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"Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, and a tragedy for the poor."

-- Tamia Thomas

Aanvi Henderson

"And he not home." I frowned on FaceTime with Sef.

"Nobi, you annoying me." Sef said.

"First of all, you called me not the other way around so you gon listen to what I gotta complain about."

"Call Lee or Sin."

"Sin on a date and Lee sleep."

"Sin on a date with who?"


"They together now?"

"Shit, I don't know. Sin want him one day, don't the next. I can't keep up with her no mo."

"Where Baby Ali?"

"Sleep." I rolled my eyes. "All she do is eat, do homework and sleep."

"Aight, I don't wanna talk no mo. Go find yo husband."

"You've changed, you'changed. You got Maisn and changed, it wasn't the same." I sung making him laugh.

"You really annoying, how the fuck Mitch put up with you?"

"He has no choice, we're married." I smiled.

"You need a ring on yo finga."

"I have a ring on my finger." I showed him my ring.

"That's the promise ring he gave you, I meant a ring ring."

"We don't want that yet, I start wearing a big ass ring, everybody gon know we married."

"I still don't understand why y'all wanna keep it a secret."

"I want to, he doesn't care whether people know or not but I do. I just want this to stay between me and him, not everybody has to be in our business."

"And me." His ugly ass smiled making me roll my eyes.

"Can you ask your brother where he at?"

"You have his location, look at it."

"You're right, I didn't think of that." I nodded going to our messages.

"Take me off pause."

"Sef you just told me to look at his location, wait."

"You call me to put me on pause, wow."

"You called me." I laughed. "What's on Lafeyette street?"


"Zeph location say he on Lafeyette street."

"Uhh, Roddy gym and it's a bunch of stores over there. Either he shopping or with Roddy and you know Mitch don't shop so-"

"He's with Roddy." I nodded. "Can you come over? We can watch Criminal Minds."

"Nobi, you know what I been doing all day? Changing diapers and being annoyed by Maisn and her annoying ass mother. I'm not bout to come over there just to be annoyed by my annoying ass little sister."

"If you don't come, Imma cry."

"All I gotta do is hang up, that ain't affecting me."

"Yusef please." I frowned.

"You got food?"

"We can order Dominos."

"Aight, call me a Lyft cause Ion feel like driving."

"I'll come pick you up."

"Your bored ass gotta be bored." He said as I laughed.

"Be ready, I'm leaving now." I stood up hanging up before he could say anything.

Zeph left his black Range here so I got in the car while I was on the phone ordering Dominos to pick up after I placed the order. "It would be him to leave me with the empty gas tank." I rolled my eyes pulling up to the gas station.

"It would be me to not come out without cash on me." I sighed walking into the gas station. "$60 on pump 5."

I walked back out seeing some niggas surrounded Zeph car making me squint in confusion, I hope they wasn't nobody he was beefing with. I didn't have the energy to deal with them. They all looked at me as I walked towards them.

"This ya shit? My bad, we was doing that Bow Wow challenge shit." One of them said making me laugh.

"Do y'all." I laughed going to pump my gas but one of the boys stopped me, he had to be like 8.

"My father said I should never allow a woman to pump their own gas while I'm right here so may I?" He asked reaching out for the pump.

"Awww." I smiled handing it to him.

"Huncho, fuck you at?" One of the boys yelled.

"Right hea." He yelled back making them come around to us.

"Look at you being a gentlemen." One of them said making him glare at them.

"Shut up." He said making me laugh.

"Thank you boo." I smiled after he closed my tank. "You thirsty or something? Let's go get something."

I grabbed his hand walking him in the gas station telling him to get something, he came back with the cheapest thing making me laugh. I told him to put it back and pick out anything making him get a juice, some chips and candy while I picked shit for myself.

"Thank you miss." He said once we got to his brother.

"Oh no baby, I'm only 18 and you got me feeling all old and shit." I laughed. "My name Nobi."

"You only 18 with a whip like this?" His brother asked.

"It's my baby fathers." I answered.

"I meant to ask that, you with yo baby daddy?" Another one asked making all of us laugh.

"I should of said my boyfriend instead."

"You heard of a side nigga?" He asked making me laugh.

"Yeah, she heard of it before." I heard behind me making us turn around to see Ginger, Tamia and some other bitch.

"If it ain't bitter bitch and angry slide." I smiled leaning on the Range ready for whatever they hating ass got to say.

"Who bitter or angry? What we got to be angry or bitter about?" Tamia asked.

