didn't hug Izzy since I'll be right back in a few, I got in the elevator going to the receptionist who knew me already. I walked in the waiting room seeing Zeph leaned over like he was sleeping, I sat two seats down which I shouldn't have cause I got called right away. Hearing my name he woke up and followed us to the room.

"So y'all know how this go at every appointment, you're 26 weeks now."

"Can I get that 3D ultrasound?" I asked as she put the wand on my stomach.

"You can but I recommend it for your next appointment so you can really get to see their features." She said making me nod. "Do y'all want to know the gender now?"

"Yeah." Zeph answered.

"This one is a boy." She pointed taking a picture with the words it's a boy. "And this one is... also a boy."

"Noooooo." I whined as Zeph smiled.

"You have a two month old daughter, right? So you should be okay with boys." She smiled making me nod and smile.

"You right, I almost forgot about my baby Maisn." I shook my head.

"I want to run a few test on this one." She said pointing to the more active twin. "He's always active, too active maybe. He could probably have ADD or ADHD."

"He most def has ADD." Zeph laughed.

"Does anyone in each family has ADHD or ADD?"

"Nobi got ADHD, my cousin Roddy and lil brother Royal has ADD."

"Royal and Roddy got ADD? That explains so much." I said making him laugh.

"Yeah, so he most likely will have ADD, I'm going to run some test while the pictures print out."

"Okay." I nodded laying back so she can do what she needed. "When can you know?"

"In a week or so, I'll call."

"Okay." I nodded letting her do her test.

We stayed there for five more minutes and when she was I walked to the receptionist to make another appointment then looked to Zeph since he was staring a hole in my face.

"I'm going back home to work on Zarie room and the basement." He told me making me nod. "You coming home?"

"I'm going back to see Izzy then I'll be home."

"When you get there I need you to go through the shit in the attic."


"Aight." He nodded as I walked away going to the the elevator.

I got on going to the 2nd floor to the 6th, I walked back in seeing Izzy walking in a straight line making me smile while the physical therapist cheered him on. Once he was at the end he stopped and stood still out of breath.

"Who knew walking in a straight line would be that hard?" I smirked making him laugh.

"Facts though, niggas feel like they been running a marathon." He said as she handed him a shake while he sat down. "Lemme see my Godkids."

"Here annoying ass." I reached in my purse pulling them out.

"Oh shit both boys." He laughed. "Sin guessed right too, you and Mitch bout to have trouble on y'all hands."

"I'm a firm believer in ass whoopings." I said making him and his physical therapist laugh.

"Zarie bored ass want me to come home so I'll see you tomorrow."

"Alright, be safe, love you."

"Love ya more." I kissed his forehead bout to walk out until he called my name.

"You forgetting the ultrasound."

"Keep it, I got five printed out." I smiled as he nodded.

I walked out the hospital going to the Range, I really loved this car I wished he sell it to me. Imma talk to him bout it because I really needed a car, he didn't drive this one anyway. I made it to the house in fifteen minutes seeing Zarie eating cereal at the counter while Harold showed her pictures.

"I don't like the color red." She told him making him scrunch his face up.

"You better not like blue either." He looked at her making both of us laugh.

"You already know, rollin 60s." I yelled throwing up the sign making everybody look at me.

"She playing." Zeph laughed. "Nobi, you ina house full of bloods."

"Neighborhood." Zarie followed up throwing it up too.

"Oh aighttt." I laughed. "Baby Ali when you done with showing him how ya room need to be, find me so we could go through the attic."

"You never saw Aliens in the Attic? Flowers in the attic? Petals in the-"

"You stay dragging something." I laughed.

"What if it's s

sh, fried shrimps, baked salmon, balked tilapia, steamed crablegs, steamed shrimps, crawfish, oysters, clams, salmon cakes and crab sticks." I told them pointing at each dish.

"Who cooked all this?" Izzy asked. "I'm not eating shit Lee cook."

"You know damn well Lee not touching shit if she in the kitchen with me." I said making them laugh as everybody started picking food.

"Fuck y'all, I could cook." She rolled her eyes.

"Sis, you burn water." Sin said making us laugh.

"What happened to your face?" I asked Zarie.

"Royal dumb ass yanked my face and his nails went into my face, long nailed stupid ass." She glared.

"What happened to ya lip and why I'm just now seeing it?" Sin asked pulling my face as I was putting a shrimp in my mouth.

"Stop gripping my face that hard." I snatched out her grip. "I bit my lip too hard."

"Try again." Lee looked at me.

"I elbowed her." Sef said.

"She would of never lied the first time, who hit you?" Lee asked.


"Mitch hit you? I'll beat his black ass up." Sin stood up making me pull her back down.

"First of all, never could you ever beat me." Zeph spoke up cracking a crab leg. "And never will I ever hit her in her face."

"In her face? So you'll hit her anywhere else though? Let me see the rest of ya body." Sin said pulling my shirt up as I smacked her hands down.

"Sin Zephyr do not hit me stupid." I laughed.

"So why yo lip lumpy?" Lee asked.

"Imma explain the story but let's eat first because once I explain, everything gon go crazy." I said eating my food.

Sin nodded but looked at me suspiciously. Everybody started eating and talking, laughing just giving good vibes. I laughed at everybody, Deek and Nolen fit right in with they retarded asses. I was just glad everybody was getting along and positive vibes like I wanted it to be.

"So it's been like a hour, bitch explain." Sin said making me roll my eyes as everybody looked at me.

"Lemme show everybody something." I said pulling out my phone to go to Instragram. "Y'all remember when we fought them girls in the court and one of them kicked me in my face popping my eye vessel?"

"Yeah, that little ugly bitch. Her name Iyana." Sin said.

"I don't even wanna know how you got her name." Ruga laughed.

"Well this is her." I showed her picture to everybody on the table. "And this is her, Ginger and Tamia."

"Wot in tarnation." Roddy said snatching my phone out of my hand.

"Ginger, Tamia and Iyana walked up to me at the gas station where I met Deek and Nolen. Ginger punched me in my face and Nolen and Deek made sure I was good looking out."

"Good looks y'all." Sef said making them nod.

"So I thought why would they be friends with Iyana when Tamia go with Jace? Comes to find out Tamia is Dray cousin and Gee sister."

"Dray and Gee as in the ones that's six feet under?" Royal asked.

"Yup so in conclusion, I talked to Fred and Tamia set you and Izzy up and that's why she was the only one who didn't get shot that day." I smiled as Jace was just looking blankly while everybody else was quiet.

"So Imma just be the one to say I suspected this all along." Sin stood up raising her hand up.

"Please sit down." Zarie laughed.

Jace stood up and walked out the kitchen right before we heard the door slam. Royal, Sef, Roddy, and Zeph stood up simultaneously and walked out following him, I bowed my head sending a quick prayer.

Whatever they doing, I just hoped they all came back to me alive.


This would have been up but Fast and Furious 7 was on and it kept getting my attention lmaoo I saw it mad times and the stunts and shit still amaze me. I still cry at the end, Paul was a fine ass man. RIP to that young bull

Y'all ever saw Magic Mike XXL? Bitchhh I love that movie.

What's some good movies or shows to watch on Netflix? I keep finishing shows.

Wifi acting up so unedited, excuse any mistakes.

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