"I got the nigga of your dreams, Sin could get the nigga of ya dreams with a snap of the finger, my sisters punched on y'all, Zeph don't talk to you nomo, y'all wearing fake designers. Should I continue?" I asked nitpicking.

"Zeph don't want me?" Ginger laughed. "Are you sure? Are you sure?"

"I'm positive but put me on if I'm wrong."

"Just go through his phone baby girl." She laughed.

"Nah, lemme go through ya phone since we here to kill time shawty."

"Oh you ain't so sure now." Tamia laughed.

"Nah I'm still sure but I'm not like y'all bitches, I won't argue over any nigga or try to be petty. My nigga entertaining you then you could stop being the hide and seek bitch and have em."

"She said Hide and Seek, bouta start calling my side bitches that shit." The nigga who tried to talk to me said.

"How you gon try to talk to me and you got bitches?" I asked making him laugh.

"I was finna drop em for you babygirl."


sink running the water to put in his mouth.

"Answer my question Zeph."

"Yeah, we fucked."

"So why you lie and told me it wasn't nothing between y'all Zeph? You fucked that girl letting me think it was just her pursuing you but you entertaining the shit back."

"Let me explain."

"Go head."

"I fucked her like three years back then never saw her again, when she came back we got reunited and we was just friends."

"Zeph, I don't give a fuck about you fucking her three years ago, I don't give a fuck about y'all past. Matter fact when did you fuck her?"

"That night of Algee and B-rad engagement party." He said then turned to me. "I ain't gon make no excuse for the shit but it happened."

"So you- stop walking towards me because I'm mad and Imma punch you." I told him holding out my hand so he could stop coming towards me.

"I was mad you came with Boomer thinking y'all finally got together and I just wanted to get you off my mind for a few Nobi, it was nothing else to it. I ain't even nut cause I called her your name and she ain't even wanna do it nomo."

"Did you use a condom?" I asked making him look at me. "Stop looking at me like you fucking dumb, did you?"


"How stupid could you fucking be? Did you get tested before fucking me?" I asked as he shook his head, I got mad and started punching him repeatedly hitting where ever I could.

"Chill G Nobi." Sef as I started crying.

"You so fucking nasty with your dirty ass, that bitch could have gave you anything. Fuck me catching something, what about our kids dumb dirty bitch?!" I yelled about to hit him again until Sef grabbed me.

"I can't say shit but I apologize, I didn't think I had to tell you because we was broken up at the time but I am sorry and I should have told you to avoid this but we been so good and you been so happy I ain't wanna ruin it. It would of never been a right time to tell you this."

"How about before we fucking got married?" I asked.

"Excuse me?" Zarie asked in confusion.

"I said I'm sorry Nobi, it's something that already happened, I can't take it back."

"I got punched in my fucking face for you and you talking bout some damn sorry, fuck Imma do with that?"

"Who punched you in yo face?" He asked furrowing his eyebrows.

"Your Hide and Seek bitch!"

"You just told me Sef elbowed you and you're married? Wow." Zarie said walking out.

"Don't talk to me until I'm over this." I told him going upstairs to Zarie room to see her going through her clothes. "Baby Ali?"

"Wassup?" She asked not looking up.

"You mad at me?"

"Yeah." She answered honestly.

"Expected you to lie." I joked seeing she wasn't feeling it. "I lied because I don't want y'all fighting, Ginger got something coming for her."


"And about us getting married, I just wanted it to be between us. It was a intimate moment that I just wanted between us, I was going to eventually tell y'all."

"I'm not mad you married, it would of just been nice to see my sister getting married but it's whatever, congratulations."

"I mean it was just a courthouse marriage, they didn't even throw confetti on us." I rolled my eyes.

"Seriously? Why the hell not?"

"Same thing I said." I shook my head. "We're going to have a wedding when the twins get here so they can be in it, you'll be in it too babes."

"Imma be a bridesmaid? Awww." She hugged me as I laughed.

"I'm sleeping with you tonight."

"Okay, we can stay up and watch movies." She smiled making me smile.

"Yeah, Imma go take a shower then come back."

"Okay." She said as I begin walking out. "Nobi?"


"Ya secret safe with me."


I'm getting used to my contacts lol they still annoying but it ain't that bad as it was yesterday.

What y'all doing for New Years? I'm staying in the house cause I have no friends in Jersey, get drunk for me.

Tamia was rushing me, Excuse any mistakes.

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